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South Park: Reel Chaos slot machine. play for free, no registration

Slot machine online South Park 2: Reel Chaos honestly, leaves a double feeling. On the one hand, many testers spoke negatively about this video slot, they say, it does not make it a big plus. Perhaps they were simply unlucky. According to personal impressions, the slot left only positive emotions, when testing in the free mode, we managed to get two bonus games with an interval of 70-100 spins. In the first, they managed to win 80,000 coins, in the second only 30,000, the total result was at the rate of 0.50 cents per coin, 55,000 euros. If the game was played for real money, then the result would be fifty thousand euros, of course, it is far from the maximum win, but the money is excellent. And that's not counting the additional options, where the most interesting one seemed to be the one in which losing spins allow you to get additional turns. In general, compared to the first version of South Park, the second turned out to be very successful, so I recommend that you not only have a great time, but also make good money if you are lucky.

Many of you, of course, know the popular cartoon lunar film South Park, which was released in the United States back in 1997 and now has several seasons. The popularity is caused not at all by the graphics, which are very mediocre here, and not by the music, but by the specific humor of the main characters, which they use in various situations of their lives. So, the online slot machine South Park 2: Reel Chaos has become the second part of the South Park video slot in the treasury of the developers of the NetEntertainment company. This article contains a detailed description of the technical characteristics and bonus games of the South Park 2: Reel Chaos video slot. The creators of this cartoon are really great, because this animated series is already in its second decade and competes with the Mega popular Simpsons. The developers of NetEnt also tried their best and configured the device to return rates of at least 96.8%, and the maximum winnings that a gamer can count on is just a huge amount, 650,000 coins.

Description of the slot machine

Knowing that there are many fans of this cartoon among gamers, in 2013 NetEnt presented a new product, the first version of the South Park video slot. Then it was a surprise for fans to see the main characters in a completely new way. Sarcasm, cruel black humor, all the main characters and a completely new plot, these are the reasons why the South Park slot machine has gained popularity among online casino visitors. And not so long ago, inspired by the success of the first part, the developers of the company NetEntertainment presented a sequel in the form of the second part, it was the online slot machine South Park 2: Reel Chaos .

A characteristic feature of NetEnt's developers is the uniqueness of each video slot, no matter what topic they are devoted to, or even how, in this case, it is another version of one slot. By the way, other variants of popular video slots for NetEnt are rather an exception than a rule, yes they are, but not every slot machine has a kind of continuation. Slot machine online South Park 2: Reel Chaos you will like it as soon as the main game screen with the reels is loaded, and all because before this is preceded, as always, a video clip, this time it is a small cartoon about the adventures of the main heroes. All five of the most important characters will try to tell you what bonuses await players. By the way, there are really a lot of additional games here. The main plot of the video slot is based on the struggle of the main characters with Dr. Chaos against the backdrop of a night city and all this is accompanied by sarcastic humor and cruelty, so typical for South Park.

Here you will even see fiery fireworks, as one of the characters will carry you along in one of the bonus rounds. If you are a fan of South Park, then launch the South Park 2: Reel Chaos online slot machine and have fun with the game. Well, of course, excellent graphics, excellent music, interesting gameplay are far from all the advantages of a slot machine, you will also have a good win, because with so many bonus games you will definitely not be able to do without it.

Although the South Park 2: Reel Chaos online slot is new, the developers still stick to their usual practice. As always, they did not change or supplement the control panel, but used the most common, classic control panel, which is used in almost all of their products.

So, in the middle there is a round button with which the reels start, if you press it again, the reels stop ahead of schedule. Next to it there is a max bet button, with which you can start the reels at maximum bets, and there is also an autoplay button on the other side. A convenient button if you are not going to change the betting parameters for a long enough time, just select the required number of automatic spins and the reels will start spinning without your participation.

The characters familiar from the first part set off on an adventure again on five reels and 20 paylines. But before that you need to decide on the rates. You can put from one to ten coins on one payline, the number of which is determined by the level button, and also here you can choose the value of one credit in the game, the denomination varies from one cent to fifty, this is done using the coin value. In addition to the gameplay parameters, you can adjust the graphical parameters, as well as the sound ones, you will find their settings on the control panel located in the lower left corner. And to get acquainted with the pay tables, press the "I" button. By the way, there will be nine pages at once, which is the number that most video slots cannot boast of.

The South Park 2: Reel Chaos slot machine has wild and scatter symbols, as well as the opportunity to get free spins and even bonus games. Such an abundance of additional games allows you not to use a progressive jackpot, and even more so the risk of a game to double your winnings. The maximum winnings per revolution of the reels can be 650,000 coins, this is 325,000 euros, with a theoretical yield of 96.8%.

Game symbols

Of course, mainly symbols are used here in the form of portraits of the main cartoon characters in South Park, but there are others that you often find in almost any video slot, these are playing cards, from ten to ace. You won't surprise anyone with such symbols, even those who are just starting to play in online casinos, but these symbols also bring a certain profit in the form of at least five and maximum one hundred bets. But the symbols, which depict the main characters, and there are five of them, will bring to the player's account from 15 to 1000 bets.

As for special symbols, we will consider them in more detail in the description of additional options and bonuses, where, for example, even a wild symbol has several functions at once.

Bonus and mini games

As previously mentioned, < strong> online slot machine South Park 2: Reel Chaos boasts different options and bonuses. If you play the South Park 2: Reel Chaos slot machine , then naturally you will meet all of them, but still let's figure out what they are.

Wild symbol

As always, it first of all fulfills its classic function, namely, replacing any symbol in the game, and thereby making up the winning combinations. But its functions do not end there, since it has another special option that is activated randomly. Its essence lies in the fact that sometimes Cartman will appear on the playing field, or rather he will fly, for some reason he will release two rats on the drums, after which he will shoot them from a contraption that looks like a laser. At first glance, nothing is clear, except for a funny animation, but after shooting the rats, several additional wild symbols appear on the field, which stick, and an additional free spin starts.

Stacked wild

This is another option available to the wild symbol. Its essence lies in the fact that on one, and in case of a successful scenario, on several reels at once, special wild symbols appear, which are reliably linked to each other. Such a combination can bring a really solid amount, like the previous option, Stacked wild is activated randomly.

Kenny's multiplayer

The option is activated only during the bonus spin and consists in the fact that the win will be multiplied by a certain factor. The size of the multiplier is determined in the scene preceding the option, where two main characters will have fun with each other, a drum with marked coefficients is spinning over their heads at this time.

Bonus Wall

This option is activated only during losing spins. A different principle is involved here, here, the more losing spins there are, the more you can win. So, after each such unsuccessful spin with an active option, the player gets an additional spin with an increased multiplier x2, if the spin is wasted again, another spin is launched, but with an increased multiplier. This can continue either until a winning combination appears, or until the multiplier is equal to x10, after which the multiplier stops growing, and the spins continue until the prize money.

Bonus game

As already mentioned, there is no progressive jackpot here. But this is not at all upsetting, because there is a whole set of special options and mini-games. In addition, players will face a multi-level battle in the bonus round.

To activate the bonus round, you need to catch three symbols with the inscription bonus on the playing field, but it does not appear everywhere, but only on the middle reels, excluding the extreme right and left. In the bonus game, you don't need to do anything, just Cartman will go from level to level, defeating each opponent in order to meet the main villain at the last fourth level. There are four levels, and the multiplier will increase as you progress, from x1 to x4.

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