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What is immediately clear on the Relic Raiders machine, otherwise how to explain such a low degree of variance. Playing on the Relic Raiders slot machine for real money will be crazy, because with such an extremely low return rate, which is just 90%, the players simply have no chance of winning anything worthwhile. Although it is a pity, apparently, the developers initially made the slot not very attractive for the game, since it did not become, but it was not popular either. But such a plot was lost in vain, the plot resembles an adventure film, and the graphic design, as always, is of high quality. In addition to the thrill of the machine, the high potential was ruined. After all, good payouts could be realized here thanks to free games, a bonus game and a special mystical symbol. Unfortunately, today the slot is only suitable for entertainment when playing in free mode.

Adventure films have long been popular with viewers, as this genre dates back to the dawn of cinema. Adventures are liked for the fact that you can experience extreme emotions without leaving your home, literally stirring up the blood. Who among us did not like films about the adventures of the fearless Indiana Jones or the tomb raider Lara Croft, and it was impossible to tear yourself away from the Mummy. And every fan of adventure has always dreamed of being in the shoes of the main characters, who now and then find themselves in dangerous situations, from which they always emerge victorious. If you are one of those, then rather go to the Net Entertainment online casino and launch the Relic Raiders online slot machine , which NetEnt developers have specially created for fans of extreme sports. With this video slot, you will find yourself in the very heart of a dense and impenetrable jungle, where you actually have to try and find a very rare and expensive artifact, thanks to which you will leave the virtual world fabulously rich and famous. Relic Raiders online slot machine is configured to return the bets made in the amount of 90%, and the maximum winnings that a player can get in just one spin is 200,000 coins.

Description of the slot machine and appearance

As soon as the game screen is loaded, an ancient temple will appear in front of the players, which has almost collapsed, and its walls have long been covered with green moss from dampness. Nevertheless, these walls keep many more secrets and secrets that they will reveal to the most fortunate. Behind a thick veil of intertwined green lianas are hidden treasures that are carefully hidden from human eyes. Only the most courageous and fearless will dare to enter the ancient temple, bypass or neutralize all the traps, and then find all the jewelry and ancient relics, becoming their sole owner.

Everybody knows the violent imagination of the developers of Net Entertainment, it allows them to create original and sometimes even unique video slots. This time, the flight of fantasy turned into the original graphic design and gameplay of the Relic Raiders slot machine. Dark green shades were chosen as the main background, which, apparently, should symbolize the ever-green impenetrable jungle. Along the edges of the playing field there are even numbers of paylines, which are made in shades of brown, more reminiscent of tree bark, and the trees here, of course, are exotic, and so tall that they touch their tops of the firmament. The soundtrack is appropriate, can you already hear the jungle making noise and calling you to their place? Then waste no time and embark on a dangerous adventure with the Relic Raiders slot machine, and let the jungle's fanfare loudly announce your luck.


Hurry up to start playing the slot machine Relic Raiders is free, and you will get acquainted with all the symbols of the slot located on the five reels of the game. But exploring all of them is a rather difficult task, because although the reel is only five pieces, there are fifty paylines here. Apparently the developers decided not to make the players an easy way to the treasures, but on the other hand, it is even more interesting, because the more paylines there are, the more chances to win.

Although if you look at it from the other side, such a large number of paylines also means that all of them will have to be provided with bets, but this makes it even more interesting. You can sometimes forget about playing at small and medium stakes and bet big, because the sweeter the feeling of success will be when the win is very large.

As always, in order to start the reels, you must press the central round button with arrows. In fact, the control panel is very simple and even a beginner will not find it difficult to deal with it. To activate the maximum bet in one click, click the max bet button located next to the start button. There is also an auto play button, which is used to start automatic spins, you just need to select the required number of automatic spins and the reels will start spinning on their own, without your participation. One of the most important actions is the choice of the rate, for this, use the level key, with which you can adjust the number of coins on each line from a minimum of 1 coin to a maximum of 4. In addition, all NetEnt machines have a game currency rate to select the nominal value of one credit in the game, press the coin value button and select how much one coin will cost in the range from 1 to 50 cents.

The maximum bet in the game is 200 coins or, according to the in-game rate, it is 100 euros. The maximum payout does not exceed 200,000 coins, while the amount can be credited in one spin. Wild and scatter symbols will also help you in the game. There is no progressive jackpot here, just like there is no doubling game, but there is a series of free spins, as well as an exciting bonus game.

The bonus game is a separate game. You need to choose a destination on the map and, having set off along this path, break the encountered pitchers. Your task is not only to get a reward by breaking jugs, but also to find a golden relic in the dark corners of the ancient labyrinth. She will last a long time, her power will remain for another 36 hours from the moment you finished the game session.

A portrait of an aborigine was chosen as a wild symbol. His task is to help the player, because as soon as it appears on the game screen, it will begin to replace other symbols, if any symbol is not enough to make a winning combination. In addition, the wild symbol can bring you a solid win of 10,000x bets if you create your own prize sequence of five symbols.

The scatter symbol is the image of a chest with gold, and you need to have at least three scatter symbols on the playing field at the same time. If you are lucky enough to catch them, the slot will give you a choice of one of the chests, it will contain the exact number of free spins of the reels, which the player himself will receive.

The bonus symbol gives you the right to receive a bonus game. In it you will go through a labyrinth, and break the pitchers with payouts, as soon as the spider is in the pitcher, the bonus game ends.

There is another special symbol in the game, this is the mystery Win symbol, this is the golden relic. Their number will be displayed in a special window on the game screen. To get a special, mystical win, you need to collect four mystical symbols.

Game Symbols

Well, detailed specifications and control panel have been studied, all the necessary information, and detailed maps are now there. It's time to go on an adventure in the impenetrable jungle.

From the very first spins, multi-colored gems will appear, yes, these are symbols from the lowest category, although they bring very small payouts, but more often than others. For them, you can get from two to a hundred coins.

In the jungle, you can also meet representatives of the local population, and these are animals, such as monkeys and cobras, although they are dangerous, they can replenish the wallet from ten to 200 bets.

It is not enough to find the treasures, you still need to find the way back and take them home. To avoid any difficulties with this, symbols with a map or a plane will appear on the playing field, they can bring up to 500 bets.

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