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Set of sushi, rolls and payments. Sushi slot machine review

It is not hard to understand why exactly sushi became the national Japanese dish. Due to the climate and geographical features of this country, there has never been a shortage of either rice or fish. And sushi is also incredibly easy to prepare, and its nutritional value is quite different.

In the middle of the last century, sushi and rolls began to conquer the world. Yes, at first they were treated with some kind of distrust, after all, raw fish in the composition, but soon they became a favorite dish of a huge number of people. And this is not surprising - after all, the sushi is also delicious.

In the future, sushi underwent a noticeable transformation. It is difficult to suspect the California and Philadelphia rolls in their Japanese origin, for example - after all, these states are located in America. Yes, and Russia has its own recipes, although they are still outstanding for the Asian ones.

Sushi is loved by millions of people. This is probably why the developer studio Endorphina dedicated their new Sushi slot machine to them. The slot uses classic mechanics, but thanks to the beautiful graphics it looks fresh and pleasant. And on our site you can play the Sushi slot machine for free.

It's better not to play on an empty stomach

The playing field of the classic Sushi slot consists of 3 reels, each of which has 3 rows. It is crossed by 5 prize lines - three horizontal and two diagonal ones. This amount is not fixed; through the settings of the slot machine, it can be reduced to one - then the total bet and, at the same time, the chance of receiving a payout will decrease.

The basic symbols of the slot machine demonstrate quite real rolls: with scallops, avocado, salmon, tobiko (flying fish roe), red caviar, as well as wasabi and pickled ginger.

Gold card with the inscription Sushi - scatter. If three of these appear on the field anywhere, the player will receive a 10x bet on the field. And the bonus round will also begin, which consists of 20 free spins. During free spins, the ginger and wasabi symbol becomes a wild - that is, it can replace any other base on the payline to form a winning combination.

Any payment can be doubled or more. The classic risk game "Dealer" is intended for this, which is launched by clicking the Take Risk button. Four cards appear face down in front of the player. It is required to choose one of them. If it turns out to be at face value higher than the one demonstrated by the electronic dealer, then the winnings are doubled. Otherwise, it burns out.

Sushi slot machine offers such beautiful and realistic graphics that it is better not to activate it for the hungry. In addition, it will delight with a theoretical long-term RTP of 96% and a low level of variance. And on our site you can play the Sushi slot machine for free.


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