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Play Voodoo Vibes casino slot for free

Slot machine onlineVoodoo Vibes despite its original gameplay, as well as excellent graphics cannot become a way to make a profit. It is highly discouraged to play on the Voodoo Vibes slot machine , one of the main reasons is the low RTP, only 94%, this is very small and naturally does not allow you to get a positive mathematical expectation of winning in an online casino. Even if you look at the other parameters, they leave much to be desired, low variance and average cycle cannot be advantages. Although, of course, it's a pity, the slot is really beautiful and unusual. Bright and colorful graphics, great music and a frightening, ominous atmosphere can take your attention for more than one hour. When you play, you feel like a real magician. As for the additional games, there is nothing original here, the bonus round, and free spins of the reels with an additional multiplier are present in many video slots.

In ancient times, when there were mysterious and mysterious civilizations, the secrets of which to this day excite the minds of many scientists and treasure hunters, there was its own culture of religion. As a rule, representatives of these civilizations were pagans and the details of their incredible rituals have survived to this day in a half-lost state, but nevertheless they amaze with their imagination. In many ways, these were not rituals, but magic rituals, while magic itself was strictly divided into black and white, as in the modern world. Both white and black magic differed from each other, primarily in their purpose and methods of obtaining the desired result. It is generally believed that white magic was used for good, it was widely used to treat various ailments, attract happiness and good luck. Black magic, on the contrary, was needed to undermine health, up to death, to induce damage and other dirty tricks. One of these varieties of black magic is African voodoo. Voodoo sorcerers were not distinguished by kindness and friendliness, in order to do evil to any person, a special doll was made with which the sorcerer could harm the health of a person identified with her or even manipulate him like a puppet. The developers of Net Entertainment decided to please the fans of history and magic and created a online slot machine Voodoo Vibes , which can not only help to win good sums, but can also plunge into the atmosphere of fear and extreme sensations, from which goosebumps to the body, these are just little things. But there is no need to be afraid, goosebumps will run from regular payments, and not from dancing with a shaman's tambourine near the fire. As stated by the developers, the online slot machine Voodoo Vibes can return 94% of the bets made, and the maximum winning is a multiplier of x7500 bets.

Description of the slot machine

Black magic is not practiced during the day in the light of the sun. Therefore, the developers decided to choose twilight as the main background, in the dim light of which the darkest deeds will be performed, and not just anywhere, but in a dense forest, and in the farthest and darkest corner. As the main color scheme, it was decided to choose purple and green shades, which are not only ideally suited to a rather unusual theme, but also are able to immerse players in an atmosphere of uncertainty and danger. There are even the attributes of our Baba Yaga, look at the wooden hut with a thatched roof and the path leading to the dilapidated door, as if it leads nowhere. Fear not, open the old creaky door and the voodoo ritual begins at one of the best online casinos with the Voodoo Vibes slot machine. The soundtrack to match the graphics, the invited crackling of candles, the sounds of the potion in the cauldron and the ominous laugh of the sorcerer, like nothing else, better complement the gloomy atmosphere. The gameplay thanks to this atmosphere will keep you on your toes.


To protect yourself from magical forces, you need a control panel, only with the help of it you will be able to cope with magical spells. There is nothing difficult to study the control panel well, especially since the developers used the most common panel with buttons, standard for their video slots. As a rule, the only difference between NetEnt machines is their technical characteristics, they can really differ, but again only slightly.

So, before you are the standard 5 reels with 25 paylines. By the way, the player himself chooses the number of lines, to do this, use the bet lines button and select the optimal number of active lines. To start the reels, like everything else, a round button with arrows in the middle is used. The player can start the slot at the maximum possible bets and use all the lines at once, for this he just needs to press the max bet button. For those who know for sure that the constant change of bet parameters is not for him, you can use the autoplay mode of the reels. To do this, press the auto play button and select the optimal number of automatic spins, after which the reels will spin according to the specified parameters on their own.

The size of the winnings directly depends on the rates, therefore, carefully and responsibly approach the issue of choosing a rate. There are two main buttons for this, the first is the bet level, with its help you can bet at least one and maximum four coins on each previously selected payline. In addition, you can select a suitable nominal value of one coin, for this use the coin value button and select the game currency rate in the range from one to fifty cents.

Slot machine online Voodoo Vibes will delight players with the presence of not only free spins, but also the opportunity to participate in the bonus game, as well as the maximum payout equal to x7500 bets. There are also wild and scatter symbols, but there is no progressive jackpot and the risk of playing to double the winnings in the game.

Game symbols

It is not enough to study the control panel for protection against magic, you need to learn about special talismans. Talismans belong to the youngest, respectively, the most inexpensive category of symbols. As always, this role is played by card symbols from ten to ace, with which you can win from two to a hundred bets

Symbols with the same attributes of any sorcerer, such as a skull, with a candle inside, a magician, a chicken and a flask will bring a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 500 bets.

A voodoo sorcerer with a sinister staff and a black top hat is a wild symbol. By the way, the ominous laugh, which will periodically be heard during the game, issues this very symbol when it composes the prize sequence of symbols. As always, the wild symbol can replace any other symbol in the game, except for the scatter and bonus symbols.

The green cobra is a scatter symbol and its task is to start free spins of the reels, for this you need to catch at least three such symbols on the playing field, for which 10 free spins are required. During these free games, all winnings will be multiplied threefold, moreover, depending on how the scatter symbols are positioned on the playing field, the player can get from two to a hundred bets.

But the voodoo doll is the symbol that triggers the bonus round. To get to this level, you need to collect at least three dolls.

Bonus game

Not all slot machines, including slots from Net Entertainment, can boast of having both a bonus game and a progressive jackpot. As for the jackpot, the online slot machine Voodoo Vibes cannot boast of its presence, but the bonus game will be available to players quite often. When you get into the bonus round, you will receive a large needle with which you will have to open the voodoo dolls located on the shelf. If you are a lucky person, then there will be banknotes inside the dolls, and if not very much, then there will be nothing in the dolls. By the way, you can familiarize yourself with the additional game, or rather what it is, in advance by clicking the feauture preview button on the control panel.

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