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Play Silent Run casino slot for free

Silent Run online slot machine has shown itself to be an excellent video slot, not only in terms of design, but also in terms of gameplay. If you love naval combat, then you will definitely like this unit. Even the usual game is exciting here, thanks to echo wild, which is sure to find hidden wilds and bring great winnings. What can we say then about the bonus game, in which you can shoot at ships, and besides, it is easy to get the maximum win. A very short cycle and medium variance give players the opportunity to really enjoy the game and not think about money, because it is very easy to be in the black, despite the fact that it is impossible to get a positive mathematical expectation of a win due to a mediocre return. It is impossible not to mention the high quality of graphics and music. Be sure to test the slot in free mode, and then try to play the Silent Run slot machine and you will definitely be satisfied.

Who in childhood has not dreamed of becoming the captain of a ship, brave and fearless, surf the sea? And if you still dream of sea adventures and want to unravel the secrets of the ocean, then the developers of NetEntertainment have created a Silent Run slot machine just for you. Now you can, sitting in a comfortable chair, imagine yourself as a real captain, a sea wolf, and in your hands you will have the helm of not some kind of boat, but a real combat submarine. This article will provide a detailed description of the Silent Run slot machine, its technical characteristics and features, down to a detailed description of the symbols. To some, the maximum winnings may seem quite small, only 250,000 coins, there are slots where this amount is many times greater. But the main thing here is not this, but a stable income, especially since, according to the developers, it is at least 96.1%. Start playing the Silent Run slot for free and without registration , get ready to dive and give the command "full speed".

Description of the slot machine

NetEnt always surprises their fans, because each of their video slots is another surprise, you never know what they came up with this time. But one thing can be sure one hundred percent, it is a guarantee of the high quality of each slot machine. Of course, Silent Run slot machine is one of such machines, as soon as you start it, you will immediately find yourself in the indescribable atmosphere of a dangerous journey. What's so dangerous, you ask? Yes, everything is very simple, this time it is not a fun pastime on a cruise ship, but participation in a real naval battle. In this case, the battle will not be fought on the surface, but at great depths, in the very heart of the Pacific Ocean.

Now with regard to the graphic design, of course, it corresponds to the nautical theme. Apparently, your submarine is very close to the surface, because the sun's rays make their way through the water barrier, reflecting turquoise light. For some, the dark background color will seem gloomy, but do not be upset, because the background, on the contrary, emphasizes the alarming atmosphere of the upcoming battle. The name of the slot translates as "Silent Raid", but this does not mean that players will have to play in complete silence. Musical accompaniment is present here and it is aimed at complementing the overall picture so that no one gets the impression of a sea voyage as an easy walk.


Nobody needs to explain who he is Jules Verne. All of us in childhood and adolescence read his fantastic novels and imagined ourselves in the place of the legendary Captain Nemo. And perhaps among the players there are those who imagined themselves on board the Pioneer submarine heading for Vladivostok. If you recognize yourself, then rather start the online slot machine Silent Run , but before that, carefully study the control panel, otherwise what kind of captain you are. Ignorance of basic rules and navigation devices will not lead to anything good. Or did you think that the captain of the submarine is only on the captain's bridge and gives orders to the sailors to the right and to the left? Of course not, the captain must thoroughly know all the technical characteristics of his ship in order to justify his officer's honor in any situation. In our case, it is imperative to know all the intricacies of controlling the Silent Run slot machine, for a while this is a combat submarine.

In front of you is a monitor consisting of five game reels and 25 paylines, in the very center there is a large round button with arrows, with its help you will start spins. Next to it is the max bet button, for those who are used to taking risks and playing high, as it launches spins at maximum bets. On the left there is a button for starting automatic spins, choose the number of spins yourself and they will start spinning without your participation.

You need to make a certain bet on each line, to do this, press the level button and select the desired bet from 1 to 10 coins. Next, you need to determine how much one credit will cost in the game, for this, click the coin value button and select the appropriate rate in the range from 1 to 50 cents.

To view the rules and pay tables, click the paytable button. To take a look at the bonus game in advance and find out what it is, click the Feature Preview button. In addition, in the lower left corner there is an auxiliary control panel where you can adjust the graphic and sound parameters.

The maximum payout in the game is 250,000 coins, in addition, the slot can return the bets to players in the amount of 96.1%. There is no progressive jackpot in the game, there is no risk of the game and free spins of the reels, there is not even a scatter symbol. All this is unnecessary, because the Silent Run slot machine has special wild symbol options and a bonus game. All you need is to shoot accurately and not be afraid to take risks.

Symbols of the game

As you already understood the theme of the slot machine is the navy, so all the symbols will correspond to this theme ...

As always, classic playing cards from ten to ace were chosen as the lower symbols, and this is despite the seriousness of the theme of the slot, and in general a battle is planned, and there will be no time for cards, but the developers know better. They bring from 5 to 100 bets, depending on the number of dropped symbols and their seniority. However, they do not stand out very much against the general background, since they were stylized as much as possible for the theme.

But these are not all symbols, players can see other symbols in the periscope. These will be depth charges and mines, torpedoes, a destroyer similar to a porcupine from numerous guns, and a submarine. Seeing them to panic, you should not, the worst that can happen with their appearance is the minimum payout of 15 bets, with a successful scenario, you will receive 2500 bets.

But the most interesting thing about this video slot is its special symbols. A red signal lamp is used as a wild symbol, which will build prize combinations with any symbols, except for the echo wild and echo bonus symbols.

Echo wild can appear exclusively on the third reel, it is presented in the form of a red locator screen. After it appears on the third reel, the search is started with the corresponding soundtrack and three signals. It looks, of course, spectacular, but its task is not an aesthetic pleasure, but a search for hidden wild symbols.

The Echo bonus also appears only on the third reel, but this is already a green locator screen, it does not look for wild symbols, but triggers a bonus round.

Bonus game

progressive jackpot, but there is a nice alternative, this is a bonus game in which players can play sea battle.

When the echo bonus appears on the third reel, it will give three signals and start scanning the playing field where torpedoes can be hidden, maximum five pieces. The more the locator finds torpedoes, the more shots the player will have, respectively, and the winnings will be greater. Further, you already observe the surface through the periscope, the enemy ships are clearly visible in it. Choose any one and launch a torpedo at it, which will blow the ship to pieces, for each successful shot you get a reward. Each repeated shot doubles the overall multiplier, so you can get a multiplier x10 and get the maximum win in the bonus game, which is more than 250 thousand coins.


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