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Slot Machine Stickers

The developers of the NetEnt company, as always, were at their best, having made from a seemingly simple video slot, a unique slot machine where the simplest and most uncomplicated symbols bring good profit in the form of coins. Its main feature is, of course, the Sticky wild option, with the help of which the possibility of getting the maximum win of 80,000 coins is actually realized. However, this is where its zest ends, if you remove this option with wild symbols, you get an unremarkable, very mediocre slot. Stickers online slot machine also has a very long cycle and high variance, in other words, you can spin the reels for a very long time to no avail and end up getting nothing at all, or get some decent winnings, but certainly not the maximum. No one has yet managed to collect the entire playing field from wild symbols. Playing Stickers slot for free and without registration is the best solution, so you can test the slot with one and decide whether it is worth playing for real money, although to be honest it is not worth it.

Those who first discovered the online slot machine Stickers were probably disappointed in the first seconds, because, in fact, the most ordinary classic slot appears in front of them, exactly the same as the usual one-armed bandits in distant times of the last century. But this is only the first seconds and the disappointment does not last long, replacing the grief with the unbridled feeling of excitement, joy and adrenaline, which is given by the new online slot machine Stickers from the developers of NetEntertainment. If you have never encountered it before, it is recommended to start playing the Stickers slot for free and without registration in demo mode, then you will definitely be able to collect a complete collection of stickers. During the release, NetEnt developers stated that their device is configured to return the bets made at least 96.69%, and the maximum payout for the most successful spin is 80,000 coins

Description of the slot machine

The graphic design of the Stickers slot machine is simply obliged to give any player a positive attitude and a charge of excellent mood for the whole day. It is as if you become a cartoon character and find yourself in a painted green basket, which is packed to capacity with juicy and colorful symbols in the form of fruits. The playing field is made in light yellow and green colors, which go well with the game reels, and especially during their rotation. The slot is filled with bright and rich colors, as if flooded with sunlight. But after a particularly successful spin, the picture changes and you are no longer in a cozy basket, but in a shimmering and sparkling gem of golden color, where the players have already been waiting for increased bonus payments. The developers of NetEnt have tried not only on the graphic design, but also on the music, which you will undoubtedly see as soon as the Stickers slot machine is launched.


For someone, it may be a disappointment that the online slot machine Stickers is still not Russified, but we hasten to please you. The control panel, like the entire interface of the slot, is intuitive for any player. This is a feature of NetEnt machines, they almost never change the main control buttons, with the exception of some rare cases. Therefore, for those who have already played the slots of the NetEnt company, they will perfectly understand everything, and for beginners, we will describe the main control parameters and technical characteristics. So, here is a slot machine with five reels and 20 paylines, which are initially always active. The device is started using the central round button in the center of the panel. There are two more large buttons next to it. The first is max bet, which allows you to start the reels immediately with the maximum bets. The second is auto play, designed to start the automatic mode, i.e. the reels will spin independently, you just need to select the required number of automatic spins.

The size of the bet is also regulated by the player. To place a bet, click bet level, at least one and maximum 10 coins can be placed on one line. You can also choose the appropriate rate of the game currency, which varies from one to fifty cents. On the bottom panel, in the left corner, you can adjust the sound and graphic settings.

There are no many special symbols in the game, in fact, there is only a wild symbol, as well as its friend the scatter symbol. There is no progressive jackpot in the Stickers slot machine, there is also no bonus game or a game for doubling the win, but there are free reel spins that will help you forget about additional games.

Game Symbols

Images of stickers with playing cards are used as the junior category of symbols. Not all cards are used as slot symbols, but only from ten to ace, for them you can get a minimum multiplier of 10 and a maximum of 80, it all depends on the number of dropped symbols and their seniority in the deck.

Pictures with juicy berries and fruits are used as the main symbolism. It can be plum, strawberry, orange and kiwi, for them the maximum winning is 400, and the minimum is 25 bets. At the same time, strawberry is the highest paid symbol, just for five strawberries on one line and 400 bets are supposed.

A picture with the inscription wild, red-orange in color, is used as a wild symbol. In principle, it does not stand out in anything outstanding and does not have additional options, it cannot even make up its own combinations. All that is in his power is to replace any other symbol, if it is not enough for the prize match of symbols.

Additional games

Online Slot Machine Stickers has neither progressive jack sweat, nor a bonus game, nor a game for doubling the winnings. Strange for a novelty you will say, and you will be partially right. Yes, there are no additional games as such, but it is absolutely unimportant, because there are free games with the Sticky Spin option. Since the name of the slot is translated as stickers, it is logical that the developers decided to borrow their ability to stick. When, during the free spins of the reels, a wild symbol appears on any of them, the background of the screen will change color from green to golden, and the inscription Sticky wild will appear on the screen. This means that the wild symbol will remain in its place, and the reels will spin, if one or more wild symbols appear on the playing field, another re-spin will start. Simply put, according to the developers' idea, in the most successful scenario, wild symbols can fill all the reels, respectively, the player will receive the maximum win.


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