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The Wish Master slot machine. play for free, no registration

The online slot machine Wish master belongs to the category of video slots that cannot boast of positive reviews from either testers or ordinary players. It is, of course, possible to play the Wish master slot at medium or low rates, but it is pointless. It is not clear why the developers decided to make the longest, perhaps the longest cycle with high variance. Extremely high variance is great, but there is one thing ... You can spend a huge amount and not the fact that you will be able to at least return it, not to mention fabulous profit. The gameplay is not original, everything is standard and simple, playing cards bring their scanty winnings often, stones are less common, but they will not help either. One gets the impression that the developers have tried to make the slot as greedy and aggressive as possible. Judge for yourself, the Wish master may not give anything significant at all, but it can give a really big win, which cannot be realized in a regular game, only with the help of bonus options, or desires in our case. If you are still going to play this video slot, then first of all, in no case start playing for real money, use the free demo mode, especially since almost all casino partners of Net Entertainment offer it to players. After you understand that the mood of the video slot is positive, you can try to play for real money, but with great care. The online slot machine Wish master, in truth, leaves only negative impressions. It's up to you to play or not, you know one opinion.

Surely, many of us, once upon a time in childhood, watching our favorite Disney cartoons about Aladdin, dreamed just like him to have our own genie, which at the click of our fingers will fulfill any desire. But what if genies can be found not only in fairy tales and cartoons, and you have a chance to get a wish fulfiller by playing on a video slot? What would you like to get from him? What would you guess if your desires were limited only to the gameplay? Perhaps you would have guessed a large number of wild symbols for one spin? Or maybe wild symbols have additional features, for example, they can be stretched across the entire reel? Or so that all your winnings can always be additionally multiplied several times? Is it possible that wild symbols could fill almost the entire playing field? If all this is about you, and you are ready to start making wishes, then the developers of Net Enterteiment have specially prepared and developed a Wish master online slot machine for you.

Description of the Wish master slot

In fact, the players here really get what they dream and desire, namely the seven wishes. Here you will find everything you dreamed of, these are additional multipliers x2 and x3, wild symbols that can stretch. Also, wild symbols can not only expand, here you will also find a random wild symbol, which can be absolutely any picture, and, of course, a special function wild reels, where without it. You will receive ten free spins for the first scroll, after which you can receive five additional free spins for each new scroll. Oh, and by the way, for those who may not be in the know, the name of the video slot Wish master translates as "Master of desires", so the name is ideally suited to the theme.

As for the graphic design, it cannot be called festive in any way, because it is made in gray, even in dark and gloomy shades. The dark and sinister atmosphere will be especially noticeable during the additional games. Not without the use of black magic, because the appearance of wild symbols here could not have happened without it. Unlike the genie from the cartoon Aladdin, the Wish master slot machine will introduce players to a much more evil genie, because according to the plot of the gameplay, players will find themselves in a gloomy and dark cave, where they will actually find the very same lamp with genie. So, hunting for treasures, we have to call the genie from the lamp and make him grant wishes.

To be honest, the graphic design is undoubtedly very high quality, but there is no positive here, and gray and dark shades from the very beginning of the game can drive players into a real depression, initially setting them up to lose rather than win. Since the release, the slot has not impressed with its generosity, fortunately the developers have tried to fix it, but more on that later. One thing I want to say right away, the online slot machine has become much more attractive.


As for the external characteristics, everything is standard here, like in many other video slots. To put it simply, it is 5 reels on three lines with 20 paylines. Payments are also counted according to the standard scheme, i.e. The winning combination is considered as such if it starts from the leftmost reel. By the way, as the developers said, a truly magical main prize awaits players, this is not a lot of 900,000 coins.

First, of course, you need to familiarize yourself with the control panel, which in fact is the most common for Net Entertainment.

And so, in the center is the most important and largest button, which is responsible for starting the rotation of the reels. Next to it there is a button for setting the maximum bets in one click, this is max bet, on the other side there is a button for automatically starting the auto play reels. There is also a coin value button on the control panel, which regulates the cost of each credit; the game currency rate varies from 1 cent to 1 dollar. The level key is used to determine the bet on each of the lines involved, the minimum bet is 1 credit, and the maximum one is 10. The maximum amount of all bets when playing at maximum settings is $ 200 per spin.

Slot Bonuses

Recently, the use of not a specific set of characters, but a single one, has become the rule rather than the exception for Net Entertainment. So the online slot machine has just such a symbol. This is a picture of a scroll, he can launch, more accurately fulfill, one of the available desires. In total, you can choose up to three such wishes or bonuses, but the most interesting thing is that you don't need a lot of symbols to get additional bonuses, it is enough for at least one scroll to appear on the playing field. And if a scroll appears again during an active bonus, the player receives not only an additional one of the bonuses, but also five free spins of the reels. But there is also a limitation, during bonuses it is impossible to use more than three wishes.

Here's a simple example. You got a scroll and you got an additional multiplier, well, let it be x2, plus 10 free spins. Let's say somewhere on the fourth spin, a scroll appears again on the field, activating random wild symbols. In this case, you get five additional spins, and in addition, an additional multiplier from the first roll and random wild symbols from the second for all remaining spins will work. What's more, you can catch another scroll and get another extra bonus and five free reel spins. Of course, theoretically, several scrolls can drop out at once, even five at once, but all the same, the player does not shine more than three bonuses, and even if the combination starts from the left extreme reel. But on the other hand, you will already have 20 free spins of the reels.

Types of bonuses

Firstly, this is an additional multiplier, there are two of them, multiplying the winnings by two and three times, respectively. If you are lucky, you can get both multipliers during free spins, then the total multiplier will already be 6.

Random wild symbols can appear, as is already clear, anywhere and in the form of any symbol, excluding the real wild. With each bonus spin, two such random wilds will appear.

Also, a player can get a bonus wild from one specific symbol. To find out which symbol will turn into wild, just when this option is activated, look at one of the upper corners of the screen, where active bonuses are displayed. In one of the cells you will see a silhouette of one of the symbols of the game, so it will turn into a wild symbol throughout the free games.

The wild reel function turns the entire reel vertically into wild symbols. They will be active while the bonus round is active. And finally, the wild, which stretches to the entire reel vertically, is in fact similar to the wild reel, but in the first case, the symbol with the scroll turns the reel into wild symbols, and in the second case, it is the wild that gains the ability to stretch to the entire reel.

It makes no sense to linger on the review of the paytable, everything is extremely simple here. The lowest symbols in the game are naturally playing cards. As for the rest of the symbols, everything is even simpler here. According to seniority, it is distributed as follows, blue stones bring the least of all, green ones a little more, but red ones more.


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