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Online slot machine Victorious liked, first of all, because it is open. In simple terms, you do not need to play on it for a very long time to understand its mood, it takes literally 20-30 spins to understand whether it will be generous today or it is better to play for money not today. Everything is very clear. If almost every spin starts to bring winnings at once, then you can play for real money as well. But if it starts to bring empty spins, as it was with me, or it brings scatter symbols one or two, and then spin the rest of the reels in vain, then it is better to refrain from playing for money. It is imperative that we test the Victorious online slot machine and if all goes well, you can try to play for money at small stakes.

Net Entertainment specialists are always ready to surprise their fans, so this time a very interesting topic was chosen. Anyone who is interested in the topic of Ancient Rome, loves history and loves gambling will definitely like the Victorious online slot machine . Desperate and fearless commanders will become your friends, they have gone through a lot, and there are many legends about their campaigns. They will always help you and defeat any enemy if he dares to stand in your way. We invite you to go on a journey on a long journey, when the once great empire was ruled by Caesar, when gladiator fights were like the Olympic Games for us, when the Colosseum was not yet an architectural ruin. Do you think this is impossible? However, with Net Entertainment online casino we don't even need a time machine, all we need to do is launch the Victorious online slot machine . After that, you will get acquainted with the powerful empire of all times, which, according to many historians, is also the most cruel, but therefore even more attractive. The developers even stated that their video slot is configured to return the bets made not less than 96.9%, which is not a small amount. In addition, you will have a maximum payout per spin of 150,000 coins.

Description of the slot machine

Welcome to the battlefield, yes, you heard right, this sounds the inviting sounds of an offensive march and victorious thunderous fanfare. Net Entertainment, as always, tried to make the slot unusual and rather even unique in every sense, and they have to say it, as always, succeeded. The general background is made in golden-green shades, on which the standards of the Roman legions and soldiers in shiny steel helmets look great. You will be able to observe this general picture as soon as you launch the video slot. Most likely, in the clouds of dust somewhere far away there is already a life-and-death battle going on. And the image of a golden eagle with molten wings seems to remind of the former greatness and power of the Roman Empire, which has not been forgotten in the modern world, the memory of the greatest army in the world is alive to this day. You are given a chance to visit the place of one of the generals and lead the legion into battle, no enemy can resist such power, the legion will return from the campaign with a victory, it is not for nothing that the slot machine is called Victorious.


In terms of appearance, the Victorious online slot looks quite traditional. The developers of NetEnt try not to make any major changes so as not to complicate the life of the players. Game screen and control panel with buttons, that's the whole interface. However, the slot has its own flavor.

So, instead of a pig figure, the legion lines up in five battle points, symbolizing five game reels, which in turn are arranged in three lines. In order to play it is enough to understand the control panel and with each button in particular.

The button that launches the reels is in the center, it is a round button with two arrows. An interesting situation with the number of paylines, there are a lot of them here, but more on that later. A certain number of coins must be placed on these lines. Their number is regulated using the level button, you can put up to 10 coins on one line. In addition, you can also choose the optimal rate for each coin, it varies from one to fifty cents and is selected by the coin value button.

If you are used to taking risks and playing big, then be sure to try using the max bet button, launching the reels immediately at the maximum rates. And if the rate will not change for a long time, then it makes sense to use the auto play button, with which you can select the required number of spins spinning without your participation.

But that's not the whole control panel. Also at the bottom of the screen there is a special board, which displays your current balance, current bet and winnings. And in the lower left corner you can adjust the sound and graphic settings.

The game has the usual set of special symbols, there is a free game here, but there is no progressive jackpot. Having familiarized yourself with the control panel, it will be much easier to develop your own game strategy

Now about the paylines, your legionnaires will visit military campaigns 243 times. Yes, this is exactly how many paylines are provided by the developers to get a win. Instead of the classic method of calculating payments, the developers have provided for the possibility of using a new method called bet ways. This number of paylines ensures that if the combination starts from the leftmost reel, then it becomes a prize in any case, in any direction.

Special symbols

An experienced commander always has in his stock special techniques, thereby defeating your enemies. Of course, the online slot machine Victorious also has special trump cards.

The first of them is a wild symbol in the form of the golden eagle symbol of the Roman legions. The wild symbol can easily replace any other symbol in the game and thus create a prize sequence of symbols. Moreover, it can even replace the scatter symbol. Wild appears in certain places, namely only on the second and fourth reels, regardless of the game mode, regular or free.

The scatter symbol is a laurel branch. Depending on the number of dropped symbols, the player can receive up to 25 free reel spins. But even in such a seemingly ordinary business, the developers have created certain conditions. The fact is that the appearance of three or more scatter symbols in any place is not enough to start free games, scatter symbols must also play with each other. They must line up in a prize sequence, i.e. the combination must start from the leftmost reel and consist of at least three symbols. After that, free games are launched, during which all winnings will be multiplied three times. In addition, scatter symbols also bring winnings by themselves. So, for three laurel branches, the player receives a win in the amount of three bets and 15 free spins. For four branches there are 20 coins for each bet and 20 spins, and for five branches, a bet of 50 and 25 spins.

With such a set of trump cards, you will definitely be able to win a decent amount, not to mention the fact that the presence of such features automatically gives players an advantage.

Game Symbols

Now is the time to get acquainted with the usual symbols. so to speak with the rank and file of your army.

So, as always, playing cards stylized as golden letters on a gray background were chosen as the most inexpensive symbols. As a rule, these are symbols from ten to ace, which can bring the maximum winning from 80 to two hundred bets, depending on the seniority of the card.

The image with soldiers carrying battle banners, the player receives from 20 to 400 bets for each active line. A soldier running to the attack will bring from 40 to 500, and a portrait of a general in golden armor from 50 to 1000 credits for each placed. The most expensive symbol in the game is the portrait of Caesar himself, for five such portraits you can get 1500 bets at once. By the way, the wild symbol can make combinations of six or more symbols, thereby providing the player with the largest win.


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