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The first superhero. The Six Million Dollar Man Slot Review

The Six Million Dollar Man is an American science fiction series from the mid-1970s. Its plot revolves around Steve Austin, a NASA astronaut who was injured during the launch of an experimental spacecraft. In the secret center, he was "patched up" by installing cybernetic prostheses - legs, arms and eyes. That is why Steve Austin can run at a speed of 97 km / h, see in the infrared range and with a 20x zoom, and can rival a bulldozer in terms of impact force. The operation cost $ 6 million. And Steve Austin is now working for US intelligence, saving the world from all sorts of terrible villains.

The Six Million Dollar Man slot machine from the developer Playtech is inspired by the corresponding series. Cybernetic prostheses, characters of the picture and elements from the screensaver of episodes appear on the reels of the slot. But the slot will delight not only fans - thanks to the addicting gameplay, increased payouts and interesting bonuses, even people who have not seen a single episode will like it.

And on our site you can play The Six Million Dollar Man slot for free. The presented demo version brings as much fun as slots from online casinos. Only the game is played for fans, not real money - therefore, it is free.

Cyborgization of the whole country

The playing field of The Six Million Dollar Man slot machine is somewhat larger than the classic one. It consists of 5 drums with 4 rows each. The slot machine field is crossed by 50 prize lines. This number is fixed and does not change. Prize lines are calculated in the traditional way - from left to right, starting from the first reel.

The assortment of basic symbols is quite standard for 5x4 slot machines and includes 11 pieces. It includes card denominations from ten to ace, a couple of shots from the series' intro, cybernetic prostheses (leg, arm, eye), and one of the characters in The Six Million Dollar Man - Oscar Goldman. Also, two special symbols appear on the reels:

  • Wild. The picture shows Steve Austin himself. It drops out on all reels and brings the maximum payouts. Also capable of replacing any base symbol on the payline to create a winning sequence;
  • Scatter. Image depicting The Six Million Dollar Man slot machine logo. It drops out on all reels and is paid depending on the number of symbols on the field. Three or more scatters trigger the Bionic Games bonus round.

During a standard game, you can start the "Bionic Spin" function. In this case, the rate increases by 50%. But on the three central reels, up to 5 wilds can appear.

The Bionic Games bonus round consists of 15 free spins. This number can be increased. The symbols of bionic legs, arms and eyes will appear on the field (exactly in the sequence that is displayed on the right side. As soon as all three elements are collected, two more free spins will be added.

The unusual The Six Million Dollar Man slot machine is able to please not only with an unusual setting and exciting bonuses. It also has a theoretical long-term RTP of 93.97% and low variance, which means frequent payouts. And on our site you can play The Six Million Dollar Man slot for free.


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