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Play the Invisible Man casino slot for free

Slot machine online Invisible Man is very good and well balanced. The best thing about it is the opportunity to win large sums due to the fact that wild symbols appear quite often, however, as well as bonus rounds. Of course, you will not be able to get a positive mathematical expectation of a win in a casino due to a small return rate of bets, only 96.4%, and you will not be able to win the maximum win simply because of a long cycle. The game catches on with its dynamism, keeps you in suspense, and besides, you can enjoy excellent graphics and music. In general, the online slot machine Invisible Man definitely deserves attention and you should first play the slot machine Invisible Man for free and without registration , thereby testing it in demo mode. When playing for real money, it is better not to hope for a miracle, but to reason soberly and play at medium stakes.

Surely, many of us have read the famous work "The Invisible Man" written by H.G. Wells in the distant 19th century. But, despite the age of years, the novel has not lost its relevance and is actively used as a film adaptation and as a basis for new works of art. The reason for this is the unattainability of such a state, you must admit that at least once in your life you would also like to become invisible for a while so that no one can see you. That is why the developers of the NetEnt company have chosen this unusual character as the main character of the video slot, because many are familiar with their passion for something new. This is how the online slot machine Invisible Man was born, in which the developers provide players with their own version of the famous novel, opening the veil of the mystery of the appearance of this man, putting forward a modern hypothesis based on the preferences of the players. In this slot machine, the developers have laid the possibility of a theoretical income of at least 96.4%, and the maximum payout available for one successful reel turn is 200,000 coins.

Description of the slot machine

The atmosphere of the seen slot is just perfect, since the steampunk graphic design, by the way, suits the theme of the Invisible Man slot. Mostly gray shades predominate, with steel shimmering in the night light. In the background, we can clearly see the equipment of the chemical cabinet, glass flasks are all around, which are filled with an incomprehensible boiling liquid, while some gases evaporate from them. Apparently, this is the very chemical laboratory, and in which the invisible man successfully conducted his experiments. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of fulfilling your childhood dream and trying this potion, instantly becoming completely invisible, and this will already allow you to observe from the sidelines the unequal fight between the invisible man and his eternal opponent, the policeman.

Technical characteristics

< p> What can you say about the control panel and interface, in principle, the developers of the NetEntertainment company do not think long, about this and in most cases they use the same control panel, which is classic for their slots. But even in the seemingly most standard and classic control panel, the developers managed to make graphical changes by making the start button a poisonous green color, while it also boils, as if during a chemical reaction. In general, there is nothing new, all the other buttons have been familiar to you for a long time, because exactly the same control panel with the same buttons is used on almost all NetEntertainment video slots.

Do not forget that being an invisible person is actually dangerous, so it would be nice to familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics and buttons of the slot before starting the game. So, first of all, it is, of course, the familiar green button in the middle of the panel, boiling with chemicals, which is used to launch each new spin. Next to it are the most common buttons for NetEnt slots. This is the max bet which is used by gamers who are accustomed to playing high, since by clicking it you will start the reels at the maximum stakes. The second is auto play, it is convenient to use it if you are not going to change the bet parameters during the game, since this button activates the automatic reel start function, you just have to choose the optimal number of active spins and go ahead.

Of course, you still need to decide on the rates. To do this, use the level key and select how many coins will be used on each line, minimum 1 and maximum 10. Recall that the Invisible Man online slot machine is a standard five reel, but the number of paylines cannot be changed here it will turn out, since they will always be active, there are 20 of them in total. Well, and finally, you need to decide on the cost of credits, the fact is that each NetEnt slot machine is equipped with a function for selecting the game currency rate, for this, use the coin value button to choose how much it will cost one coin in the range of one to fifty cents.

You can also always use the "I" button and see the basic rules of the game, as well as look at the paytable at any time. Also, a favorite feature of NetEnt slots is the ability to configure graphic and sound parameters, for this you can use the control panel located in the lower left corner of the screen. The maximum amount of bets in the game is $ 100, and the maximum winning is 200,000 coins, which in translation at the in-game rate will be equal to $ 100,000.

In the game you will not see a scatter symbol, there is only a wild symbol. By the way, there is no progressive jackpot here either, but there is a series of free spins of the reels, and even a bonus game.

Game symbols

Invisible Man online slot machine in terms of graphics, it is made at a high level, which is not surprising for the development of NetEnt. All characters are beautifully rendered, and some boast their own individual animated effects. Even the highlighting of a winning combination occurs in a special way, the fact is that if a prize sequence of symbols appears on one of the lines, it will be indicated by a bright green stripe, similar to a flash of lightning.

Well, let's start, perhaps, with the simplest symbols that are found in almost all slot machines, not only from NetEnt, but also from other manufacturers. Of course, these are card symbols from ten to ace, and, as a rule, they bring the least, from two to one hundred bets. But the characters of the famous film, based on the novel of Wales, will bring much more, their multiplier coefficient starts at five and is set at a maximum of 500 bets.

As you already know, there is no scatter symbol here, but there is a wild symbol, and not one, but two, symbolizing the two main characters of the work. Griffin wild symbolizes an invisible person, and Police wild, respectively, a policeman. The police wild symbol appears only on the first reel, and the invisible wild symbol only on the fifth. Both of them fulfill not only their main task of replacing the missing symbol in the prize sequence, but also perform a special function of Re-spins. The fact is that both of them, if they appear on the playing field, do not disappear with the next spin, but begin to move to the right or left, while until they reach the opposite edge and disappear, they will make up new prize combinations. But most importantly, as long as they get to the extreme reel, the player gets free spins.

But these are still flowers, the most interesting thing begins when griffin wild and Police wild meet on the playing field at the same time. For the invisible man and the policeman, this means an inevitable battle, but for the players this is another reason to get 10 free spins of the reels. During Free Spins, wild symbols will appear anywhere, this will not depend on the reels, besides, each type of wild symbol will be displayed on special counters. The type of bonus game will depend on which wild symbols appear more, a policeman or an invisible man.

Bonus game

Online slot machine Invisible Man provides the gamer has two options for the bonus game.

Police Spins. In this option, the player is given three free spins of the reels, and in addition, in this mode, another special wild symbol appears on fire, which will make up even more prize combinations.

Griffin's Rage Bonus. In this mode, you become an invisible man and visit the castle, train station and hotel. There you need to choose highlighted items and get a reward. But the catch is that the policeman will follow you closely and will definitely see you, even though you are invisible.

Two bonus rounds may well replace a series of free spins and even a progressive jackpot.


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