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South Park slot machine. play for free, no registration

South Park online slot really deserves special attention. Moreover, it is rare in its parameters, where else can you find so many additional games collected in one video slot. Unlike other slots, South Park has a slightly different profit principle. The fact is that a series of mini-games with additional wild symbols will maintain the balance at a more or less even level, and really big payouts can be obtained in four bonus games, and this does not require a progressive jackpot or any other bonus round. It is recommended to play at small stakes, as well as to start testing the slot in free mode, especially since the presence of a long cycle leads to this. If we talk about the general impression, then fans of the South Park movie will definitely like this video slot, which repeats the very sarcastic and cruel atmosphere coupled with a specific black humor.

The developers of the NetEntertainment company, and not only, often use feature films or cartoons as the theme of the video slot. This time NetEnt specialists have released a truly platinum slot, the South Park online slot machine, which is the name of the popular cartoon for adults. The story of friends has many fans around the world, largely due to the specific black humor and sarcasm that literally permeates the plot of the cartoon. Most likely, among the developers of the NetEnt company there are also fans of South Park, since the South Park slot machine turned out to be really unusual and unique. The gameplay of the slot is literally crammed with additional games, you will find 4 different bonus rounds at once, as well as three mini-games. In this article, you will find detailed information not only about additional games, but also get comprehensive information about the technical characteristics of the slot, as well as be able to familiarize yourself with the conclusions about the slot based on real testers reviews. According to the developers, theoretically, players can return their bets in the amount of 96.7%, and the maximum win is completely unique, because you can get more than 1,200,000 coins, and not every video slot can boast of such a win.

Description slot machine

Before starting the main game, we can watch an introductory video in the spirit of South Park, i.e. necessarily with black and tough sarcasm, starring one of the characters of Cartman. He plays the slot machine, pulls the handle and the machine sways and falls, crushing Cartman on the floor, after which he hears a notification about the win and money starts pouring out of the machine. All visitors rush to collect coins, completely oblivious to Cartman, crushed under a massive gaming machine. What can I say, whoever has seen South Park knows what it is all about. Throughout the game, this kind of dark humor and brutality will be an integral part of the gameplay.

NetEntertainment's marketing specialists probably had high hopes for the South Park online slot . Most likely, it was so, and until now we can confidently say that the slot has its fans, but on the other hand, we must admit the fact that today there are video slots, which is much more popular. This actually explains the absence of a slot in a hot (hot) state. Someone does not like the cartoon itself and its humor, while someone is simply not satisfied with the principle of the return of bets and, accordingly, profits, so players are looking for other, more gambling slot machines. Be that as it may, South Park slot machine definitely deserves attention.


The graphic design remains and exactly repeats the familiar South Park cartoon. Simply put, everything looks as if it was drawn without really trying, angular shapes prevail in the features, and the animation effects are made in the form of jerks. However, the gameplay does not suffer from this, everything happens quickly and smoothly.

South Park Online Slot Machine features 5 standard slot reels and 25 paylines. It has a lot of features, for example, all existing bonus symbols appear only on the last three reels, which means that they will not interfere with the drawing up of usual winning combinations. The most important thing players need to know is how to place the correct bet. We will not examine the control panel thoroughly, since it is always the same for NetEnt slots. In the game, you can choose the rate of the game currency, the minimum cost of one credit is 1 cent, and the maximum is 1 euro. You can also change the bet size by placing a bet on a single payline from 1 cent to 10 euros.

In addition, the game provides a theoretical return on rates of at least 96.7%, and when playing at maximum rates, you can get a fabulous amount of 1 250,000 coins.

As mentioned above, South Park has a whole host of side games.

Side Games

Cartman. The game called Cartman's bonus starts after the player catches three symbols with a fire extinguisher on the playing field. This game has a fixed limit on the maximum winnings, the largest amount available to players is 5000x bets. Simply put, you cannot get the pain of this amount no matter how hard you try and no matter how lucky you are. For example, if you play at maximum rates, then the maximum that you get is 50,000 coins, and this is the most successful scenario.

The essence of the game is simple. In this game, Cartman himself will appear with a fire extinguisher, his task is to smoke stoned hippies from the bushes. For each such "child of flowers" you will receive coins, if a couple in love is in the bushes, the winnings are doubled, and if there is a hippie with a tape recorder, then all the bushes are mixed, after which the bonus round starts over, while the winnings of the previous game are preserved. In addition, the player is not limited in the choice of bushes, the only drawback is that not everything is so smooth. There may be a policeman in the bushes, who will first give Cartman a warning, and then arrest him the next time, i.e. a police officer can be caught twice.

Most interestingly, it is Cartman who can bring the maximum winnings of more than a million coins. Yes, technically it is, of course, limited to 5000 bets, but if you play at the maximum rates and with the maximum possible rate within the game currency, then this becomes a reality.

