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An absolutely incredible and outrageous level of luxury. The Emirate slot machine review

In the middle of the last century, several oil fields were found in the United Arab Emirates and nearby. And after that, the situation in the region changed dramatically. Arab emirs and sheikhs, who even before that loved a beautiful life, began to swim in luxury at all. Today, a trip to the same Dubai is almost a visit to an open-air museum of wealth: with supercars on the streets, artificial islands in the shape of palm trees, huge aquariums, endlessly high skyscrapers and other so shameless demonstrations of multi-million dollar bills that for some time it is "blurred", and already you cease to be surprised, and admire, and be amazed. In general, you need to travel to Dubai for a week or two, while you still have the strength to fall into the shock of the realization that your annual salary here is an average tip.

However, in order to be amazed at the luxury, it is not necessary to buy a ticket to the UAE. You just have to try The Emirate slot machine. Everything here is imbued with an atmosphere of luxury, and there are also excellent payouts, beautiful graphics and simple rules. And on our site you can play for free The Emirate slot machine from the developer studio Endorphina.

Arabian night, luxurious east ...

The playing field of the classic slot The Emirate consists of 5 reels, each of which has 3 rows. It is crossed by 5 prize lines. This number is not fixed, it can be reduced down to one. Then the bet on the field will decrease, but the chance of getting a prize will decrease. Prize lines are calculated from left to right, as usual, starting from the first reel.

The range of basic symbols is not very large. It includes an expensive car, a gold jug, a hookah, a scabbard blade, a concubine, a sheikh and a view of Dubai with all its many skyscrapers. Jeep - the minimum cost - is paid in an amount of two or more pieces on the prize line.

Also, the scatter symbol (scatter) periodically drops out. It depicts the Palm Islands archipelago. It is paid depending on the number of symbols on the field - it does not matter if the required number of symbols is on the same payline or not.

Any payout can be multiplied two or more times. The risk game is intended for this. Here it is quite classic, "Dealer". After pressing the Take Risk button, four cards will appear face down in front of the player. It is required to select one of them. If it is at face value higher than the one that the "electronic dealer" will demonstrate, then the payment is doubled. If it is lower, it will burn.

The Emirate slot machine is a classic slot with simple rules. If you've heard anything about such machines, you already know how to use it. In addition to the atmosphere of luxury, it will also please with a long-term theoretical RTP of 96% and a high level of variance (payments are infrequent, but large). And on our site you can play The Emirate slot machine for free.


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