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Wild North game: wild animals of the northern latitudes

The Wild North game will tell and show us the life of the wild animals of the North. The slot captivates with its beauty, looking at it as if you are immersed in a winter fairy tale.

It's no secret that the Far North is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It is not easy to get here, because it is a huge expense and serious physical tests. The mighty inhabitants of those latitudes have perfectly adapted to the climate, which makes them unique. Play 'N Go drew our attention to the beauty of the nature of the north, to the diversity of its inhabitants, taking into account the developed rules for this slot. The Wild North game contains 5 reels, as well as 40 pay lines, with 7 bonus features that provide a wide potential for creating profitable winning combinations. The Wild North game will show you all the nature of the Wild North in its diversity and will give you the chances to make great money.

The Wild North game: symbolism of the slot

Back to the theme of game design: thanks to the great Play team 'N Go he's great! By launching the slot on the screen of your gaming device, you will see a beautiful, high-quality product. In the background lies a snow-white landscape, with pine trees covered with snow, blue skies and sun during the day, as well as the northern lights at night, which rises from the horizon. The forest covered with snow has become an excellent background for the reels of the gaming machine, on which themed game symbols work. Wild North uses the symbols of a wild lynx, a jumping deer, a wild bear, a pack of wolves, a flock of owls. These are the more expensive symbols of the slot, and the game symbols from nine to ace are classified as cheaper. There are also slot symbols in the game: a wild is an image in the form of a lynx, it can replace all game symbols of the slot, with the exception of the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is the image of the northern lights.

Wild North game: bonus slot options

This slot has a number of important and beneficial features that should be described in detail. All of them come into play when 3 scatter symbols appear on the Wild North reels, moreover, this will happen on reels numbered 1, as well as 3 and 5. After that, the player will see a wheel with the image of 7 game symbols in front of him, and from what you see on the reel, you can take advantage of the following practical features of the slot:

An option called The Great Wilderness will give you 3 free spins, during which huge images will appear on reels 2-5, their area will be 4 by 4;

An option called Wild North Explorer will show you images of 20 tiles, under which there are prizes of different types, it can be any of the bonuses in this list or a fixed cash prize, you can choose until the X symbol falls out;

An option called Wild Lynx will give 3 spins, during which wild symbols will completely cover 1-2 reels of the slot;

The Eyes of the Owl option will give the player 1 free spin, and 2 enlarged 2x2 images will appear on the reels;

An option called Running Reindeer will give the player 1 free spin, during which stacked reindeer symbols will appear on reels 2-4, when they fill the entire area of ​​the reels, the player will gain 1 more free spin, during which the stacked symbols remain where they were;

An option called Wolf Pack will give the player 1 free spin, during which the wolf symbol will occupy the entire cell and grow to a size of 2 by 2;

An option called Savage Bear will give the player 1 free spin, during which the player's winnings will turn into a number multiplied by a factor of 5-30.

Summarizing all of the above, we can draw the following conclusion: Wild North is an excellent gaming slot with many interesting gaming features, a wide range of bonuses, striking design, comfortable rules and features. This product from TM Play 'N Go will appeal to both beginners and more experienced players.


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