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Play online at Reel Steal slot machine

To be honest, the Reel Steal slot machine is quite mediocre in terms of its impact. He has too few paylines, despite the fact that his cycle is longer than average, the return percentage is also not impressive and 95.9% will not allow you to win and definitely go into a positive mathematical expectation of a win. Nevertheless, we must pay tribute to the developers for the original storyline, maybe this was the calculation. After all, someone may be interested in the very process of robbing a bank together with a gang of gangsters. All this is complemented by excellent graphics and sounds of gunshots in the background. The atmosphere seems to hint that you will have to take risks, otherwise another, more risky player will get a solid jackpot. Be that as it may, it is enough and simple to familiarize yourself with this video slot, in terms of winning it will be very tight, although you can always play on the Reel Steal slot for free and without registration , nobody canceled the demo mode.

How do you feel about movies about robberies or stories on television, where gangsters easily get away from the police chase? If you are captivated by gangster romance, if you have ever imagined yourself as a great schemer, turning deals with a lot of money, then the online slot machine Reel Steal from the developers of the company NetEntertainment is just created for you. This video slot is literally imbued with a gangster spirit, here every little thing means something. It's time for you to hit the big jackpot, steal mountains of money and go unpunished, leaving your pursuers. The developers promised that the Reel Steal slot machine will surely return at least 96% of the bets, and the maximum winnings that can be counted on is almost 400,000 coins.

Description of the slot machine

As they said in one film, "the mafia is immortal", and it really is. Cool mafiosi are rarely afraid of anything or anyone. They are always insatiable, they are always short on prey, they are constantly at risk and are on the razor's edge. In addition, they are talented in their own way and have such abilities in their criminal case that they have become a kind of professionals. They show by their very appearance that the underworld is always nearby and it has long since merged into almost all spheres of life. It takes a long way to become a real professional, but of course there is no time for that. Therefore, in order to get your share, you will have to join a professional gang of robbers who have already planned to rob a large bank. Launch the online slot machine Reel Steal and the bank raid operation will begin.

The gameplay, as well as the graphic design, can be safely considered the pride of the developers. They relied on contrast, and a gray background, similar to steel, appeared, and colorful symbols were located on it. It all looks impressive, in addition, animation effects and atmospheric musical accompaniment add entertainment, making the storyline even more exciting.


Any, even the simplest, robbery does not start without preparation. One of the stages of this preparation is a detailed study of the building plan. Without this, there is nothing if you do not want to run with money along the corridors and look for a way out. Likewise, the online slot machine Reel Steal is required first of all to become familiar with the rules and management. In addition, it will take very little time, because everything is extremely simple and understandable here.

The drums here are vaults with money and there are five of them, and the paylines are the passages between them, there are nine of them in total. Here the player can independently choose how many paylines will be involved, for this, on the control panel, you can use the bet lines button. Next, select the required number of coins for each line using the level button, select in the range from 1 to 10 coins. And depending on how much you have on your account, you can also choose the rate of the game currency, absolutely all NetEnt video slots have this function, in the Reel Steal slot machine you can choose the value of one coin in the range from one up to 50 cents, this is done using the coin value button. The maximum amount of bets in the game is not that big by average standards, only $ 45. If you do not want to play small and your balance allows you to play high, then feel free to click max bet, launching the video slot at maximum stakes.

In this case, you have every chance of getting the maximum win in the amount of 375,000 coins, with lower bets, the final win, of course, will be less. As you probably already guessed, there is no progressive jackpot in the game, there is no risk of playing and there is no bonus game. Instead, players are given a chance to get up to 25 free spins with an additional multiplier of a maximum of x5.

Game Symbols

Robbing banks is a crime, all this is so of course, but online slot machine Reel Steal will give you such an opportunity, of course, not a real robbery, but a virtual one. For this, the developers have provided the slot with a whole set of thematic symbols designed to help implement this venture, besides, the appropriate atmosphere has been added.

For a successful robbery, be sure to take a pistol, a bunch of keys, documents, a camera and a detailed building plan with you. Without them, a successful business cannot be imagined, moreover, they will most often appear on the playing field, adding up in prize sequences. The maximum multiplier for them does not exceed 50 bets.

The next category of symbols is no longer a tool, but a loot. For example, bags filled to the brim with money or diamonds, the same suitcases, you need to take them with you as soon as possible. On the way, take all the gold, to do this, open the safe, for this set of symbols you can get in maximum odds twice as much as the previous category, namely 100 bets.

Symbols with portraits of all members of the gang can replenish the player's account already much more, their multiplier coefficient ranges from 10 to 1500 credits for each bet.

Naturally, all this and the more prey, you need to take away with something. For this, there is a wild symbol in the form of a yellow car, it is on it that you will find workarounds, thanks to its ability to replace any other symbol in a winning combination. In addition, the wild symbol is well appreciated, if it can make a winning combination, then the winnings will be multiplied five times. But as a safe escape, the bandits use a bomb and this is a scatter symbol that activates free spins with an interesting feature. If the wild symbol makes winning combinations during free spins, then its multiplier increases from five to 25.

Free spins

As usual, free games start after the game has been played three or more scatter symbols will appear, and this is a reminder, pictures with bombs. In addition to the x5 multiplier during Free Spins and all spins are free, the combination with the wild symbol dramatically increases the multiplier from five to 25. Free games are held at the same rates as at the time of the scatter symbols, and if another scatter appears during free spins, it will add one free reel spin.


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