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Play free online slot machine Secrets of Atlantis

Sometimes you ask yourself a question: how do NetEnt's developers manage to create a real masterpiece with unique features from a seemingly simple slot. Here is another striking example of this with a simple plot, online slot machine Secrets of Atlantis . There are options here that most emulators don't have. For example, a Mega symbol with a free re-spin, counting all combinations without exception, their construction in both directions, which is no longer typical for slots from NetEntertainment. It should be noted that almost every spin will have winning combinations, and the option with a huge three-reel symbol and a re-spin will be realized very often, which is good news. It seems odd, though, considering that Secrets of Atlantis has a long cycle and high variance. Usually slot machines with such parameters are in no hurry to please players with a win. Naturally, we are sure to test the slot, start playing on the Secrets of Atlantis slot for free and without registration , and only then switch to real bets. The slot is worthy of attention, even if only for its high-quality design, which will surely please all players.

The very existence of an ancient civilization on the island of Atlantis is an object of controversy, both in the scientific community and in scientific research. In fact, apart from the legend that Antarctica was swallowed up by the ocean as a result of a strong earthquake, there is no more evidence of its existence. And this is despite the fact that during this time science and technical capabilities of mankind have made great strides forward. Be that as it may, the developers of NetEntertainment still believe in its existence, otherwise how to explain the appearance of another colorful novelty, this is the online slot machine Secrets of Atlantis , in which the developers tried to find answers to many questions and tried reveal the secrets of an ancient civilization. Players will have to help uncover the remaining secrets and for this it is not at all necessary to go on a journey and look for the location of the sunken mainland. By launching the Secrets of Atlantis video slot, you immediately find yourself in a flooded city, where you are given a chance to get the maximum winnings of 320,000 coins and there is every reason for this, because the theoretical return on bets according to the developers' statement is 97.1%.

Description of the slot machine

After loading the slot, the main game screen will appear in front of you, on which there are 5 standard game reels and 40 paylines, which will always be active. All this is against the backdrop of a flooded city, which is all enveloped in algae, and lights can be seen in some windows. What is there behind these windows is impossible to understand, perhaps these are the inhabitants of Atlantis, who have learned to live under water, or these are simply sea inhabitants for whom this city became home. To find out the answer to this question, you must play the Secrets of Atlantis slot for free and without registration . In the course of the game, the city will tell its story under the melodic beating of the soundtrack, at the same time the mysterious little mermaid will help you to get as many coins as possible. It will be a real surprise for you that the prize sequences of symbols are added both from the left extreme reel and from the right extreme reel too, in addition, if there are several winning combinations at once, all the winnings are added together.


Sailing through the streets of Atlantis, having sunk to the very bottom of the ocean, will not work without preliminary preparation. To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of the slot machine and learn how to manage the slot. In principle, the control panel has not undergone major changes, and fans of the creativity of NetEnt developers know it very well. So, the Secrets of Atlantis online slot machine has five reels and 40 active paylines. You can start the spins using the button located right in the center, it is made in the form of a circle with arrows. A certain amount in coins must be wagered on each payline, the rates are regulated by the following keys.

Coin value, this button sets the optimal value of one coin, as a rule, all devices from NetEnt are equipped with this function. The rate varies from one cent to one dollar.

Bet. Using this button, players place a certain amount on each payline, it can be at least one credit and a maximum of 10. You can use the max bet button and immediately start spins for the maximum amount of bets. Don't want to constantly press the start button and are not going to change the parameters of the game? Then use the automatic game mode by selecting the required number of automatic spins with the auto play button.

In addition to the control buttons in the game, there are also panels with information. So, in the bottom information line, you can see data about the current balance and rate, as well as about winnings for one spin. You can also view the rules and pay tables at any time by pressing the "I" button. You can customize the music and graphics settings using the settings located in the lower left corner of the screen.

There is no progressive jackpot in the game, and there are no additional games. Instead, there is a free spins mode, as well as a wild symbol, there is no scatter here.

Game symbols

The Secrets of Atlantis online slot machine does not have a lower category of symbols in the form of card symbols. Instead, themed ones are also used. So pictures with a crab, a jellyfish and a turtle, depicted in the form of precious stones, will bring only 5 to 7 bets. The same pictures of crab, jellyfish and turtle, but in air bubbles will bring players a maximum of 15 bets.

The Pearl in the Shell will bring the most of all, depending on the number of dropped symbols on one of the paylines, it will replenish the player's account from 20 to 400 bets. But the most interesting symbol is not a pearl at all, but a mermaid.

The mermaid is a wild symbol and it can appear on any reel, replacing any missing symbol in the winning combination. True, it does not bring a win in itself, but it has its own flavor. the fact is that when the mermaid appears on the reels, the Nudge wild option is triggered. This means that the wild symbol is stretched across the entire reel vertically. With all this, there is an interesting feature, even if a part of the mermaid's tail appears on the reel, it will immediately occupy all 4 cells vertically.

Free Games Mode

There is no scatter symbol in the Secrets of Atlantis slot machine, but this does not mean that free games are canceled. A completely different concept of free spins is implemented here. In order to start Free Spins mode, the player must wait until the three middle reels are enveloped in lace of sea foam, after which the slot randomly selects any symbol and turns all three reels into one huge selected symbol. After that, a re-spin of the reels is started again. The most interesting thing is that a mermaid may appear in the place of the Mega symbol, which means that the player gets a huge win. Actually, the maximum winning of 320 thousand coins is realized in this way.

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