The Wall Bonus Game

To start this bonus game, it is imperative to collect three symbols with the image of a breaking Wall in the main game. After that, we will be shown a video clip, where Stan is torn to the girl, well, and then the free spins of the reels begin, where the wild symbols fall out, accompanied by their freezing for the next two spins. Simply put, this action applies not only to one wild symbol, you can catch a wild symbol at least every spin and it will be frozen for two subsequent spins. In addition, the free games will not end until the two spins of wild symbols stop, besides, another spin without a wild symbol is added, and if it does not bring a wild symbol, then the game ends and the player receives the winnings earned on the account.

The peculiarity of this round is that wild symbols can appear anywhere, respectively, if you figure it out, then in theory, it is possible that all cells can be filled with wild symbols, which will bring a huge win, and if you take into account that wild symbols bring two more spins, then the maximum payout will be charged twice.

The bonus can bring both a huge win and nothing at all, because if wild symbols do not appear on the playing field, then the payout will be incomparably less than the maximum, and even the round will end after 4 spins.

Bonus "Kenny" game

As a rule, three Kenny symbols on the playing field start the bonus round of the same name. In this side game, you have to guide Kenny down a busy highway. On the cell with the image of the skull, a variety of dangers will await him, for example, cars at high speed, birds and falling planes. Of course, the path is dangerous, but if Kenny goes it from start to finish, the player will receive another 25,000 coins as a bonus. As always, the Kenny bonus game begins with a video of Kenny running over a motorcycle, after which the game begins.

In fact, this is the most addicting game available. As mentioned, you need to guide Little Kenny down the busy highway. In addition, he walks in the oncoming lane and is not afraid, because his huge hat can hold back the blow of two cars or a couple of birds will not be able to drag him away, choking on this very hat. But, unfortunately, it does not protect against a huge Boeing, so most often the game ends just after Kenny meets the plane.

It has already been said that this is the most exciting game, because there is real excitement and adrenaline in it, in addition, the developers made sure that the chances of success are on the player's side, so the chances of dodging danger are two to three.

Pictures with coins will bring players up to 1000 coins, it is noteworthy that they do not pose a danger to Kenny, it all depends on the size of the win. Having opened the question mark, the player gets the opportunity to choose a multiplier for several subsequent steps. Simply put, all those coins that Kenny gets will be multiplied by the selected multiplier, minimum 2 and maximum 10. In total, Kenny's bonus round can top up a player's account for 139,000 coins.

Kyle's bonus game

When the third Kyle symbol appears on the last reel, his bonus round will start. This round is characterized by excessive cruelty, because the gameplay is a game of football, but instead of a ball, a baby. The win will depend on where Kyle kicks him and where he goes.

In this game, the player gets 10 free games, during which you can win a few more Free Spins. At this time, lke wild appears and only on the fifth reel, this activates the hardest part in which Kyle kicks the baby, after which he lands on one of the sectors. Possible rewards are located on these sectors, including three free spins, additional multipliers from two to ten, and additional coins. As soon as the series of free spins ends, the bonus game ends.

South Park Mini Games

In addition to the four bonus games, the South Park Online Slot has more three mini-games that can be activated absolutely randomly and bring additional wild symbols with them. In principle, they are all similar to each other, since they will appear at any time and have their own set of wild symbols. The only special feature is the Cartman bonus, where wild symbols can be up to 9 pieces per spin.

Other mini-games, such as the Terrance and Phillips bonus, can bring no more than five wild symbols, moreover, they are activated only on the middle three reels, excluding the outermost ones. As you understand, the presence of such functions in mini-games provides players with great opportunities for making big profits.

Payouts of the slot

At first glance, everything may seem very simple and itself South Park online slot machine is also very simple, but this is not the case and you need to be prepared for the fact that there will be no good wins in a regular game. The potential of the emulator is revealed precisely in bonus games and mini games. The most successful deal is the appearance of a large number of wild symbols in Cartman's bonus game mode, as a rule, 12 out of 15 cells are filled with wild symbols, which immediately gives the right to a huge win. Although even though the maximum amounts can be won in bonus games, they are still significantly limited in them, in other words, you cannot get more than their fixed winnings.

So, naturally, the South Park slot machine has its own symbolism, which, like the whole game, is imbued with black humor and cruelty. The main characters of the cartoon make up the bulk of the characters. So pictures with Cartman bring a maximum of 750 bets for five symbols. The symbol with Kenny brings 400 credits, the picture with Kyle 200, and for the character in the green hat 300. Well, of course, there were symbols of the lowest category, and in simple terms, these are the most common card symbols from jack to ace. For them, payment from 50 to 125 bets is provided.

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