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Play free online slot machine Reel Rush

Quite an unusual and peculiar slot. On the one hand, it has a long cycle, but in order to play not negatively, it is enough to play with the calculation of the stock of bets for 50-60 spins. For example, if you play at a rate of 10 euros, you need to have at least 500 euros in your account. But this does not guarantee a good win, and if you still get to the very beginning of the cycle, you can forget about good winnings for at least 1000 spins, and during this time you can lose a huge amount on your account. The gameplay is rather sluggish and not dynamic, so get ready for a long game, we are not talking about free testing, it goes without saying. The online slot machine Reel Rush can give a good win, but then it will gradually beat it off anyway.

On the other hand, the developers were really able to surprise and create a video slot in the image of the classic, but radically changed, but there is not even a scatter symbol here. There is a certain intrigue in the gameplay, because you never know what is hidden behind the closed cells of the playing field. In general, in any case, it will not be superfluous to get acquainted with this machine, after all, where you will still see a classic machine with a unique gameplay.

Not so long ago, the development team of the Swedish company NetEntertainment presented its fans a new online slot machine Reel Rush . As always, the novelty turned out to be original and even unique, about which the programmers were quick to report. To appreciate the work of NetEnt specialists, you should get to know this video slot as closely as possible, especially since all the conditions have been created for this. As stated by all the same developers, the Reel Rush slot can theoretically bring a return on bets made of at least 97%, and this is with a declared maximum winnings of 480,000 coins. The emulator has classic parameters of income, with a very long cycle it has a very high variance. This article will display all the information about the slot, from its technical characteristics to the features of its graphic design.

Description of the slot machine

If you first discovered the online slot machine Reel Rush , then the first thing that will catch your eye is the singularity. Not every time, discovering a new product, you catch yourself thinking that it would be nice to open the pay tables and get acquainted in more detail with the symbols of the machine, at least understand what is here and how. One thing can be understood right away, the slot is clearly made for those with a sweet tooth, and it is unlikely that these are only women. Ask men and women if they like sweets and the answer will be yes on both sides. Of course, many men will answer in the negative, but they are unlikely to deny themselves the pleasure of tasting a sweet lollipop, especially since it is not only bright and colorful candies, but also an opportunity to make good profits.

Many will say that the developers have again used the old theme of berries and sweets when creating a video slot, and they will be partly right. Yes, indeed the Reel Rush slot machine has the now classic theme of fruits and berries. But unlike other similar video slots, Reel Rush differs not only in colorful graphics, but also in the original gameplay, which has unique technical characteristics. Unlike men who are not so greedy for sweets, the fairer sex will be glad that the opportunity to taste sweet sweets will not only bring a monetary gain, but also will not be reflected on the figure, because it is impossible to gain extra calories with them.

Graphic design

The online slot machine Reel Rush is ideal for those who are not a fan of bright and colorful slots. It is distinguished by calm graphics, but thanks to the efforts of the developers, it also seems original. Although one shouldn't be surprised, who else, besides the professionals from NetEnt, is able to turn the most ordinary fruit and candy video slot into a slot machine with a unique plot and original technical characteristics, which are more and more modern every time.

To start and start the game, it will take very little time and the blue screen already lights up, and behind it come motley and colorful candies and fruits, which, like bright ribbons, will spin on the game reels as soon as they begin to rotate. Surely, you will immediately notice that some of the windows on the reels are closed, which means that only you can start the reels at maximum speed. Treat yourself to virtual sweets, which also have beautiful animation effects, and musical accompaniment in the form of sonorous contacts of lollipops with each other will definitely brighten up your evening.


The primary task is of course the study of rules and management. The control panel is quite simple and straightforward. First you need to make a bet, each bet is made with game coins, which in turn have a certain course, so the cost of one credit in the game is from one to 20 cents, and you can put from one to ten coins on each of the paylines. Thus, it turns out that the maximum amount of bets that will be debited from the player's account for one spin will be $ 100. These parameters are the only thing that remained classic for the machine from NetEnt, otherwise it is a unique slot.

The most important feature is its paylines, which are not at all like regular ones. This is due to the fact that before the start of the rotation, not all cells of the drum will be active, and the playing field looks more like a diamond shape.

As with many other slot machines, Reel Rush does not have a progressive jack sweat and cannot offer players to play the risk game or the bonus round. Instead, it has a Free Spins mode, as well as the ability to get the maximum winnings of 480,000 coins in just one spin.

The gameplay is also not quite ordinary. As soon as a winning combination appears, additional cells will open, and in addition the player will receive an additional spin. If the symbols add up to the prize sequence again, then several cells are opened again and one free spin is given, this can last up to five times.

Game symbols

Well, finally, it's time to get acquainted with the symbolism of the machine, because so much has already been said about it.

The younger group of symbols includes a variety of candies in a bright shell, these are red, green, orange, purple and yellow lollipops. For these simple oval lollipops, the player receives a maximum of 50 bets.

The older category of symbols is already distinguished by both a complex shape and more generous payments. In fact, these are all the same candies, but in the form of berries and fruits. Purple blackberry lollipop, blue plum, green watermelon, lemon, orange pineapple and red strawberry. Depending on the number of dropped symbols, their seniority and order, they can increase the winnings from 10 to 1000 credits for each bet.

Special characters are represented by a standard set. So the wild symbol is a picture with the image of a golden star. As expected, it replaces all missing symbols, the only feature is that the wild symbol cannot appear on the first reel.

Although the Reel Rush slot machine has free spins, it does not have a scatter symbol to activate them, as is usually the case.

Free spins

The free game is the sweetest thing in this type of slot, and no sweet candies can replace it. The Free Spins mode gives the player 8 free spins of the reels, and the entire playing field is opened. Thus, the player increases his chances of winning at times. The activation of this free spins mode occurs after the player has been able to collect winning combinations of symbols six times in a row, after which 8 free spins are immediately launched on a fully open screen.


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