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The currency that changed the global economy. Satoshi's Secret slot machine review

In 2007, the global economy changed once and for all. This fall, which seemed completely mundane, on one of the technology forums, someone under the nickname Satoshi published the specification and idea of ​​Bitcoin - a cryptocurrency free of banks. It was independently regulated, automatically controlled, it could not be traced (although the blockchain was extremely transparent), blocked or taken from the owner. It was money that didn't need banks or governments. One for the whole world.

After 10 years, the situation has changed once again. Bitcoin has turned from a free cryptocurrency into a kind of obscure, but incredibly popular asset, which one wants to possess solely for the sake of increasing wealth. Satoshi Nakamoto - a person or group of people, the creator of Bitcoin - probably would not be happy with such a situation. And the cryptocurrency frenzy that gripped traders led to the fact that bitcoin first soared in price many times, and then fell sharply.

How exactly Satoshi Nakamoto managed to change the world economy is unclear. Whether he was a prophet of a new era, Prometheus, who brought people a new money fire, or just a cunning investor programmer is unknown. But his mystery is still inspiring.

And it inspires not only economists, but also developers of slot machines. For example, Endorphina studio. Its new Satoshi's Secret slot machine is dedicated to the world of cryptocurrencies, hacking and trading. Extremely unusual, it instantly captivates and does not let go until you reveal all its secrets, you will receive payments and bonuses. And on our site you can play Satoshi's Secret slot for free.

Money for a new world order

The playing field of the Satoshi's Secret slot consists of 6 reels, each of which has 3 rows. It is crossed by 20 prize lines. This number is not fixed and can be reduced to one. In this case, the prize lines are calculated not only from left to right, but also from right to left, from the extreme reels.

The set of basic symbols is quite extensive. It includes the letters Y, T, R, E, W and Q, dollar, euro and British pound sterling signs, and a hacker figure. There are also two special characters:

  • Wild. The image shows a microprocessor with the Wild inscription. Drops on all reels. It can replace any basic symbol (except for a hacker) on the prize line in order to form a winning combination;
  • Bonus. The image shows the bitcoin logo (by the way, it is made in yellow tones, and not in green like the rest of the characters). Drops on all reels. If 4 or more of these symbols appear on the field, the "Trading" bonus round will start.

The "Trading" bonus round begins with the player receiving a guaranteed payout of 30x the full stake. You can pick it up, or you can try to increase it. To do this, you will need to guess the strategy of "growth" or "fall" in the exchange rate of the dollar, euro or pound. Then a 3x3 field appears with these symbols. Each spin demonstrates the change in the exchange rate. Spins can be stopped at any time and the honestly earned ones can be withdrawn. However, if a trader from a player is useless and he guesses wrong strategies, the bonus round will end with the burning of the entire payout.

If the word QWERTY of the corresponding symbols is added on the reels - that is, there will be Q in the first "column", W in the second, and so on - then the bonus of the same name will start. In it, you can try yourself as a cracker. The player will see green, yellow and red bank accounts:

  • Green ones bring the least profit, the chance that the QWERTY "password" will work is high;
  • Yellow - average profit, chance - average;
  • Red - maximum profit, chance - low.

Required to open sequentially until the safety alarm is triggered.

Slot machine Satoshi's Secret offers an extremely unusual gameplay, especially in the bonus rounds. It also has an interesting setting and beautiful graphics. And on our site you can play Satoshi's Secret slot for free.


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