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Time to pack your bags! Vacation Station Deluxe Slot Review

Why do we all love summer? Because this is the vacation period! All year you work for the good of the country and your own budget, postpone a little, and then, somewhere in the middle of July, you finally buy a ticket and go to a new place where you have never been. For example, on a Turkish beach or in the jungle of Vietnam. You get to know a new culture, try unusual food, have fun and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Summer is a small life that you want to enjoy.

Summer is a period of absence of problems, worries and troubles. And that's why Vacation Station Deluxe slot machine from Playtech developer studio has incredibly simple gameplay. No need to read and study the rules. A couple of spins are enough to figure out how what works here.

Summer is the time when you discover something new for yourself. And therefore, the Vacation Station Deluxe slot machine is also quite non-standard. It differs from most slots - the field is 3x3, the lines are calculated not only horizontally, but also vertically.

And thanks to its special design, the Vacation Station Deluxe slot machine will give an atmosphere of relaxation, fun and celebration. So it's time to pack your bags! Moreover, on our site you can play the Vacation Station Deluxe slot for free.

Summer fun all year round

The playing field of the Vacation Station Deluxe slot consists of 3 reels, each of which has 3 unconnected rows (that is, in fact, it is collected from 9 separate cells). It is crossed by 8 prize lines - three horizontal, three vertical and two diagonal. This amount can be reduced to reduce the total bet - and at the same time the chance of getting a win.

The slot machine symbols include a bus, a train, a motorcycle, a red convertible, a submarine, a hot air balloon, a small yacht, a cruise liner and a jet plane. All of them are basic and are paid for combinations of three on the prize line. There is also a special symbol - a scatter, which depicts a travel suitcase.

The scatter is paid depending on the amount on the field, it does not matter if these symbols are on the same payline or not. To receive a prize, you need to collect four suitcases in the cells.

Despite some unusual gameplay, Vacation Station Deluxe is quite a classic slot with simple rules. It is not difficult to understand it, as well as to start receiving payments. Moreover, the theoretical long-term RTP of this slot is 96.37%, and the level of variance is low. And on our site you can play the Vacation Station Deluxe slot for free.


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