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Play Tornado: Farm Escape casino slot for free

Online slot machine Tornado: Farm Escape attracts the attention of players with its graphic design, and it really boasts high quality graphics and music. But the most pleasant thing awaits the players after the bets have been made and the reels will start spinning. The game is great and the fast loop will keep you entertained. Of course, the variance is average, and the 96.7% recoil rate is not the most outstanding, but still this does not prevent you from truly enjoying the game. Bonus games are exciting and gambling. Anyone else, but personally I liked the Storm mini function, it was thanks to it that I managed to get a super win and even a mega win almost every 20-30 spins. It is recommended to first test the slot in free mode, then boldly switch to real money, choosing the lowest rate of the game currency, and keeping the average bet or a little more.

We present to your attention one of the most beloved and interesting video slots from the popular Swedish gaming software company Net Entertainment. The Tornado: Farm Escape online slot machine was presented to a wide audience on January 21, 2015. The slot is notable for its brightness and colorfulness, and in general the game is quite funny, and the developers, in turn, promised that the emulator will be able to return 96.5% of the rates, despite the fact that the maximum rate is $ 200. So for those who expect maximum excitement and adrenaline from the game, the online slot machine Tornado: Farm Escape is what you need. In this video slot, the developers have implemented unique options such as the Tornado bonus round, as well as a mini-game, or rather an add-on called Storm. In the game, you will find the maximum payout for one spin of no less than 167,000 coins, if you use the in-game rate as 1/1, then in just one spin you can immediately enrich yourself by 167,000 euros, of course, for this you have to take risks and play big.

Description of the slot machine

Slot machine online Tornado: Farm Escape with all its appearance shows all the seriousness of the gameplay, but this, of course, is not so, despite the funny characters of the game. These characters, or rather, symbols are animals and various objects that are carried away by a mighty tornado. As always, the graphic design is beyond praise, all the symbols are high-quality traced, and the soundtrack, as it should, ideally complements the graphics. The gameplay of the slot will appeal to many, because it is not boring, and the symbols replace each other with great speed. The Tornado bonus game has a rather interesting animation, when symbols rotate at a breakneck speed around their axis and fly out of the playing field. In order to see this spectacle with your own eyes, it is enough to catch the symbols in the form of arrows on the first and last reels. As for the Storm mini-game, it is also accompanied by an interesting graphic and animation design, and nothing is needed to launch it, it starts by itself, absolutely randomly, in any spin.


Slot machine online Tornado: Farm Escape is five reels and 20 paylines that remain active at all times. On the one hand, you will have to place bets on them, on the other hand, there are much more chances of winning. The size of the potential win depends on the size of the bet, the larger it is, the greater the win. The rate is adjusted using two buttons. Coin value regulates the rate of credits, the denomination of one coin varies from 1 cent to 1 euro, and using the level button, the player selects how many coins are placed on one line, minimum 1 coin and maximum 10. In order to get acquainted with the payout tables in more detail and slot capabilities just click the paytable button. Like any other video slot, the Tornado: Farm Escape Slot Machine is offered in two modes, a regular game mode and a demo mode. If you are not familiar with this video slot, then be sure to use the free demo mode, after understanding the rules and settings, you will have even more chances to get the maximum winnings of 167,000 euros. There is no progressive jackpot and free games in the game. Instead, the players are offered the Tornado bonus game, where, by the way, free spins of the reels are also realized, and the Storm mini option will appear randomly, which will start activating wild symbols on several reels.

Tornado Bonus Game

Online slot machine Tornado: Farm Escape has a very unusual bonus game that even starts in its own way. In order for the bonus round to begin, a symbol with a red up arrow must appear on the first reel, and a symbol with a blue down arrow on the last reel. After that, the bonus round begins.

At this moment, the tornado symbol is selected, it becomes the symbol located on the third reel in the middle cell. He will just spin like a whirlwind every subsequent spin, he will also collect all the wild symbols that appear during the bonus spins of the reels. All spins during this game are free for the player, as long as the previously selected symbol or wild symbol appears with each new spin. As soon as the spin is wasted, i.e. neither a tornado nor a wild symbol falls out, the bonus game ends.

As you already understood, the tornado will collect all the previously selected symbols from each spin, the more there are on the playing field, the more expensive the Tornado symbols will be evaluated in the next spin of the reels. Payments will be calculated according to the paytable, respectively, if the highest paying symbol is selected, then the payouts in the bonus game will be maximum.

Mini function Storm

This feature is also pretty interesting. When a black thundercloud appears on the playing field and moves from one cell of the reels to another, it hits each symbol with a lightning bolt, turning any symbol into wild. This is the Storm option, which appears whenever you want and nothing depends on the player, but, nevertheless, everyone would like the cloud to appear every spin. The most interesting thing is that up to 12 symbols can turn into wild, at least three. As a rule, the appearance of this cloud and after it additional wilds can mean only one thing, the inevitable receipt of a win. Which one depends on the current rate.

Game symbols

The main theme of the game is devoted to animals that were carried away by a tornado from their home farm. Accordingly, all the symbolism is dedicated to this topic. So don't be surprised when you see flying pets and various objects.

So, a stool and one boot have the same multiplier, for five such symbols you can get 60 bets. The yellow radio costs 70, and the green chair bets 80, of course for five symbols. A red suitcase will bring a maximum of 90.

Symbols with flying animals cost significantly more. So, five symbols with sheep and chickens will bring 200 bets, and five funny pigs - 300. For horses, you can get 500, and for cows most of all, 700 coins for each bet.

There is no scatter symbol in the game, but it is not really needed here anyway. The TV-shaped symbol is a wild symbol and performs standard functions for it, i.e. replaces any other symbol in the game, thus making up the prize sequence of symbols. The only exceptions are the bonus symbols that start the Tornado game.


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