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Play online slot machine Space Wars

Space Wars online slot machine is truly unique. Let's start with the fact that it has no additional games at all, no jackpot is provided either, there is not even a scatter symbol. Nevertheless, this is one of the most interesting video slots from NetEnt, and all thanks to the re-spins function, which makes the gameplay really interesting and exciting. Everyone, without exception, will like how after any, even the smallest win, a free spin with even more of the same symbols follows, which means that the win will be greater. Add to that fun animations, high quality graphics and soundtracks.

The device has very good indicators, for example, the return on bets is 96.8%, and although it does not allow you to get a positive mathematical expectation of a win, it still has a not very long cycle and high variance, which makes the gaming process even more gambling. However, it is still necessary to test the online slot machine Space Wars in free mode, and only then feel free to play the slot machine Space Wars for real money

One might think that the Space Wars slot machine is dedicated to the famous Star Wars saga. Although it is understandable, because the screensaver preceding the start of the game beckons to say the very words, in the same voice: a long time ago, in one distant galaxy. But as soon as the slot starts, we see a completely different picture, not the main characters of Star Wars appear before us, but small, cute and funny aliens. I would like to say right away that this video slot is really unique, and all thanks to the unusual function Re-spins, which launches re-spins after each successful spin, moreover, the re-spin takes place with an additional increased number of certain symbols. In addition, there is a Stacked wild function that allows you to win really large sums. For example, you can win the maximum payout for one spin in the amount of 400,000 coins, especially since the developers claim the return of the bets made at least 96.8%.

Description of the slot machine

How you already understood, nothing ordinary and standard online slot machine Space Wars does not carry, as always, this is an original plot and high-quality design, however, this is a feature of absolutely all NetEntertainment slot machines, a slot with the NetEnt logo is always a high-quality performance and a variety of plots. This time, your comfortable chair, in which you will sit in front of the monitor, will turn into the cockpit of a starship, in which you will travel to different universes. This time, the developers send you in search of aliens who settled in the vastness of the Space Wars slot machine, but you will not only find them, but you will also receive a reward for each one, because they are not evil or greedy at all, so they will share their coins with you. always ready.

Slot machine online Space Wars or in translation Star Wars, has a corresponding background, the background here is a dark blue color, symbolizing outer space. As for the graphic design, it is, of course, made at a high level, and all the characters have animation effects and even their own lines that will amuse the players more than once during the game.

But not only aliens building different faces will attract your attention, as soon as you start the slot, a huge glass bulb on the right will immediately catch your eye. From time to time, certain symbols will be stuffed there like sprats in a bank, but what will happen next will definitely please you. The essence of this flask is very simple and very profitable. After each successful spin of the reels, the symbols that make up a winning combination fall into this very flask and begin to multiply. After that, a re-spin is launched with an increased number of symbols that were in the flask, respectively, the more symbols there are on the playing field of the same denomination, the more chances for large winnings. This is not the only unique feature of this video slot. To find out all of them, you need to go on a space journey as soon as possible and find extraterrestrial civilizations in the vastness of the universe, which will definitely bring rewards. Well, well, the starship is on the stat site, the engines are running, the countdown begins and the game is about to begin


Those who have ever encountered NetEnt gaming machines, will not see anything new, in terms of control Space Wars slot machine does not differ from its counterparts in the manufacturer. But, as they say, repetition is the mother of learning, so there will be nothing wrong with looking at all the buttons again in more detail. In addition, there are beginners among the players for whom this information will be useful, because we are waiting for Star Wars, where in the thick of the battle there will be no time to learn control.

In the very center of the panel, you can see a large round button, it is this button that will launch each new spin. There are two more large buttons on either side of it. On the left is the max bet button, with its help you can immediately start the reels at the maximum bets. On the right is the auto play button, by clicking on which the player can select the required number of automatic spins, after which you can generally go about your business, the reels will spin independently for a specified number of spins.

From the very edge to the left there is a button regulating the number of coins on one line, this is level. There is also a bet panel, which displays the current bet. On the other side, there is also a button that adjusts the rate, but in terms of the nominal value, which varies from one cent to 50, using the coin value button. The coins board which is located right there will inform the players about the number of coins, depending on the chosen rate.

To familiarize yourself with the basic rules and pay tables, click the paytable button, and to access additional settings for such parameters as graphics and music, use the additional control panel in the lower left corner of the screen.

These are only seemingly cute and funny aliens, you must always be on the alert and be ready for any dirty trick. That is why it is important to study the technical characteristics thoroughly, so as not to waste time on studying them in more detail. The Space Wars online slot machine is a standard five reel with 40 paylines, the number of which cannot be changed. The maximum amount of bets in the game is 200 euros, and the maximum winning is 400,000 coins.

Space Wars slot machine has only one special symbol, it is wild, and also only one free spin, but almost every new spin of the reels. In addition, there is no scatter, no progressive jackpot, no risk game for doubling the winnings and any other bonus game. However, it doesn't matter, because you can hit a solid jackpot in a regular game, without additional bonuses.

Now that you know all the parameters of the slot, you can go on a journey in search of aliens who have already owed you a big sum.

Game symbols

You will have to fight with aliens and, whatever they weren't cute, it's better to know your rivals by sight. So much has already been said about them that it's time to get to know them better. All the characters of the slot machine are very different aliens, funny, a little scary, big and small and still very funny, many will notice their unconditional resemblance to the characters of the cartoon "Monsters, Inc. All of them, like the most common symbols of any video slot, will build winning combinations of at least three identical symbols According to the rules, only the most profitable combination will be counted as a prize.

The smallest aliens belong to the youngest category of symbols, they are easy to recognize by their round shape, depending on their number, the player can get from 2 to 60 bets. Bigger aliens, who are also grimacing and each of them has their own abilities, will bring more, their multiplier is from two to 400x bets.

Most of all you can get for the red crystal, in fact, which became the bone of contention in the space war.

The online slot machine Space Wars is also distinguished by the absence of the scatter symbol, there is only one special symbol and this is wild. Its distinctive feature is that it appears only on the second and fourth reels, but if it does appear, it stretches across the entire reel, increasing even more chances for big wins.

There is no scatter symbol, but it doesn't matter, but there is one free spin. It is credited every time a winning combination appears. The symbols that participated in the winning combination are sent to the same flask on the right, after which a free spin starts with an increased number of these symbols.


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