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Tower Quest: Fantasy City

A slot machine called Tower Quest is a dark gaming software with an unusual fantasy theme: towers, elves, dragons, sinister characters, thunder and lightning. Since the manufacturer of gaming software Play N Go prefers to sculpt the most interesting, most unusual and popular slots, the new game also requires a more detailed and high-quality consideration.

It should be admitted that the subject of fantasy is quite popular, users are happy to be involved in the processes tied to it. The Tower Quest game works on the functionality of 5 game reels, 20 lines to create profitable winning combinations. You can play both in demo mode and in real bets mode in order to enter an open battle with a dangerous wizard and his ferocious demons. Embark on an exciting journey as we delve deeper into the theory and practice of this slot!

Tower Quest game: slot symbols

Where have you seen cute fantasy pictures? As a rule, these are eerie plots with sinister characters. In this case, the playing field looks like this: you seem to find yourself in the land of the Lord of the Rings. Here you can meet such plot participants as: the skeleton king, the fire dragon, the dark tower, elves in battle armor and goblins. Gloomy dragons sit at the edges of the slot, at the top of the reels. The logo of this slot hangs in the middle, and along its edges you will also see flasks with a multi-colored potion, red and blue. During the game, the flasks will fill up and affect the course of the rounds.

A gloomy world, where unusual heroes live, creates the necessary atmosphere. On the reels of the slot, there are symbols of game cards from jack to ace, as well as fairy-tale heroes in the form of male and female incarnations. The most prominent symbols of the slot are a dragon, a blue skeleton that glows, and a green goblin. The wild symbol of the slot is a tower that appears on the game reel in the form of long stacks. The bonus symbol of the slot is the persona of the wizard who will activate the bonus game. Returning to the flasks on the sides of the game reels, I would like to emphasize that they affect the course of the game and will trigger the rounds of free spins.

Tower Quest game: unusual slot bonuses

A number of bonus options work in this slot, it is worth starting with the Wizard Card Game. The following plot is played in it: images of the wizard will appear on the game reels numbered 1, as well as 3 and 5, then the function itself will be turned on. To choose the required set of game cards, you need to roll 3 game dice, as a result you will see your 3 cards and 3 wizard cards, and you can also compare them. If they match, the player gets great prizes and the opportunity to continue the game.

The bonus option of the slot called Free Spins (free spins) will give the player the opportunity to play with flasks, which contain blue and red liquid. Having collected the necessary quality of liquid, the player gets the opportunity to turn on the rounds of free spins. Moreover, depending on the liquid, you end up with the following combinations (for blue flasks):

For every 5 flasks, you will receive 1 free spin, at which the middle reel will be wild, and the multiplication factor will be 2;

For 10 flasks, you will receive 1 free spin, 5 expensive symbols that turn into wild ones;

For 25 flasks, you will receive 1 free spin, at which reels number 1, as well as 3 and 5 will become wild.

For red flasks:

For 10 flasks, you will receive 5 free spins, each of them will receive a multiplication of the bet by 3;

For 20 flasks, you will receive 5 free spins, in which 2 expensive symbols will participate;

For 30 free spins, you will receive 5 free spins and a wild symbol, which will become sticky, and will also participate in each round of free spins.

All of these options affect the gameplay and increase the player's chances of success.

Summarizing the above, we can come to the following conclusion: Tower Quest is a wonderful fantasy-style machine, it uses unusual high-quality graphics, and a cool soundtrack sounds in the background, emphasizing the drama and intensity of passions. You will 100% love the slot if you read Tolkien, Martin, Lewis and other fantasy writers.


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