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Perhaps the opinion will be subjective, but judging by the reviews of many players, the online slot machine Thief gives practically nothing. Maybe someone has already won a large sum, you say, and you will be right, especially since the cycle here is long and the variance is high. But on the other hand, it cannot be that he is constantly in this state. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to play for real money on the Thief slot machine . But it is recommended to play for free, because there is something to see, the graphic design is beyond praise, and the plot is not hackneyed, it is always interesting to try something new. In addition, this video slot can be called unique due to the opportunity to get two free games at once, with completely different possibilities. Of course, the developers clearly exaggerated when they talked about the return of funds in the amount of at least 96.7%, especially since this does not allow getting a positive mathematical expectation of a win in an online casino. Otherwise, this is a rather interesting and unusual slot machine, with its own twist. If the Thief slot machine were also generous, then it would have a whole army of fans.

The modern world and humanity as a whole is simply impossible to imagine without all these modern devices and all kinds of gadgets that simplify human everyday life. High technologies are firmly established in our lives and are used everywhere, while they have long been taken for granted. But not so much time has passed since the time when color TV was something luxurious and very rare, the owners of mobile phones were very proud of their devices, which only a few could afford. Although looking from the height of modern technologies, these mobile phones looked funny, a kind of brick with a retractable antenna, but, nevertheless, their owners were really envied. And this is not counting the laptop, wireless Internet that does not require kilometers of wires, all kinds of gadgets and devices, which, apparently, are already much smarter than their creators and will soon become artificial intelligence. Without all this, it is no longer possible to imagine the life of mankind. In order to write a letter, you no longer need not only pigeons, but even postmen. You can see a distant relative without leaving your home, and not just see, but talk and communicate for hours, even if he is on another continent, for this there is no need to go somewhere and spend money on a ticket. All this is available with the click of just one button, starting a video session anywhere in the world.

Naturally, the world of high technologies is available not only to ordinary people, criminals also widely use all kinds of devices in their unclean business. Criminals are constantly improving their knowledge, sometimes very deep, in the science of high-tech devices. It got to the point that the rich, possessing their billions, are simply powerless, no matter how carefully they protect their wealth, there will be someone who can easily take everything down to the last cent while sitting at the computer. The developers of Net Entertainment enthusiastically decided to use this idea, resulting in the online slot Thief . According to the plot of the gameplay, the player temporarily becomes the same burglar, his task at all costs is to crack the safe and deprive one rich man of his wealth, or rather a huge diamond. According to the developers of NetEnt, the online slot machine Thief can theoretically return 96.7% of the bets made, and the maximum available winnings for just one most successful spin is more than 68 thousand coins.

Of course, everything that will happen in the game is just a fantasy of programmers, and for sure, there are no such highly qualified hacking specialists among the players. Of course, you won't have to take part in a real robbery. You are given a chance to take part in a virtual robbery and get a virtual diamond, which, nevertheless, will mean a very real and considerable win. The online slot machine Thief will introduce you to the skill of robberies, but not simple ones, where on the bus you can find small change in your pockets, but in a robbery, where you need to overcome high-quality protection with a large number of levels, overcome all obstacles and make the fat guy the poorest.

< h3> Description of the slot machine

So, it's late at night outside. The rain is streaming down the skyscrapers ascending into the sky. By the way, it really flows and flows thanks to the developers of Net Entertainment, who use high-quality graphic design, so the rain and water drops look like real ones, not drawn. Players seem to personally find themselves in the pouring rain, and even in the darkness late at night. Looking at such a realistic atmosphere, you are surprised how much the world of the gambling industry has gone far ahead, since even every slot machine is able to immerse players in a realistic atmosphere.

The graphic design is made in dark and blue tones, with the steel shine of the night city, the color scheme seems to be specially selected for the plot of the video slot, where players will have to be in the shoes of a hacking specialist. Throughout the game, it will be pouring rain with a corresponding sound effect, while the graphics are crammed with mesmerizing animation effects. All this splendor is the online slot machine Thief.


