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Play for free at Secret of the Stones casino slot machine

A very, very good slot, the developers of NetEnt, as always, have created a high-quality product with unique features. The Secret of the Stones online slot machine allows you not to go into a deep minus (if the slot is not at all in the mood) thanks to wild symbols. They do an excellent job with their task, and in the main game, when the bonus game starts, the payouts begin to literally pour out of a cornucopia. The optimal strategy of the game is mandatory testing in order to find out the mood of the device, and then the game for raising the rates, starting from the minimum and ending with above average values. As for the bonus game, here it is best to choose any one stone in each of the three rows, in this case, you can count on more profitable functions. You should not choose stones located next to each other. In general, we play at small stakes, in the bonus game we make a choice with the maximum spread and you will be happy.

We present to your attention the online slot machine Secret of the Stones from the popular developer of gaming software company NetEntertainment. Here you will find a detailed description of this slot, from the graphic design to the technical characteristics, as well as its distinctive features. You can also familiarize yourself with the conclusions about the type of slot, based on real reviews. According to the developers, the Secret of the Stones slot machine has a return rate of 96.7%, and the maximum payout per spin can be 350,000 coins. A distinctive feature of this slot is, first of all, its bonus game, during which the player can get a lot of wild symbols, additional increased multipliers for the entire win, as well as the ability to fill two reels with completely wild symbols. It is worth noting that the Secret of the Stones video slot is also distinguished by a very high variance with a proportionally prolonged cycle.

Description of the slot machine

Secret of the Stones online slot  is made according to the theme of druids, which is quite popular among developers, almost all manufacturers of game software have such a theme. The fact that the slot is dedicated to druids is possible at least by the wild symbol, which is made in the form of an image of an old man with a staff and a scatter symbol in the form of a tree of life. And in general, all the symbolism symbolizes this, take at least stones with runes applied to them, which you will see in the bonus game. In order to understand this, it is enough to launch the Secret of the Stones slot machine , although you can make it easier and read the article in which everything is described in detail.


Externally, the game screen is no different. There are 25 pay lines, which are always active by default, as well as the standard 5 reels, where all lines are located in three lines of the reel cells. As a rule, the control panel also does not differ in anything special from other slots of the NetEnt company, everything is simple and clear, which, in principle, is good, you do not need to figure it out every time and study the purpose of all the buttons. First of all, we choose the desired rate of the game currency, since the choice of lines is automatically skipped, because they are all already involved. The nominal value of one credit in the game starts at one cent, but the maximum value is huge, 5 euros. Thus, you can put 1 coin on one line, then the maximum bet from all lines will be 25 euro cents, and if you put 5 euro, the maximum bet will be 125 euro.

The maximum winning in the game is 350 thousand coins, and this is provided that the theoretical player's income is 96.7%. The winning combinations are arranged according to the classic scheme, at least three identical symbols in a row, starting from the leftmost reel. The bonus game starts after at least three scatter symbols are caught on the playing field.

Wild symbol and its functions

As mentioned above, an old man with a staff is a wild symbol, he replaces any other symbol in the game, except for special symbols. The main difference between the Secret of the Stones slot and other slot machines from the NetEnt line is the presence of a large number of wild symbols. If a wild symbol appears on an active line and there is a combination of symbols on it, then it either complements the sequence, thereby increasing the winnings, or, thanks to its participation, creates winning combinations. As in many slot machines from NetEntertainment, when several winning combinations appear, only the most profitable for the players is counted. In addition, the functionality of the wild symbol significantly expands during bonus games.

Bonus game and free spins

An additional game is launched only if during the main game appears on the playing field at least three scatter symbols. The place of his appearance is absolutely not important, it can be anywhere. Three scatter symbols are not yet the limit, if you manage to catch four or five scatter symbols, then in the bonus game you can open, respectively, four or five stones with runes.

The essence of the bonus game is quite simple. At the very beginning, five stones appear in front of the player, having caught three scatter symbols, the player has the right to turn over three of them. Additional options are hidden under these stones, depending on your luck, the following functions can be found under them.

Wild reel 2-4. This option allows you to fill the second or fourth reel with wilds vertically. Thus, throughout the free spins of the reels, one of the reels consists entirely of wild symbols.

Multiplayer x1. Allows you to get an additional multiplier, after which, during free spins, the winnings will be doubled. You can also win an increased multiplier, maximum x8.

Free Spins +. This function adds additional spins to the existing ones, maximum 10 s of stone. In total, you can open up to 28 free spins of the reels.

In addition, you can open a stone, under which there will be any of the symbols with the inscription wild, which means that during the free spins it becomes an additional wild symbol.

The maximum win, which was mentioned above, is realized precisely in the additional game mode. For example, if you open +10 Free Spins under the stones, a wild symbol on the second or fourth reel, and a symbol with an owl as an additional wild symbol.

Game Symbols

For most machines, it is common practice to use card symbols as the lowest paid. The only difference is in the seniority of the cards, so there is no point in focusing on them. Perhaps we will voice the numbers. ten is worth 50 bets, jack 75, queen 100, king 125, ace 150, all these odds are paid for five symbols on a line. Themed symbols of a more senior category will bring much more than card ones.

The red bull is the most expensive symbol, in addition, wild symbols turn into this symbol when dropped from the leftmost reel. By themselves, five red bulls on one line will replenish the player's account by 1250 bets. The yellow owl brings a little less, five such symbols on one playing line, and you are guaranteed to increase your account by 750x total bets.

A yellow bull costs 500 credits for each bet, a blue one costs 300 credits, and a snake picture is the youngest in this category, 200 bets are given for it.


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