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Meeting with the keeper of water. Undine's Deep slot machine review

Undines are mythical creatures who are guardians of water. They are presented in the form of beautiful girls, sometimes they look like mermaids (that is, they can boast of a fish tail). They differ not only in their attractive appearance, but also in sweet-voiced singing. They need all this in order to attract men.

The fact is that, according to mythology, if an undine can get pregnant and give birth to a child, then she will gain a soul. For a man, however, such paternity does not go very well. No, the problem is not even the alimony. It's just that the process of conception takes place under water, and not every man can survive after such a long dive.

However, in the slot machine Undine’s Deep from the developer studio Endorphina, meeting with Undine will bring maximum pleasure. This keeper of the deep sea will give you many bonuses and big payouts! And on our site you can play Undine's Deep slot machine for free. The presented demo version offers the same user experience as the slots that are installed in online casinos. Only the game leads to fans, not real money. But the pleasure from the process is real.

The beauty hiding at the bottom of the sea

The playing field of the classic Undine's Deep slot consists of 5 reels with 3 rows each. It is crossed by 10 prize lines. This number is fixed and does not change. Prize lines are calculated as usual - from left to right, starting from the first reel.

The assortment of basic symbols is quite large and includes as many as 11 pieces. The set includes card denominations from nine to ace, seashell, seahorse, jellyfish, starfish and anemones. Also two special characters drop out:

  • Wild. The picture shows a goldfish. Drops out on all reels, brings the maximum payouts for sequences of 4-5 pieces. Able to replace any base symbol on the payline to create a winning configuration. In this case, the payout for the sequence is doubled;
  • Scatter. The image shows the main character of the slot machine, undine. Drops out on all reels, is paid depending on the number of pieces on the field, it doesn't matter if they are on the same payline or not. Three or more scatters, when spawned, trigger the bonus game.

The bonus game consists of 15 free spins. Payouts for prize sequences in this mode are tripled.

Undine's Deep slot machine is a classic slot with beautiful graphics and a relaxing setting. It will please not only visually - it has a theoretical long-term RTP of 96% and an average level of variance. And on our site you can play Undine's Deep slot machine for free.


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