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Play Pyramid: Quest for Immortality Casino slot for free

The Pyramid: Quest for Immortality online slot machine is, first of all, a rather unusual slot. The reels are located here in a very unusual way, just like the symbols on a huge number of paylines. But its main advantage is, of course, its options with accruals of increasing winnings thanks to multipliers. But still, the very long cycle is a little depressing, although the variance is high, and it is doubly insulting that with such a large number of paylines, and there are 720 of them here for a second, the slot skimps on prize combinations, and if they happen, they often bring trifles, even if you play at high stakes. But if you test the slot in free mode before playing and play at small stakes, then with the help of the options you can win a pretty decent amount. In addition, the Pyramid: Quest for Immortality slot machine differs from many similar video slots, presenting the classic theme of Ancient Egypt in a new format.

It is difficult to find a more common theme than the theme of Ancient Egypt, pyramids and others. Absolutely all manufacturers of gaming software have slots with a similar theme, and even far from being the only one. Apparently, this will continue, and you can constantly wait for new products with an Egyptian theme. This can be stated directly, and to prove it, we can give a vivid example of how the major manufacturer of slot machines NetEnt again releases another novelty Pyramid: Quest for Immortality slot machine and guess what theme is used in it? That's right, Ancient Egypt, pharaohs, gods and pyramids can be said to be a standard set. Again, all the same you will say, as much as possible. You are right, but only that the slot is dedicated to an overwritten theme, otherwise you will be pleasantly surprised at how you can use the old theme in a new way, and all because NetEntertainment cannot produce monotonous emulators. Slot machine online Pyramid: Quest for Immortality is very unusual, even for NetEnt, whose developers cannot be blamed for lack of imagination. This time you will find a dangerous adventure through the dark labyrinths of the ancient pyramid, and find the main hall in it. There is a huge statue of the supreme deity who bestows immortality, although in our case, immortality will simply be a huge win of more than 3.5 million coins. In addition, this deity is quite generous and players can well expect a 96.48% return on rates.

Description of the slot machine

Even on the darkest night, and in the desert of Egypt this is a normal phenomenon, the inside of the pyramid is always light due to the abundance of gold that is dotted around everything. In the middle of the main hall stands a huge golden statue of the god Anubis, who was considered the ruler of the world of the dead and the afterlife. Here he is also the performer of all desires, and the fact that he is made of gold, so why not, after all, he fulfills desires, and this is the most important thing. And if the players apply a competent strategy and play wisely, then success is even more guaranteed. The very first thing that catches your eye is the lack of the usual reels and paylines. The playing field is made in the shape of a pyramid. So in the first and fifth reels, three symbols fall out, on the second and fourth, four, and on the fifth five symbols at once. Therefore, at the same time, not as usual 15 symbols appear on the field, but 19 at once, moreover, the game is played on a huge number of paylines, there are no less than 720 of them. Do you think that's all? However, there is one more nuance, namely, the reels do not rotate here, as is usually the case, but fall from above, recalling the principle of playing Tetris. The symbols of the executioner from above make up winning combinations, then these symbols disappear, and others fall in their place, and so on. There is no need to talk about graphic design and musical accompaniment, because this is NetEntertainment, and this is a guarantee of high quality.


The pyramid labyrinth adventures are just beginning and you need to be very careful and attentive not to fall into one of the many traps that the priests left just for such gold seekers. To prevent this from happening, you need to study the control panel, which does not differ in a complex interface and has long been familiar to NetEnt fans.

The largest button in the center is the button to start the reels, as a rule, it is round and has arrows drawn on it. Using the level button, you can set the required number of coins for each line, the range of bets starts with one coin and ends with ten. Another button that adjusts the rate is coin value, it adjusts the nominal value of one credit in the game, the rate varies from 1 cent to 2 dollars. The maximum bet amount will be $ 200, by the way, if you want to launch the slot at the maximum bets, click the max bet button. And finally, the last button, which does not affect either the bets or the lines, is auto play, which starts the reels in automatic mode, you just need to select the required number of autoplay spins.

In addition to these keys, there are also information boards on the control panel, for example, bet shows the current bet, and coins the player's total account. To familiarize yourself with the rules and pay tables, click the "I" button.

At the very bottom there is another information panel, which displays the bet in real money equivalent, the player's account at the moment, the winnings for one spin.

Online slot machine Pyramid: Quest for Immortality does not have a lot of special symbols, there is only a wild symbol. Also, there is no bonus game or risk game, there will be no progressive jackpot either. Instead of them, there are free spins of the reels, in which, in fact, a return of rates of 96.48% is realized, as well as the maximum win.

Game symbols

The most inexpensive are card symbols, which are depicted on stone slabs, these are symbols from 10 to ace and they bring well, very little, only from one to seven bets. A little more will be brought by a cobra, in a threatening pose, a beetle of speed beetles and a falcon, depending on the number of dropped symbols, the maximum multiplier will be 10 bets. Portraits with the Queen of Egypt Cleopatra and other pharaohs have a maximum odds of up to 50 bets.

An interesting feature is the wild symbol, which is the sign of the Ankh. It is located only on the second, third and fourth reels, and at the very top of the pyramid in the form of a purple glow. As a rule, its task is to replace, if necessary, any other symbol, if the latter is not enough to make up a winning combination.

Additional game

As such additional games online slot machine Pyramid: Quest for Immortality simply does not have, their role in the gameplay is assigned to special options.

Avalance Feature. This is the most common option in the game. Its essence is as follows. The symbols appearing on the playing field make up winning combinations. Then those symbols that took part in drawing up the prize sequence disappear, their place is filled with the upper symbols, which in turn are replaced by the next ones, and so on. This option is also called an avalanche in some video slots. The most interesting thing is that if each time new symbols make up winning combinations one after another, then the player is charged a proportionally increasing multiplier from x1 to x10.

Wild Generation. The essence of this option is that when a prize sequence of any symbols is made, wild symbols appear at the very top of the pyramid, then if a winning combination appears again, wild symbols also move down, like other symbols with the avalance Feature option, helping to build more and more new combinations ...


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