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Play free online slot Super Nudge 6000

Slot machine online Super Nudge 6000 not all players like it and this is not their fault. Over the years, a stereotype has developed that a classic slot is something boring, with a rather monotonous gameplay. But the Super Nudge 6000 slot machine shatters these stereotypes to smithereens. Let's start with the fact that there are two playing fields at once, which was certainly not the case in classic slots. And with the help of the nudges function, the slot can compete with many modern slot machines that are distinguished by a wide range of functionalities. Those who expect dynamics and advanced functionality from the slot can pass by. Those who are waiting for a huge win will also pass by. Still, it is basically a classic video slot with all that it implies. Yes, it has a twist, and true connoisseurs will find it very entertaining. For modern gamers, the slot will obviously seem rather boring and mediocre. Although he has a small maximum winnings of only 6,000 coins, the return rate of bets made is really impressive, not less than 97.2%, of course, not the highest, but for an average level the level is good. Do you recommend Super Nudge 6000 Slot Machine or not? The question is controversial, it is best to try to play in free mode and decide whether to use real money.

The Swedish gaming software company Net Entertainment, as a rule, prefers to use innovative methods in its development, to make an extraordinary number of paylines, amazing functionality and a unique storyline for each video slot. Although, the developers are well aware that among their fans there are a lot of those who still prefer ordinary, classic video slots, so among the variety of emulators from NetEnt you can always find a real classic of slot machines. One of these masterpieces, a legacy of the past, has become a very original for the classic style of online slot machine Super Nudge 6000 , which consists of only three reels. But, despite the fact that this is a simple slot, the developers still could not resist and endowed their creation with advanced functionality, thus they managed to breathe new life into the old slot. This can be seen as soon as the game reels start and the first winning combination appears. Of course, the slot cannot boast of astronomical amounts of the maximum win, here it is only 6,000 coins, but the return percentage of 97.2% suggests that a small maximum win is not a reason for disappointment.

Description of the slot machine

The Super Nudge 6000 online slot machine takes you to the atmosphere of a small restaurant in the style of the 60s. Agree, it would be nice to go in the evening after a hard day to such a restaurant and while away the evening playing on a slot machine. Well, the developers of the NetEnt company will provide you with such an opportunity with the Super Nudge 6000 video slot. You can sit at the bar counter or by the window itself. In any case, against a dark background, you will see an unusual game screen with two playing fields and colorful design. Never before, at first glance, a slot that is complicated at first glance has turned out to be in fact so simple and straightforward. The atmosphere of distant years, when just such devices reigned in all establishments, is waiting for you.


No experienced player can play without familiarizing himself with the rules and the control panel, and here, before starting to play on the Super Nudge 6000 machine , you need to thoroughly study the interface of the slot, although it is intuitive. but it doesn't hurt to repeat the basics once again.

There are three game reels in the game, on which there are only five paylines. You can put at least 1 coin and a maximum of 10 on one line. It should be noted that the video slot is already Russified, which is a definite plus for beginners. To select the number of coins per line, use the "bet" button. By the way, this button works in only two positions. When choosing a 1 coin bet, only one payline is activated, and when playing for 10 coins, all five paylines are activated.

And to start the slot machine at maximum rates, click the "maximum bet" button.

To start spinning the reels, click the "spin" button, and to collect the winnings and not take part in the additional game, click the "collect" button. In many Net Entertainment video slots it is possible to choose the optimal rate of the game currency, in Super Nudge 6000 slot machine this function has been preserved, and you can select the denomination of coins only in three positions using buttons 25, 50 and 2 located in the lower right corner of the game screen.

At the bottom of the screen, there is a field that displays the current balance, bet size and winnings per spin. In the lower left corner there is an additional control panel in which you can adjust sound effects and select the accelerated rotation of the reels.

The nudges field will display the number of additional adjustments in the bonus round, and the supermeter field will display the number of coins used to play the extra round. The maximum bet amount is not that much, only $ 10, and the maximum winning amount is 6,000 coins. Tellingly, since this is basically a classic video slot, there are no wild and scatter symbols in the game, there is no progressive jackpot, no risk of playing to double the win, no free spins of the reels. There is only a very simple, even primitive, bonus game.

Game symbols

As for the symbols of the game, you will not see anything extraordinary here, because this is a classic slot, which means that the symbols are appropriate. Orange, lemon, watermelon, bell, grapes and dollar sign, this is a set of symbols used in Super Nudge 6000 video slot. By the way, the amount of payments will depend on which game you choose, either for 1 coin or for 10.

The most inexpensive is the symbol with a lemon and an orange, for which you can get 10 and 20 coins, when playing for one and ten coins, respectively. A grape is valued at 30 and 60 coins, a watermelon at 40 and 80, a bell at 50 and 100. The most expensive symbol in the game is the dollar sign, when you play for one coin you will receive 200 coins, and when you play 10 coins your winnings are 6000 bets ...

Classic symbols will also work on the upper additional game screen, these are sevens, cherries, pears, watermelons, grapes and crowns. For them, you can also get from 20 to 6000 coins, depending on the seniority of the dropped symbols.

Bonus game

By its principle, the online slot machine Super Nudge 6000 has a certain analogue of the modern risk game for doubling the winnings. The principles of the game are somewhat similar. Well, for example, an additional game is launched on a separate screen (in our case, this is the upper game screen) and cannot start without first dropping out a prize combination on the main game screen. During the additional round, a special option is launched, which, when the size of the bets is from twenty to sixty coins, gives the right to adjust the position of the game reels in the bonus mode by one, two or three cells. It is in this mode that the opportunity to win the maximum win is realized. The most expensive and most mysterious symbol in the game is the image with a crown; the winning with a crown is determined randomly and ranges from 300 to 6000 coins.

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