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What can I say, online slot machine Sparks is not dynamic, rather the process is similar to golf, everything is somehow unhurried and measured, sometimes even annoying. Why is it annoying? Yes, everything is simple, while relaxing music sounds, and monotonous symbols replace each other, and the slot systematically withdraws money from your account, without giving anything worthwhile in return. To be honest, I didn't like online slot machine Sparks at all. Even his chip of choosing the mode of calculating the winnings from left to right or in both directions does not change anything. Well, you have chosen the mode of winning combinations on both sides, and what next? The machine simply begins to withdraw coins from the account in double size, but there is no return. Although this is not surprising, look at these ridiculous recoil numbers of the machine, in the usual mode, 96.54%, and in the special mode, 96.56%, well, it's really funny, especially considering the extremely long cycle and average variance. It is clearly not worth talking about a positive mathematical expectation of a win. All you want to do is play in free mode and forget about the online slot machine Sparks . It is not recommended to play on it for real money at all, although .... As they say in taste and color, there is no friend.

Fans of the NetEntertainment company and the creativity of its developers know very well that as soon as their next novelty appears in online casinos, it becomes a real hit in a matter of days, but there are days, in a matter of hours. Naturally, the company announces its new product in advance, creating even greater excitement. After all, only the general parameters of the new slot are revealed, its unique characteristics are only mentioned. Therefore, by the time the video slot is released, almost every avid gambler is already waiting for this to become one of the first lucky ones to test the new product. Another such novelty is the online slot machine Sparks , which has become a real gift to fans from the developers of NetEnt.

If you have already thought that the main topic is cars, then we hasten to disappoint you, this is not so. Spark is not a car brand produced in one of the countries of the former USSR. This video slot is all about abstract, glowing and sparkling shapes such as spirals, rings and other shapes. They seem to flicker with neon light, each figure will bring a certain amount of coins to the player's account. The maximum possible winning is 80,000 coins per spin, and the theoretical income varies from 96.55 to 96.56%, depending on which mode you choose, normal or win both way.

Description of the slot machine

To be honest, it is rather difficult to answer in the affirmative to the question of what topic the Sparks slot machine belongs to. As such, the plot is not observed here, and the graphic design resembles the endless expanses of space, everything, somehow abstract. But even in such an abstract design, the developers were able to add their own signature flavor, which makes the slot unique. The fact is that when you change the game mode, the background of the slot changes along with it, from purple-pink to blue-blue. But changing the background is not the only feature of the machine, perhaps its most distinctive feature is two different game modes. The first is win one way, and the second is win both way. The difference in these modes is in building winning combinations. In the first mode, symbols line up only from the leftmost reel to the right, in the second case, winning combinations are counted in both directions.

"Space" motives can be traced in the musical accompaniment, such music is called relaxing, apparently, so that the players also relax during the game. To be honest, the music in the game also defies description, because it is impossible, it is impossible to describe something unearthly and mysterious. The best thing is to see and hear everything yourself, so don't waste your time and start playing Sparks slot machine for free and without registration .


What is space without a spaceship, this ship will be a control panel that must be well studied and memorized. This will allow you not to be distracted once again by re-acquaintance with the video slot.

So, the online slot machine Sparks has 5 standard reels and 20 paylines, and they are always active by default. As in most NetEnt emulators, spins are launched after pressing the round button with arrows in the center. Next to it is the max bet button, with no help you can quickly launch spins at maximum bets. On the other hand, there is the autoplay button, with its help you can start the online slot machine Sparks in automatic mode, all you need to do is select the required number of automatic spins.

On the right you can find two round buttons, one with one arrow, the other with two. As you may have guessed, they activate the win both way and win one way modes. In the second mode, combinations are not only counted in both directions, but also have a double multiplier. You can also adjust the bet size on the control panel. You can put up to 10 coins on one line using the level button, and also set the optimal rate of the game currency using the coin value button, one credit in the game costs from 1 cent to 2 dollars. The minimum bet is 40 cents and the maximum is $ 80.

Unfortunately, the developers decided not to please their fans. The fact is that there is only a wild symbol and that's it ... In general, everything ... There is no scatter, no risk of playing, no progressive jackpot, no bonus game, and even no free spins of reels. To be honest, this is rather strange, because for NetEnt it is not typical for the absence of free spins. However, the Sparks slot machine has its fans, because it is not devoid of additional options, moreover, it has two game modes.

Game symbols

The smallest symbols, they are also card symbols, also differ in that when they appear, they flash like a burning star. They bring players from five to a hundred credits for each bet. As usual, card symbols are presented in an incomplete composition, from ten to ace.

There are completely original symbols here, these are just bright multi-colored flashes of almost all colors of the rainbow, namely purple, blue, orange, red and green. For these flashes, players will replenish their wallets from seven to 400 coins, depending on the number of symbols dropped.

The wild symbol here is also distinguished by its brightness, but unlike other symbols, it is a bright space ball with a luminous letter W. It, as befits a self-respecting wild symbol, replaces any other symbol in the prize combination. But he will not only replace any symbol, but also make his own winning combination, for which you can get a maximum of 400 bets. But he also has no power over the Expanding cloning wild symbol.

Expanding cloning wild is a letter W enclosed in a fireball and it can appear only on the second and fourth reels, but it appears really epic. Not only that, when it appears, it immediately stretches across the entire reel, it also clones all the symbols on the right side to the opposite left side, after which the player is simply guaranteed to receive a win, and even not the smallest one.

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