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Seasons game: all seasons

The year is the 4th season of the year, from spring to winter, we and nature live the most beautiful time. Probably, the popular developers of gaming software decided to recreate the features of each pore in their new creation, combining all the best in the Seasons slot.

The automatic video slot called Seasons is a unique slot machine of its kind with 5 reels, 3 rows of symbols, and 25 pay lines to create lucrative winning combinations. The theme and symbols of the slot are tied to the seasons, so it all looks very colorful, funny and cute. The cartoon animation and design of the game makes it very attractive, so we recommend taking a closer look at the slot and trying to play it. By the way, all time seasons of the slot machine have their own specifics and you also need to know about them.

Seasons Game: Bonus Slot Symbols

The gorgeous animated design of Seasons slot machine will delight even the most demanding gamers. As the reels spin, you will see how one season succeeds another, and the reels will feature a picture of nature at different times of the year. Autumn with falling leaves, yellow trees, mushrooms and a pale sky with a frame around the drums in the form of intertwined tree branches will be replaced by a winter landscape in which the frame of the playing field will be covered with ice, snow will fall in the background, and the forest itself will drown in snowdrifts. In the same way, spring will come on the screens of your gaming devices, and then a hot, sultry summer. The game symbols of the slot are also very beautiful: these are acorns, colorful leaves of various plants, from ferns to birch leaves, fly agarics, pine cones, as well as strawberries and blueberries. The slot has 4 variants of wild symbols in the form of various animals (hare, squirrel and others), as well as a scatter symbol with a corresponding inscription, which launches rounds of free spins.

Seasons game: bonus slot features

A completely standard free spins function works in the new Seasons or Seasons slot machine. When you receive 3 scatter symbols on the reels, you can count on 7 free spins, when 4 scatters fall out, you can count on 15 free spins, and for 5 such scatters the player will receive as many as 30 free spins of the slot ... You can get these 30 free spins in the mode of any season of the year, continuously. During the implementation of the free spins rounds, the player will be in the season in which he earned his scatters. In addition, the slot uses 4 variants of wild symbols and each of them has its own personal powers:

The autumn fox will give the player the multiplication of all wins without exception, and the more foxes on the reels, the higher the order of the multiplying coefficient - 1 wald will give a coefficient equal to 2-5, 2 wilds will give a coefficient of 3-6, 3 wilds will give a coefficient of 4-7, 4 wilds will give the coefficient is 5-8, and for 5 wilds the player will receive a multiplication by 7-10;

The Winter Hare will turn double and take the second position on the reels, increasing the player's chances of winning the round;

The spring owl will become a respin activator, it will move 1 position, and so it will move until it leaves the field completely;

The summer deer will expand, taking over positions around the perimeter of itself and forming a cross-shaped field where winnings will be collected.

All wilds will appear on the reels of the slot in due time, in turn, during the spins of the reels of the slot. This happens automatically, so it is better to familiarize yourself with the paytable for all conditions and wilds in advance.

Summarizing the above, we can conclude that the Seasons slot machine will be a real pleasure for you and will give you a lot of chances to make money on the game. This is a decent product from the Yggdrasil team, with a change of seasons-mode, interesting wilds and good returns.


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