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Twin Spin slot

In fact, despite the fact that the slot seems outdated, it has not lost its dynamism and it will provide the excitement in full. Nevertheless, the Twin Spin online slot machine has recently been losing ground, the developers themselves are to blame, who do not sit still and create new, even more unique and interesting video slots. But nevertheless, the slot has not lost its relevance, because it is able to give a solid win even when playing at small and medium stakes. Look at the combination of cycle and variance, Twin Spin has a very fast cycle, which allows you to get a good win, and with medium variance it is unlikely that you will be able to break the maximum win. In addition, the percentage of return on bets of 96.6% does not give you a positive mathematical expectation of winning in an online casino. However, the slot is suitable for playing for real money, the most important thing is to test it in free mode in time, because sometimes it happens that the slot does not give anything at all, but fortunately this is a temporary phenomenon.

Here is a online slot machine Twin Spin , on which at one time the developers of Net Entertainment had high hopes and predicted a good future. This is because, during the development, one of the most modern methods of creating video slots was used, at that time almost unique. This article will provide detailed information about the slot itself and its design, as well as about the features of the technical characteristics and additional functions. The developers boldly stated that their slot is able to return no less than 96.6% of the bets made with the maximum possible winnings of 270,000 credits. This representative of the gaming software has gained its fans thanks to the large number of active lines, there are 243 of them, as well as special functions such as twin reel spinning for example and a wild symbol. But first things first.

Description of the slot machine

When Twin Spin slot machine was just being developed, it was popular among gaming software manufacturers to use a large number of paylines. there are 243 of them here. In simple terms, if the symbols start from the leftmost reel, then such a combination in any case becomes a prize. At this time, a new video slot from the company Net Entertainment Twin Spin is released. The slot quickly became very popular and won the love of many gamers thanks to the unique at that time twin reel spinning function, the essence of which boils down to the fact that it can capture a whole reel. Many online casinos began to offer free spins with this particular game.


Looking at the video slot, you can immediately say that this is a classic slot in terms of graphics, since this is already a retro style. After all, as you know in the 80s of the last century, symbols in the form of cherries, bells, BAR inscriptions and sevens were used. A diamond is used here as the most expensive symbol, and each of the symbols is well-drawn. The gameplay is smooth and at the same time fast, you will not see any jerks or, on the contrary, braking when the reels spin. The soundtrack is fully consistent with the general theme of the slot and is also of high quality.

To the great regret of many players, the twin reel spinning function almost never captures the first reel, otherwise it turns out that each spin will be winning, which means that the slot becomes a win-win. This, of course, cannot be. The game process takes place at a fast pace also due to the fact that there are simply no scatter symbols, and indeed any other bonus symbols, which means there is no need to screw them up if one or two special symbols appear. In fact, the gameplay is very simple, even primitive, because there are even no additional options or games at all.

Specifications, how to play

The gameplay is quite simple. Just before the start of the reels, two vertical lines are selected in random order, which stand out against the general background. The peculiarity of the selected contour of lines is also that it can capture adjacent lines, this happens randomly and ideally, the contour captures all the lines on the playing field, after which the player gets the maximum win. Symbols inside the contour always match, i.e. can form the same sequence when viewed from left to right. It follows from this that if the contour occupies the entire field, and the symbols inside it are diamonds or wilds, then the player is guaranteed to receive the maximum possible payout. This very rare situation can enrich the stated maximum winnings of 270,000 coins.

The reel spinning option

In fact, this is the same situation as described above. The slot randomly selects two or more vertical rows and marks them with an outline. Within this frame, the symbols are always the same along the entire line horizontally. The most successful option is when the frame captures not only the two middle reels, but the first one as well. In this case, the win is guaranteed, and far from the smallest. But to be honest, the first reel is almost never captured, most often at best 4 reels will be captured, of course, excluding the first one, and if the symbols on the first reel do not coincide with the symbols in the frame, then the spin will be a losing one.

Payouts and special symbols

Since the Twin Spin online slot machine is created in a retro style, the symbols that will appear on the playing field also refer to classic images. Perhaps the wild symbol did not exist in slot machines of the 80s. This video slot has a huge number of paylines, and therefore its role in the gameplay is very important, because in the end it is he who can influence the fact that the winnings become solid. Theoretically, it is possible that the entire field will consist of the same symbols, and the winnings will be multiplied by the total number of paylines, i.e. 243 times. Of course, most often a similar situation can be with the symbols of playing cards, but in this case the payout will be very impressive.

For example, a player chooses a total bet of 2 euros, which means that about 8 cents will be bet on each line and he will get a playing field filled with the cheapest symbols, these are nines here. If you look at the paytable, then for five nines on one line, the player gets 25 bets, we have 2 euros. This means that our winnings are 486 euros. And this is the maximum win for the lowest paying symbol in the game.

The most expensive symbol in the game is a diamond, for which you can get 1000 bets per line when five symbols appear. You can get 500 bets for sevens, 400 bets for the BAR inscription, and 250 bets for the bell and cherries.

Playing cards such as ace, queen and king bring 40 bets, and symbols from nine to jack 25 bets.

There is also a wild symbol, although it does not bring a win by itself, in the game it performs purely traditional functions for it, i.e. replaces any other symbol, if necessary, and thereby creates a prize sequence of symbols. Even if you are lucky enough to catch all wild symbols on the last four reels (if they fall into the contour), and on the first one, for example, three nines appear, the win will still be counted on all 243 lines, as if there were five nines.

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