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In the blue sea, in white foam ... Wacky Waters slot machine review

Tropical sea depths have been of interest to people since ancient times. It is not for nothing that millions of tourists every year go to all sorts of Vietnam and Australia just to go diving and see with their own eyes numerous clown fish, octopuses, shrimps and other inhabitants of warm waters.

But what if these inhabitants, while no one is looking at them, lead an incredibly cheeky lifestyle? And only when meeting a person do they sharply acquire gravity. Well, like we, when we leave the house to chat via video link, we put on a shirt and even a tie on top, and stay in cool panties with SpongeBob from below.

Probably, it was this idea that hooked the developers from the Playtech studio when creating the new Wacky Waters slot machine. Among his characters are joyful sharks, dumbfounded starfish, playful shrimps and other cool inhabitants of the seabed. In their company and will have to look for sea treasures. And they are here! Big payouts, thoughtful bonuses - all this will delight the player.

And, in addition, on our site you can play the Wacky Waters slot for free.

Stay boy with us, you will be our king

Slot machine Wacky Waters meets the classic field, consisting of 5 reels with 3 rows each. It is crossed by 15 prize lines, which are calculated, as usual, from left to right. This number is fixed and does not change.

The set of basic symbols includes card denominations from jack to ace, shrimp, seahorse, clown fish, scalar, starfish, octopus and shark. The latter are paid from two pieces per line. There are also special characters:

  • Wild. Looks like a hedgehog fish. Drops on all reels. If it appears in the middle of the center, it triggers a special Puffin 'Up bonus. Able to replace any base symbol on the payline to create a winning combination;
  • Scatter. Looks like a shell with eyes. Drops on all reels. If three or more of these symbols appear on the field, a special Cash Crab bonus is triggered;
  • Bonus. Looks like a sunken anchor with a rope. Drops on reels 1, 3 and 5. If three of these symbols appear on the field at the same time, a special Albert’s Underwater bonus will start.

As you already understood, there are a lot of bonuses here. However, what else can you expect from a slot machine developed by Playtech studio? The bonuses are simple but nice:

  • Puffin ' Up. If a wild symbol appears in the center of the playing field (3rd reel, 2nd row), then it "clones" itself and places 1-6 more hedgehog fish randomly in different cells;
  • Cash Crab. Several shells will appear in front of the player, each of which contains a cash prize of up to 100x the stake. The number of opened depends on the number of dropped scatters. Three symbols will open 1 shell, four - 2, five - 3;
  • Albert ' s Underwater. Free spins bonus. Before free spins, you can try to collect various modifiers, including additional wilds on the field, a multiplier for winning and an increase in the number of rounds. Even without them, the bonus consists of 8 free spins.

Slot machine Wacky Waters is interesting for its bonuses. They greatly diversify the gameplay. But even without them, he is able to bring pleasure. Check it out for yourself - on our site you can play the Wacky Waters slot for free.


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