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Nostalgic fight against space invaders for treasures. Space Invaders slot machine review

Space Invaders is one of the most iconic arcade video games around. Actually, she was also one of the first. Simple gameplay, which, nevertheless, fascinated with something (since it has survived to our time in various mobile applications); clear setting - you need to save the planet from the invasion of aliens; and unexpectedly pleasant soundtrack, albeit one consisting of beep-beep.

And Playtech has revived this arcade ping-pong in their Space Invaders slot machine. Arcade graphics have taken on a new lease of life thanks to modern technology, but at the same time retained their pleasant atmosphere. And there is also an unusual gameplay, thanks to which each spin becomes especially exciting.

Plunge into the nostalgic atmosphere! On our site you can play the Space Invaders slot for free. It is not only fascinating, but also beautiful.

Forward to protect space!

Space Invaders isn't just inspired by the game of the same name, which was hugely popular in the 1970s and 1980s. It is indeed licensed. This means that all these alien characters are exactly the same as we remember them.

But the gameplay here is quite classic. So, the field consists of 5 reels, each of which has 3 rows. It is crossed by 10 prize lines, which are calculated not only from left to right, but also from right to left. This number is fixed and does not change.

All presented symbols are basic. For the lower denomination, images of aliens from the original Space Invaders are used, for the older one, more varied and detailed "pictures" are used. There are practically no special characters.

But the Space Invaders slot machine has two important bonus features:

  • Invaders Turn Wild. After each standard spin, there is a chance that one or more low-denomination symbols on the field will turn wild. The wilds here are just the inscription Wild. After that, the prize lines and combinations will be recalculated;
  • UFO Wild (UFO-wilds). A "flying saucer" is constantly moving over the playing field. Under it is a cannon. If during a standard spin the UFO and the turret find themselves in the same vertical row, then they will shoot at this "flying saucer" and several wilds will fly out of it onto the field.

Wilds are special symbols that can replace any base on the payline to create a winning combination.

In addition, there is also an additional wild, which drops out during standard spins without bonuses. It depicts a planet. This wild can also replace any base symbol on the payline to create a winning combination.

In general, the Space Invaders slot machine handles the arcade prototype very carefully. The gameplay here is pleasant, and thanks to the various bonuses and increased payouts, it is doubly pleasant. So - go ahead, to protect space from nostalgic invaders! On our site you can play the Space Invaders slot for free.


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