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Play Robin Hood Shifting Riches casino slot machine for free

Well, the well-known fairy tale about a noble hero, whom boys and girls wanted to be like, migrated to another creation of the NetEnt company developers. It should be noted that the online slot machine Robin Hood brings good payouts even in a regular game, despite the increasing multiplier and additional wild symbols and the stretching of the main one. With average variance and cycle rates, the slot nevertheless shows good results. Although it is possible at the testing stage in free mode, we just managed to get to the end of the cycle. Perhaps this is a feature of this video slot. In any case, it is recommended to experience it personally, the high quality and graphics, animation, music and additional effects will not leave anyone indifferent. And there is nothing to say about the gameplay, it is really interesting and exciting, especially if you are playing for the first time. In general, test, play and win, a worthy masterpiece of NetEnt specialists.

Robin Hood, well, who is not too late to know the legend of old Robin. Everyone knows him as the most famous robber today, who, meanwhile, was distinguished by nobility and lived with his team in the thicket of Sherwood Forest, and this must be said in the very center of England of the Middle Ages. There are many legends, legends and myths about the existence of Robin Hood, but from those that have come down to modern times it is known for certain that this robber was not so simple. Of course, he robbed people, but only the rich. In addition, he did not take money for himself, but, on the contrary, distributed it to those who could not live without it, i.e. the poor. It is to this character of fairy tales and legends that NetEnt developers dedicated the online slot machine Robin Hood . In their opinion, the device is initially set to return the players' bets of 96.8%, and the winnings that a player can get in just one spin is a maximum of 240,000 coins.

Description of the slot machine

We were all once children and, naturally, many of us, after reading books and watching movies, ran into the yard and made a bow and arrow from improvised materials, and then, imagining ourselves as a fearless robber, fantasized about becoming a defender of the weak. And not only the boys were engaged in this, the girls also ran with might and main through the streets with a homemade bow and shooting hastily made arrows from the first wooden stick they came across. This time, players can try the online slot machine Robin Hood and even for a moment return to their childhood, again become the noble hero Robin Hood and participate in robberies of the rich, although it is very dangerous.

The developers of NetEnt are far from the first to use this theme to create slot machines, but only they have a banal and well-known theme that acquires originality and uniqueness. Robin Hood slot machine will be able to surprise even the most experienced players, no other gambling software manufacturer has such a gameplay with a seemingly usual theme.


Launch the online slot machine Robin Hood and start a dangerous adventure, you will immediately see the famous Sherwood Forest and all those characters that were so often mentioned in books and whom we all know from childhood. As has already become traditional, the game begins with a video clip narrating the main or previous events. So, we are shown how Robin Hood and his team take the collected taxes from the guards, which are intended for the cunning and insidious Duke of Nottingham. Then we are shown how the robbers gather all the poor in the square and give them gold coins.

Well, we shared with the poor, now it's time to play, you can start the reels. From that moment on, everything that you can earn will belong only to you and you will not have to give out anything to the poor. You get to the main screen, which the developers also did not disregard, so that the graphic design is in no way inferior in its characteristics to the storyline, the developers of the NetEnt company always approach their work responsibly, so that high quality applies to everything. Even the background of the slot is made with the use of animation, of which there are only leaves on trees and green grass, which, among other things, also look quite realistic. Surely, you will notice five chests at the bottom of the screen, they are here for a reason. Of course, there is nothing in them now, but as soon as winning combinations are poured, the chests will begin to fill with gold coins. Naturally, you will have your own assistant, and this is none other than Robin Hood himself, who will appear on the playing field and fill the entire drum or even several at once.


The Robin Hood online slot machine surpassed most of the gaming software in terms of the abundance of technical characteristics. Although at first glance, there is nothing unusual here. Here, as elsewhere, there are 5 reels on which there are 20 paylines, and they are always active. The control panel is basically the same as always, we will not focus on it, the special options are much more interesting here.

Shifting reels option. Works almost every time after a winning combination. As soon as the symbols on one of the lines make up a winning combination, all the symbols on the reels move one cell to the right, and the leftmost reel makes another turn, thereby creating even more chances of winning.

Increasing action coefficient. At the top left, you can see the coefficient panel, it will display the current coefficients received for each prize turn with the Shifting reels option. The main condition is not to interrupt the chain of winning matches, otherwise the multiplying coefficient will be reset.

As soon as Robin Hood collects four bags of gold in one of the chests below, a series of free reels starts. As for other extra games or progressive jackpot, they are not here. In theory, a player can get a good win 96.8% of the time, and the maximum payout is 240,000 coins.

Free games

As a rule, everyone is accustomed to the fact that free games are launched after scatter symbols appear on the playing field, the Robin Hood slot machine has a different principle. Now, instead of catching scatters, the player must collect four bags of gold in one of the chests, and to find out how many have already been collected in each of them, just click on any of them with the left mouse button.

If not all the chests have been used, then they are saved along with the bags available in them for subsequent free games.

The free games mode also differs in that one additional wild symbol is randomly selected from the number of slot characters. If two or three symbols with the inscription Free Spins appear on the playing field during free spins, the player receives 5 and 10 additional spins, respectively.

Game symbols

Well, what symbolism can there be if the slot is called Robin Hood, of course, it is completely dedicated to this story. The only thing that the developers tried to at least somehow link with the story as much as possible, although these symbols do not apply to it, these are card symbols. Of course, you could do without them, but judge for yourself, why reinvent the wheel, especially since almost every video slot has card symbols, not necessarily NetEntertainment. Things are much more interesting with the portraits of the characters in the story, which will not only delight you with generous payments, but also with animation effects. Not without a portrait of Robin Hood himself and his comrades Little John and Father Took. Their appearances on the playing field are accompanied by a mandatory replenishment of the account from 10 to 750 bets, and Robin Hood himself will enrich with a maximum of 1000 bets.

A symbol that replaces any other wild symbol, it is a picture with the inscription Robin Hood, and the picture with the inscription, but Free Spins, is also used as additional scatters.

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