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Play Tales of Krakow casino slot for free

Online slot machine Tales Of Krakow is not so popular among players. It is not recommended to gamble on it for real money at all, even at the smallest bets it shows itself as negative, so it is not recommended to waste time and spend money. The slot has an average variance and an average cycle, it would seem in many as well, yes, of course, but for others and the return rate of bets is much more than 93.3%, this is not good at all. The only thing that I would like to note is the high quality of performance, however, this is not surprising, because for NetEnt it is a matter of course. For lovers of history and fairy tales, it is recommended to try the Tales Of Krakow slot , but only as an introduction to play the Tales Of Krakow slot for free and without registration . But even when playing in demo mode, the slot did not show itself on the positive side, apparently, that is why it is no longer supported by NetEnt.

What do you associate with the name of the capital of Poland, the city of Krakow? If you are one of those who grew up during the Soviet Union, then this is probably Krakow sausage, which, by the way, was invented by the Soviet food industry, and not in Krakow. If this is your only association, then we hasten to inform you that the online slot machine Tales Of Krakow certainly has nothing to do with sausages. A reasonable question arises: what do people generally know about this ancient city of Eastern Europe, because its history goes back not only hundreds, but thousands of years and is rooted in the very distant past. In fact, many people simply do not know the history of the city. Well, the developers of Net Entertainment invite players to go to this ancient city and for this they create a online slot machine Tales Of Krakow , which will become your pass to this city. The company-developer set up the device to return the bets made in the form of winnings in 93.3% of cases, and the maximum winnings that can be obtained in one revolution of the reels is 40,000 coins.

Description of the slot machine

Before you night Krakow, a few stars with their twinkling illuminate the dark blue night sky. Somewhere in the distance a river goes into the high mountains in a long ribbon, and on one of the hills an ancient castle has ordered. Who knows how many secrets and legends are hidden behind its dimly burning windows. To describe the online slot machine Tales Of Krakow in a different way, you need to have a phenomenal imagination, this is the best, it is the mystery, enigma, uniqueness that are the main components of its design. The graphic design, as usual for NetEnt, is only of the highest quality, colorful symbols that are probably familiar to you, because the characters of the slot are taken from ancient legends and fairy tales, and will flicker on the reels every now and then. Each of them is an opportunity to win coins and each of them is waiting for the moment to tell his own, only one known to him, a mysterious story. To find out which one, you need to go to an online casino as soon as possible and launch a slot machine. You can play Tales Of Krakow slot for free and without registration at any convenient time, mysterious Krakow is ready to tell you its legends.


Legends harbor not only good, but also evil, so on the playing field of the Tales Of Krakow slot you will encounter not only cute and kind creatures, but also characters who cannot be called friendly. You will meet cunning, in some ways even very dangerous villains. To learn how to deal with them, and then use them to your advantage, you need to study the slot control panel well. It is not difficult, because there are not so many buttons, and the control panel itself is quite traditional for Net Entertainment slots, which means it is very simple. But getting to know the control panel is only half the battle. To deal with the old, narrow streets that look more like cobwebs, players will need a detailed map, which marks all the streets and secret places. As a rule, the way to control a video slot is almost the same, but the technical characteristics sometimes differ very significantly. It is the technical characteristics that will become that very detailed map, with the help of which traveling through the ancient city will become much easier. Well, let's take a closer look at both the technical parameters and the control panel.

To start spinning the reels, use the large round arrow button located in the very center. Next to it you can find the max bet button, it will be an ideal option for those who are not going to waste time on trifles, because after pressing this key, the spins will immediately start spinning with the maximum bet parameters. For those who do not want to constantly press the start button, you can try the automatic drum start mode. To do this, press the auto play button, then select the required number of automatic spins and that's it, the slot will start spinning the reels without your participation, and you can go about your business.

Slot machine online Tales Of Krakow is 5 reels and 30 paylines, to select the desired number of active payouts, click bet lines. Setting up the bets is as easy as launching the slot, but you need to be careful, because the size of the win will depend on it. To bet on each of the lines from one to four coins, press the bet level button, and to adjust the nominal value of each coin, press coin value. The in-game currency rate ranges from one to fifty cents. The maximum amount of bets in the game is 60 dollars, and the maximum winning is equal to the multiplier coefficient x7500 or 40,000 coins, the slot return percentage is 93.3%.

Here you will find a standard set of special symbols, these are wild and scatter, as well as you can get free spins of the reels and a bonus game, which can be viewed in spectator mode by clicking the feauture preview button. For those who like to hit the jackpot, the progressive jackpot is not provided. Finally, you can customize the graphics, music and autoplay settings using the additional control panel located in the lower left corner of the game screen.

Game symbols

Online slot machine Tales Of Krakow is not only ordinary card symbols, but also characters of ancient tales and legends. Apparently, these are Polish legends, because the mermaid is here with golden hair, boots made of dragon skin, and a young man with a pipe. Fantasy characters will bring players from 15 to 500 coins for each wagered. The symbols of the youngest category, which include playing cards from ten to ace, will replenish your wallet from two to 125 coins. As always, the minor symbols are designed to match the theme of the video slot.

As a wild symbol, the developers chose the image of the devil himself. It performs the usual functions for a wild symbol, namely, help in creating prize combinations by replacing symbols. However, not all symbols are subject to him, for example, the portrait of the Grand Duke, which is a scatter symbol and a dragon, which acts as a bonus symbol, he cannot replace.

Scatters also do not differ in any special options, so if three or more symbols with a prince appear on the playing field, the player receives 12 free spins of the reels.

The bonus symbol in the form of a dragon triggers a bonus round, this will happen if you catch three of these symbols on the playing field.

Bonus game

As already mentioned, jack hunters then have nothing to catch here. But for fans of additional games, the developers have prepared a special bonus round. As soon as three dragons appear on the reels, you will find yourself in a cave guarded by a fire-breathing dragon. Your task is to break as many dragon eggs as possible, in which the payments are actually hidden.

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