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Slot machine Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune. play for free, no registration

Well, we can safely say that the Theme Park Tickets of Fortune online slot machine has become another novelty that has conquered many avid gamers. And there are good reasons for that. Judge for yourself, there are a lot of bonus games waiting for you in the game, not every video slot from NetEnt provides such a wide range of opportunities for making a profit. With all this, the Net Entertainment brand has been maintained, i.e. the slot is distinguished not only by interesting additional games, but also by high quality graphics and sound. The Theme Park Tickets of Fortune video slot also belongs to the category of universal, because both experienced players and beginners will like to play on it. And all because, although the spread of rates is quite standard, the slot machine can please with payments both at high rates and at the smallest ones. Moreover, no one forbids using the free demo mode, but you will get real pleasure from the excitement only when playing for real money.

What associations do you have with an amusement park and amusement park? Of course, these are dizzying attractions such as, for example, roller coasters, funny and colorful carousels, balloons filled with helium, as well as noise, bright lights and children's laughter. All this awaits you as soon as you launch the online slot machine Theme Park Tickets of Fortune , another novelty from the developers of Net Entertainment. In fact, the Theme Park Tickets of Fortune video slot is not just a seemingly classic five-reel slot machine, the fact is that players will be able to take part in a real quest, collecting prizes and rewards on the playing field, which will change as a series of very different attractions. You can try and play the Theme Park Tickets of Fortune slot for free and without registration , or you can try and take a chance playing for real money, because in this case you can try your luck and win the maximum win in one spin , and this is 73,500 coins.

Description of the slot machine

Surely, no one will argue that the best time to visit any amusement park is evening, or even better, twilight, when everything around it seems to come to life, flashing with thousands of colored lights. This is exactly what the developers of Net Entertainment thought when they created the online slot machine Theme Park Tickets of Fortune in shades corresponding to the evening sunset. All the best that such a place is associated with is collected on one playing field. Here are the colorful balloons that strive to fly away into the heavens, here and the airplanes with toy cars rotate in a circle on a carousel. The soundtrack, which completely complements the picture of a real amusement park, did not disappoint, allowing you to play on the Theme Park Tickets of Fortune slot for free and without registration , or maybe for real money at any time at your pleasure. Don't miss the chance to plunge into the atmosphere of a carefree childhood and make money at the same time.


As you know, the entrance to the amusement park begins at the ticket office, where you need to buy a ticket. In our case, studying the interface and managing the slot becomes such a ticket. For fans of NetEnt developers' creativity, there will be nothing new, but for those who are just discovering the world of slot machines, you should thoroughly study the control panel, so as not to be distracted by getting to know it in more detail.

So, before you is a completely standard slot machine with five reels and 25 paylines, the number of which does not change and they are all active by default. Press the big orange button in the middle to start spinning the reels. Next to it are buttons for additional options. The first one is auto play, with its help the automatic spin of the reels starts. You just need to select the required number of automatic spins and the reels will spin without your participation. There is also a max bet button next to the autoplay button, by clicking on which the player activates the maximum bet, at which the slot will immediately start spinning. The most important buttons regulate the size of the bet, and the size of the win will depend on this. So on each line, you can put from one to 10 coins using the level button. All Net Entertainment slots are characterized by the choice of the game currency rate. By pressing the coin value button, you can select the cost of one coin in the game, the minimum cost is 1 cent, the maximum is 1 dollar. In addition, for more informational content, the control panel also contains various scoreboards, where you can always find out the current bet, winnings for a spin, game currency rate, and so on. Also in the lower left corner there is an additional control panel with which you can customize the graphic design and soundtrack.

The maximum bet in the game is $ 250, and the maximum winning is 73.5 thousand coins. The developers stated that the device is configured to return rates of at least 96.52%, despite the fact that there is no risk of playing and free spins of the reels. Wild and scatter symbols will help you in the game, and a bonus game with various functions will also be available. There is no progressive jackpot.

Game symbols

As a rule, the character set is classic here. So the balloons here play the role of the most ordinary playing cards. They will not only give you positive emotions, but also bring from two to a hundred bets, depending on the number of dropped balls and their seniority. A little more, up to a maximum of 400 bets, bring thematic symbols, for example, these are pictures depicting classic carousels, these are airplanes, and cars, and a horse, and a duck, and even a rocket.

A picture with a roller coaster car is used as a wild symbol. As it should be, the car will rapidly rush down when it appears on the playing field. The wild symbol may appear not on all reels, but only on the middle three, excluding the extreme left and right. Unfortunately, it does not perform any special functions, even its own winning combinations are not subject to it, its only function is to replace other symbols at any opportunity, with the exception of the scatter symbol and the bonus symbol.

Tickets to the amusement park, or rather the picture with them, is a scatter symbol and it also appears not everywhere, but only on the last three reels. Appearing on three reels at once, the scatter will launch a bonus game called Theme park ticket. But the bonus symbol appears only on the last reel, after which another bonus game, Park bonus wheel, begins. There is another bonus game in the game, it will begin after the appearance of the claw symbol, which is used to catch toys in the machine. A claw also appears only on the fifth reel.

Bonus games

Theme park ticket. In this round, a wheel of fortune appears in front of the player, which, spinning, will determine how many gold tickets you will get. After that, you can visit absolutely any attraction and try your luck. Each attraction requires a certain number of tickets, which means that the more tickets you have, the more chances you have to visit more attractions. There are six such attractions in total and it is not worth describing each one, because it is much more interesting to experience each one with your own hand. To learn more about them, you can use the "i" button, which also contains detailed pay tables for each of the symbols.

Bonus park wheel. In fact, this is the same wheel of fortune, with the only difference is that instead of the number of gold tickets on the sectors there are additional payout coefficients, as well as symbols of some attractions.

And finally, the claw symbol. As already mentioned, a mechanical claw with a toy will appear, depending on what kind of toy it will be and your winnings will depend.

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