If you look closely, you will see a silhouette on one of the walls of the skyscraper, which slowly rises along the sheer wall, hidden by darkness night and the dusk of rain, only occasionally flashes of lightning illuminate our hero. He has no right to make a mistake and has nowhere to retreat, because a priceless diamond awaits him at the top, and under them there are more than a dozen floors and if he makes a mistake, the number of floors will rapidly begin to decrease. To prevent this from happening, be sure to check the control panel, this will ensure not only the safety of the protagonist, but also help to get the coveted diamond, and therefore the maximum amount of the win.

Before you is the most common control panel for NetEnt. In the very center there is a large round button, with its help the video slot is launched directly. There are two more buttons next to it, which are known to many players for their functionality. To start the automatic mode of spinning the reels, press the auto play button, after which you can select the optimal number of spins that will start according to the specified parameters without your participation. On the other side there is the max bet button, click on it and the slot will start the reels at the maximum bet. The size of the bet is adjusted using the level key, on the payline, or rather, you can put from one to ten coins on each of them. In addition, at any time you can choose a suitable value for each coin, the rate of the game currency ranges from 1 cent to 50. These numbers are displayed in special fields on the control panel, the current bet is displayed in the bet field, and the current balance in the coins field.

For more information on pay tables and special symbols features click paytable. Well, in order to adjust the sound and graphic parameters, use the control panel in the lower left corner of the screen.

In the game, you have to overcome 25 floors, which actually symbolize 25 paylines, of course, their number cannot be changed, because you cannot reduce or increase the number of floors, right. The lines are located on the usual 5 reels. Also, special symbols such as wild and scatter and a bonus round in the form of free reel spins will be available for you. There is no bonus game as such, there is no progressive jackpot, and the risk of the game is not at all familiar to the developers of Net Entertainment. The maximum bet in the game is $ 125, and the maximum payout is 68550 coins.

Game symbols

The video slot from NetEnt is so interesting that you can watch an exciting game process, while the reels spin and bring payouts. The online slot machine Thief will delight any player and surprise with its non-standard approach to drawing each character and animation effects of special characters. However, this is not surprising, because it is not for nothing that the description of the slot repeatedly mentions technical progress and high technologies. Such gadgets are used as symbols, or to be more precise, high-tech spy devices.

The most modest, but no less long-awaited, payments are brought by card symbols, starting with ten and ending with an ace. Their multiplier is a minimum of 4 bets and a maximum of 100, depending on the number and seniority of the dropped symbols. Images of spy devices, the purpose of which would be incomprehensible to an ordinary person, bring more payouts, already up to 500 bets.

There are three special characters. The first is wild, which is expanding wild in its functionality. Or, to put it simply, it is an expanding wild symbol. The fact is that it appears only on the three middle reels and immediately fills three cells of the reel. It looks like a full-length image of the main character. This is how each appearance of the wild symbol will occur. Otherwise, this is a common wild symbol. It helps to create new winning combinations by replacing any missing symbol, except for other special ones.

The Scatter symbol will provide ten free spins on the reels. To do this, at least three symbols with the image of an incomprehensible blue round-shaped device must appear on the playing field in any place. This scatter symbol can trigger free spins both independently and in combination with another scatter, namely adrenaline scatter. In addition, if during the free spins the scatter or adrenaline scatter set reappears, the player receives an additional 10 free spins of the reels.

The Adrenaline scatter is made in the form of an orange device and repeats the basic functions of a regular scatter, but there is still a fundamental difference. During the free spins triggered by the adrenaline scatter, symbols that are absent in the regular game will appear. It will be an adrenaline scatter, a thief's gimmick and a fiery diamond. For example, five such diamonds can increase the bid x5000. By the way, both types of scatter symbols can appear only on the last three reels, and the maximum possible payout will be available during adrenaline scatter free spins.


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