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Play free online slot machine Thunderfist

Online slot machine Thunderfist like no other fits the description of an average video slot in all parameters. It is ideal for playing at medium and small stakes. Its most important advantage is, of course, its uniqueness and brightness, and this is what the developers have tried their best to achieve. In terms of its parameters, it is also at an average level, it has a long cycle and high variance. This can be seen almost immediately, because the wild symbol appears very often and occupies several cells, but in half the cases it is wasted. But despite the fact that it is impossible to get a positive mathematical expectation of winning in an online casino with a return of 96.7%, the Thunderfist online slot machine leaves only positive emotions. It's really interesting to play, try it yourself, first in a free mode, and then decide for yourself.

The popular theme, which is devoted to oriental martial arts, is used very often. And not only in slot machines, but also in computer games and so on, this is not surprising, because this topic is popular among various categories of players. Therefore, the developers of Net Entertainment also decided to dedicate their video slot to one of the karate clans. But then they faced a serious problem, because all manufacturers of gaming software have slot machines with a similar theme, which means that the programmers had an initially high bar to make a video slot that would surpass any other similar machine in all respects. Do you think they did it? Well, of course, yes, it could not be otherwise, because this is NetEnt, a synonym for uniqueness and high quality. As a result, the gamers were presented with a online slot machine Thunderfist , which will introduce fans to the secret techniques of martial arts. According to the developers, the slot is set to return rates in the amount of 96.7%, and the maximum payout is simply amazing, this is a really huge amount of 1 million 215 thousand game coins. Well, try to take part in the tournament and defeat your opponent in a fair fight. But be careful, the opponents are not at all as simple as they seem. They are capable of crumbling bricks into fine dust with one little finger and are capable of catching poisonous arrows on the fly.

Description of the slot machine

Sit back in your chair and now you find yourself in the bamboo thickets. Here a martial arts teacher and his assistants, as well as his wards, are already waiting for you. All of them are drawn in bright colors and all have already taken a fighting stance before the fight. But the most important here, of course, is the master, he will appear in different places of the playing field and will definitely surprise you with his techniques.

All this is in a beautiful graphic design in shades of green, and in the background you can see the golden yellow bamboo thickets. The overall picture is complemented by a wonderful musical accompaniment with oriental motives, so you will definitely like the realism of everything that happens.


The overall appearance, or rather the interface and control panel, are classic here for everyone slot machines from Net Entertainment. Players will not see any new features or buttons. Unless for those who have not yet encountered NetEnt video slots, everything will be new, but thanks to the intuitive interface, even they will have no problems with control.

The only thing that can be noted is the absence of pay lines as such, but this does not mean that there will be any difficulties, on the contrary, this will give even more opportunities to get a win. And all thanks to the fact that 243 combinations of winnings are involved here at once, and the combinations themselves are formed due to several symbols located on adjacent reels. The rest of the technical characteristics are practically the same as those of other slot machines from Net Entertainment.

As a rule, the beginning of any performance begins with preparation. Also for us, first we need to configure the slot for the game. First of all, we place a bet, a maximum of 10 coins can be placed on each line using the level button, and then, if desired, you can set the optimal rate of the game currency, which varies from 1 cent to 0.5 dollars, this is done using the coin value button.

For those who are especially lazy, there is an automatic mode for spinning the reels, just press the autoplay button and select the required number of automatic spins, after which the reels will spin on their own, and all the winnings will be immediately credited to the player. You can use the automatic mode in conjunction with the max bet button, which activates the maximum bet.

There is also an information panel at the bottom of the screen, with the help of which you can monitor in real time the current bet, balance and winnings for one spin. Click the paytable button to learn more about the rules and pay tables. An additional control panel in the lower left corner will help you customize the graphic and sound effects. Finally, there is the Feature Preview button, click on it to watch the bonus game play.

The maximum possible payout for one spin can be about 600,000 euros or 2,215,000 coins at the internal rate of the slot machine. Unfortunately, the progressive jackpot is not played and after each successful spin, you will not be offered to increase your winnings in the risk game. But there are free reels and special symbols. In addition, the slot has a pretty good return rate, 96.7%.

Game Symbols

You already know about the paytable key, it's time to use it and familiarize yourself with the existing symbols in the game in more detail. The developers did not complicate things, so that before you there will be conditionally three categories of symbols, this is the junior category, the senior and the category of special characters.

The intertwined bamboo sticks are stylized card symbols that belong to the lower category of symbols. For combinations with such symbols, a minimum payout of two bets and a maximum of 25 are provided, it all depends on the number and seniority of the drawn symbols.

The older category includes pictures depicting fighters of various styles of martial arts. For winning combinations with their participation, you can earn from ten to hundreds of coins for each of the bets.

And finally, there are special symbols that no self-respecting video slot can do without. So, the picture with the image of the gray-haired Master was chosen as the wild symbol. It is really special, because it can not only fulfill its direct duties, but it can replace any symbol in the game and thereby create new winning combinations. It has one interesting feature, the fact is that, appearing on the playing field, a wild can occupy not only one, but also two or even three cells of the reel at random, so that it can even be called an expanding wild.

The picture with a golden gong depicting a dragon is a scatter symbol. It has quite usual functions for a scatter. It appears anywhere on the playing field and if there are at least three of them, the player gets 10 free spins of the reels, the maximum can be 20 spins, for this you need to collect 5 scatters. The free spins mode is launched on a separate screen, while even the free spins have their own animation. Before the start of the free games, you will see a spectacular lightning bolt that will randomly determine an additional multiplier during free spins, from x2 to x5.

It is not known why, but the developers decided that the free games and the possibilities of the Master are enough to get a solid win. Therefore, you will not see another bonus game or the risk of a game to double your winnings, there is no progressive jackpot here either. Although, to be honest, free reel spins with an additional multiplier are quite enough.

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