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Play Piggy Riches Casino slot for free

Piggy Riches online slot machine belongs to that rare category of video slots that really allow you to win. The strategy is very simple, testing in free mode, and then playing for real money while maintaining the same rates. But the most interesting thing here is free games. The best option is 15 games and a multiplier of three. Yes, of course this is not the maximum, but on the other hand, it is stability, even if you do not get the maximum win in one spin, the amount of the final win can be very, very impressive. Just look at the parameters, the average cycle length with a very high variance, it should be noted that it is a good combination. In addition, it is also a humorous slot, so you can earn money, and even with a smile on your face.

Comparing a person with a pig always means something not very good, there is hardly anyone who will call another pig as a compliment. If you think so, then the online slot machine Piggy Riches from the developers of the NetEntertainment company can once and for all change your negative attitude towards these animals. As soon as you play on the Piggy Riches slot and you will understand that paraphrasing the well-known proverb you can say "money is like a pig", besides, the gameplay is not devoid of a share of humor that accompanies each character. Just in this article, you can familiarize yourself in detail with the rules and symbols of the slot, find out its technical characteristics and theoretical possibilities for getting the maximum win.

Translated into Russian, the name sounds like "Rich pigs" and these same pigs are able to return players up to 96.1% of the bets, and in a very successful scenario, enrich immediately by 360,000 game coins. Translated into real currency, this will be 180,000 euros, since the maximum rate of the game currency is 0.5 euros, and the maximum amount of bets from all lines is 75 euros.

Description of the slot machine

В In the old days, green cloth was considered very fashionable and therefore very expensive. This material was chosen by the developers as the background of the playing field, on which funny characters of pigs are located, who by their appearance show their wealth and position in society. What is even a pig in a top hat on its head? Well, it’s funny, isn’t it really funny to watch a pretentious madam pig in expensive furs and a whole bag of money, or look at a pig with a wad of dollar bills.

The Piggy Riches online slot machine takes the player into a comic world that belongs to funny pigs depicting rich and successful people. These pigs are the main ones in this world and they are used to solving everything with money, of which they have a lot. Absolutely everything is available to them, even a luxurious villa on the seashore, bathing in fountains made according to their appearance, bathing in money and luxury (unlike ordinary pigs who love bathing in mud). Want to get rich like them? Then learn from pigs to build real financial pyramids, and online slot machine Piggy Riches will show you how.

External design

All symbols are made in the style of wealth and luxury , they all shimmer and shimmer, symbolizing success and prosperity. Thematic symbols are also endowed with animation effects. Every detail of the video slot literally screams luxury, just look at the payline numbers that are printed on one hundred dollar bills. In the background you can see a chic mansion, which you don't even have to look at, everything is clearly visible. Even here you can see the exclusivity of the pigs, because not a simple, but a red carpet leads to the house. There is a huge piglet on the facade of the mansion, so it is simply impossible not to understand who this house belongs to. The house is located behind a high forged fence and not everyone will be able to open the gates, only if you are a fan of NetEnt's creativity, only in this case the pigs will not only open the gates, but will also help to get the maximum win.


Slot machine online Piggy Riches has a small number of active lines, only 15, and they are located on five game reels. Just starting the slot is not enough, you also need to thoroughly study the rules and the control panel, otherwise the rich pigs will simply refuse to help you and you will not see a big win.

The rules and controls are simple and straightforward, you can figure them out in just a few minutes. The primary task is to determine the rates, for this you need to use two buttons on the control panel. The first is the bet level, by pressing this button, the player can choose the optimal number of coins for each payline, you can bet from one to 10 coins. The next step is to determine the rate of the game currency, by pressing the coin value button, you can choose how much one coin will cost, the rate varies from 1 to 50 cents per coin.

Want to take risks and play big? Slot machine Piggy Riches and its pigs will be happy to provide this opportunity, just click the max bet button and the reels will start at the maximum bets. If you are not going to change rates for a long time, then you will be interested in the automatic reel start function, click auto play, select the number of automatic spins and the reels will spin on their own.

Pigs are completely self-sufficient and do not require any additional games in the form of bonuses and risk games. The developers have supplemented the main gameplay with free reel spins, which are not only free for players, but also triple any winnings. During the game, your theoretical income can be 96.2%, and the maximum winning for one spin is at least 360,000 coins.

Symbols of the game

Remember piggy banks in the form of pigs, breaking which you find a bunch a variety of coins? Also, in the Piggy Riches video slot, you will find a variety of symbols, with different denominations.

Let's start with the youngest ones, these are naturally card symbols, only they are made in the form of precious stones, pictures from ten to ace, depending on the number of dropped symbols and the denomination, can replenish the player's account for a minimum of five and a maximum of 125 bets.

Of course, it was not without thematic symbols, which are traditionally unique for NetEnt and their combinations are always awaited. For example, this is a pink piggy bank, which is filled with money so much that banknotes can no longer fit in it, it is also a wallet full of banknotes, a key to a safe and a credit card made of gold, thanks to these symbols, players can expect to increase their account by a maximum of 1000 credits. But the most welcome guests on the playing field are bags of gold, not only are they entitled to a maximum multiplier of 2000 bets, but also a winning combination consists of only two such bags.

And, of course, special symbols, where without them, these are wild and scatter. A seasoned boar is a wild symbol, its task is to replace any symbol in the game, except for the scatter. And the scatter is the complete opposite of it, it is a picture with an adorable pig, which brings free spins.

Free games

As a rule, to start this game you need to collect at least three identical pictures on the playing field, or rather scatters. But before that, the player has to decide for himself how many spins there will be, and by what multiplier the winnings will be calculated. For example, the maximum multiplier is six, and the maximum number of free spins is 28. Moreover, if a scatter appears during free games, it will add another spin. There is one more feature associated with the wild symbol. The fact is that if wild participates in the combination, then not only will the winnings be multiplied threefold, but the multiplier you have chosen will also work, but not quite as you think. The triple wild symbol multiplier is multiplied by the multiplier you choose. I ask you to say that if you have chosen a multiplier of three, then with the participation of the wild, the winnings will be multiplied not by three, but by nine times.


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