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Simsalabim slot machine

Sim Salabim online slot machine is considered to be one of the best video slots on NetEntertainment. It is popular among gamers, primarily due to its extremely high variance. This is achieved by good payouts in the Free Spins mode, where all wins are multiplied threefold, the possibility of additional prizes in the bonus round and an additional multiplier for the appearance of only two scatter symbols. One of the highest rates of return on bets, 97.5%, can not but rejoice, and allows you to get a positive mathematical expectation in most cases. But, despite such a number of advantages, you shouldn't play rashly. To begin with, as always, it is necessary to test, then play at small rates. Believe me, playing at maximum stakes will not pay for itself, no matter how high the percentage is in the parameters of the slot. Well, and, of course, do not discount the high-quality sound and graphics. The magic begins here, and now, become a real illusionist and pull the fortune out of the cylinder like a hare by the ears.

Many people know who a magician is from an early age. Most probably to this day imagine him as a serious uncle standing in the middle of the circus arena, next to him is a small table with a top hat on it. The magician, dressed in a silver frock coat with a businesslike air, makes mysterious movements with his hands and begins to take out bright ribbons, balls, and sometimes a white and fluffy bunny from the cylinder. Largely thanks to these people, after visiting the circus, the children’s eyes burned, and they excitedly told everyone about the incredible tricks, remaining greatly impressed for a very long time. The online slot machine Sim Salabim will help you to remember your childhood, where you can win the maximum prize of more than 200,000 coins, and this is quite real, because the developers promise a return on bets made of at least 97.5%.

Description of the slot machine

That was in childhood, and modern illusionists have not considered the appearance of pigeons or bunnies from a cylinder as something incredible for a long time. Now what they are doing is fantastic. Apparently the developers of the NetEnt company were also impressed and decided to create a online slot machine Sim Salabim , where everyone can become an illusionist and work miracles, simply by wave a magic wand. In addition, all this is available without leaving your home, you do not need to go somewhere and buy tickets for the show. You need to go to the online casino, that's all, and find and run the Sim Salabim slot machine there.

This video slot is dedicated to magic, which means that it necessarily has a mysterious, even magical atmosphere. You will be mesmerized like a small child in a circus performance, looking at the high-quality graphics and music. The general background of the slot is made in purple, on which detailed and high-quality drawn characters look great, while they are portrayed with a certain irony and humor. The curtain has long since risen in front of the brown frame of the game screen, which means that the show is about to begin. Once upon a time, magicians were not such professionals and often left the arena not only without a single penny, but also under the whistle of a disgruntled crowd, getting bruises from the objects thrown by them. It was a long time ago, now you yourself will be a magician and you will definitely not be able to leave with empty pockets, playing on the Sim Salabim slot machine.


Online slot machine Sim Salabim is not very original in terms of control and control panel in particular. The exact same controls exist on almost every NetEntertainment video slot.

As a rule, the beginning of any performance begins with preparation. Also for us, first we need to configure the slot for the game. First of all, we place a bet, a maximum of 10 coins can be placed on each line using the level button, and then, if desired, you can set the optimal rate of the game currency, which varies from 1 cent to 1 dollar, this is done using the coin value button. Online slot machine Sim Salabim , unlike some other NetEnt machines, does not have a fixed number of active lines, i.e. the player himself can choose how many lines to use, from one to 25, by pressing the lines button.

For those who are especially lazy, there is an automatic mode for spinning the reels, just press the autoplay button and select the required number of automatic spins, after which the reels will spin on their own, and all the winnings will be immediately credited to the player. You can use the automatic mode in conjunction with the max bet button, which activates the maximum bet.

There is also an information panel at the bottom of the screen, with the help of which you can monitor in real time the current bet, balance and winnings for one spin. Click the paytable button to learn more about the rules and pay tables. An additional control panel in the lower left corner will help you customize the graphic and sound effects. Finally, there is the Feature Preview button, click on it to watch the bonus game play.

The maximum possible payout for one spin can be 7,500 euros or 220,000 coins at the internal rate of the slot machine. Unfortunately, the progressive jackpot is not played and after each successful spin, you will not be offered to increase your winnings in the risk game. But there is a bonus game, free reel spins and special symbols. In addition, the slot has a pretty good return rate, 97.5%.

Game symbols

Any self-respecting magician will surely acquire assistants or, more often than not, assistants, because a charming girl looks much more spectacular, especially since at the end of the issue she will be surely put into a black box and cut in half with a saw. The ending of such a number is always predictable, the girl remains safe and sound. Therefore, the developers of the NetEnt company decided to go the other way and instead of people, they made special and ordinary symbols as assistants to the magician. They are all distinguished by high detailing and drawing, besides, almost all of them bring good benefits.

All less, from 5 to 150 bets, are received by the player for the symbols of the junior level, as a rule, these are card symbols, in denominations from jack to ace. But in order to get a really good win, you first need to wave your magic wand and say the magic words to Sim Salabim and, perhaps, more expensive symbols will appear on the playing field. And these are hands with cards, a dove in a cage, a chest in chains and that very top hat of the sorcerer. For such pictures on the active line, you can get at least 10 and maximum 1000 bets.

Special symbols are, as always, wild and scatter symbols. The wild symbol is a portrait of an illusionist, its mere appearance can turn a hopelessly losing combination of symbols into a prize money.

Free spins are triggered after three or more scatters, symbols with a magic cube, appear on the playing field. But for the bonus round, you need to catch three images with a bunny.

Additional games

The Sim Salabim slot machine may be magical, but unfortunately there are not so many ways to make a good profit. For example, a progressive jackpot is not provided here at all. On the other hand, players will definitely be happy to receive free reel spins, during which all winnings will be automatically multiplied by three times.

Three bonus bunnies on the playing field and the player gets the opportunity to participate in the bonus round. In this game, 12 magic hats will appear in front of you, at any of which you will point with a magic wand, and a white rabbit will jump out of there. The most important thing is not to point to the empty hat, because then the game will end immediately.

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