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Play online in the Steam Tower slot machine

Well, what can I say right away, online slot machine Steam Tower really turned out to be peculiar and unique. Looking at him, you think about how far technological progress has gone from the good old one-armed bandits of the last century. The graphic design is mesmerizing from the first seconds of the game, looking at it you involuntarily think that you are playing a computer game. Of course, everything in this regard is primitive, and it is understandable, because this is just a slot machine and we must pay tribute to the developers, who, even in this case, managed to create a small story. As for the game of the process, it does not differ in dynamics, although on the other hand there are a bunch of other slots with high speed of the game, if you do not like the Steam Tower slot machine. But this slot is quite generous, this is evidenced by at least a 97% return on bets made, of course, you won’t be able to win astronomical sums here, but again there are other video slots for this. Steam Tower slot machine although it has average maximum payouts by many standards, but it has a short cycle and average variance, which already means that players will not be left at a loss. Of course, before playing for real money, it is better to spend time on the free mode in order to understand the mood of the slot, and one more tip, play with different rates more often, as practice shows, this is the optimal strategy.

Not so much time has passed since the release date of the next masterpiece by NetEnt developers, namely on February 23, the Defender of the Fatherland Day, gamers were presented with a online slot machine Steam Tower . The most important feature of its gameplay is the bonus round, in which you need to help the protagonist climb to the topmost floor of the tower. For those who manage to climb with the main character to the top sixteenth floor, the developers have prepared a reward in the form of multiplying the current bet by 1000 times, as well as an additional multiplier x7 for all remaining spins. The slot machine is relatively not greedy and its maximum bet per spin is 150 euros, while the maximum winnings will be 300,000 coins, which corresponds to 300,000 euros if the 1/1 rate was chosen. But these are not all the distinctive features, gamers can play both the regular version on their PCs and find a version for mobile operating systems in online casinos, which will allow them not to part with their favorite video slot.

Description of the slot machine

The slot is called Steam Tower, which translates as steam tower. Even in terms of the name, the developers stood out among other manufacturers of gaming software, presenting an unusual name with a unique gameplay. The most interesting thing begins as soon as the screen of the slot is loaded, you will see in front of you a completely new design and action of the game as a whole. The fact is that in this case the developers decided to try a completely new "engine", which made it possible to embody the Steam Tower slot machine in a completely new and even unique style, dedicating the slot to such a rare topic among gambling software as steampunk. Recall that the steampunk style combines and synchronizes the traditions and culture of the nineteenth century with the technological progress of the modern 21st century. And I must say that it turned out just amazing, the graphic design, musical accompaniment and animation effects are made at a high level of quality, which made it possible to achieve the so-called "presence effect" as much as possible.

The plot of the game

Slot machine online Steam Tower is not only great graphics, music and gameplay, it is also its own storyline, yes yes, even though it is a slot machine, it has its own storyline. However, this will not surprise fans of NetEnt's developers' creativity, it is not the first time that they endow their creations with a plot, these slots are mainly dedicated to popular comics, cartoons and feature films. Of course, this is not a dashingly twisted plot of a detective or thriller, but a very simple plot, although for a slot machine this is already a breakthrough, after all, this is not a computer game with a plot and a first-person game. But the plot that is, gives the machine a certain exclusivity. And everything is very simple and resembles the plot of a fairy tale. You must help the main character get to the sixteenth floor of the tower, and then save your beloved from the clutches of a fire-breathing dragon. But it is not so easy to climb to the very top of the steam tower.

But, of course, there are chances for success. With each successful rise from floor to floor during the bonus round, the player will be able to increase the multiplier every time. I would also like to note the graphic design of the machine. All symbols are perfectly traced, however, as well as the general background of the slot, as well as animation effects, and the soundtrack is simply beyond praise. Players will not just travel across the floors, at this time all the main options of the bonus game will be implemented. It is in your best interest to get to the very top sixteenth floor as quickly as possible and get a bonus of 1000 bets, and an additional 7 multiplier on all remaining free spins.


Not here something complex and, experienced players will quickly notice that it is identical to other machines from the NetEnt company. The most important button in the game is the big round arrow key, it launches spins. There are five reels in the game, and 15 paylines, the number of which cannot be changed. Credits are regulated by two buttons, the first sets the rate of the game currency, this is the coin value, and the second determines the number of coins for each of the lines. The rate varies from 1 cent to 1 dollar, and the size of the bet ranges from 1 to 10. The maximum amount of bets will be 150 dollars, and in addition, players are given the opportunity to set the maximum size of bets by clicking the max bet button or select the mode of automatic start of spins, for this press auto play and select the required number of automatic spins. The game does not have a risk game and a progressive jackpot, but there is a bonus round and a game with free spins of the reels. The maximum winnings that a player can get in one spin of the reels is 300,000 credits, and the return percentage is 97.0%. In order to familiarize yourself with the rules and view the payout tables, press the "I" button at any time during the game.

Bonus round

The bonus game with an increasing multiplier is not possible until you you will catch an image with the main character in full growth on the playing field. When the free games start, they will have their own rules and additional features.

As the drums spin, the protagonist will climb up the floors. To lift, it is necessary that a symbol with a hook falls out during the spin. In addition, the hook during free spins is also a wild symbol, replacing other symbols, and also gives the player two additional free spins for his appearance. As soon as the hero climbs one floor, the multiplier increases by x1. For achieving the ultimate goal, namely reaching the top sixteenth floor, the player receives a bonus in the form of the player's bet multiplied by a multiplier of x1000. If there are still free spins of the reels, then the maximum multiplier x7 will apply to them.


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