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Play for free online slot machine Wild Rockets

What I would like to say about this video slot. Let's start with the fact that the online slot machine Wild Rockets is really very nice and colorful. The advantages also include the peculiar shape of the game screen, many paylines, an interesting wild symbol option and many symbols on the reels. All this accompanied by excellent soundtrack. But you still have to add a fly in the ointment to this barrel of honey. There is no other way, because this video slot is as if not created for playing for real money. Of course, you can try to test it in the free mode, but this will not play a special role, because in the free mode it does not show good results in payments either. The optimal game on it implies a bet of no more than two euros, all the same, the slot takes more than it gives. The variance is of course high and you can't say that the percentage of potential return of 96.7% is very low, but the cycle is long and it feels like it’s endless. However, for those who want to pamper themselves with the fireworks of online slot machine Wild Rockets , they will really like it, there is no other such unusual and festive slot.

New Year's holidays, by definition, have long been associated with festive fireworks and fireworks. Due to the fact that fireworks are so popular during the holidays, the developers decided to dedicate this online slot machine Wild Rockets , which is a real holiday in itself. By launching the Wild Rockets slot machine , you will launch with it numerous volleys of colorful fireworks, rocket launchers flying upwards with a whistle, leaving a trail of fire in the form of a spiral, and of course the explosion of firecrackers, where can we go without them. The Wild Rockets slot machine will give all gambling fans not only a festive atmosphere of fireworks at night, but also a chance to earn good money. According to the developers, their Wild Rockets slot machine is set to return the bets made at least 96.7%, and anyone can become the happy owner of the maximum payout in just one spin, who will get the main winnings of 480,000 coins?

Description of the slot machine

What, in your opinion, should be the graphic design of a slot with a similar theme. Of course, these are dark shades, as if you are in some kind of room where there is always twilight and an atmosphere of mystery. But, nevertheless, everything is decorated festively, complements the overall picture of the illustration with boxes filled to the brim with all kinds of pyrotechnics. A girl and a boy are standing there, girdled like machine gunners with long ribbons with rockets, firecrackers and fireworks. They seem to be waiting for the player to give the go-ahead and they will immediately apply all their pyrotechnics, illuminating the night sky with bright flashes of loud and festive extravaganza.

The developers of NetEnt have made other video slots dedicated to fireworks and so on, you will say and you will be right. Yes, of course, this is not the only slot with a similar theme, but this graphic design is only in the Wild Rockets video slot, in addition to bright flashes and impressive animation, it has its own style and unique design that make the slot truly unique in this regard. ... In addition, for greater realism, the developers have added the appropriate soundtrack in the form of loud explosions of fireworks and sound fanfare when a winning combination falls out. So if you want to feel the holiday, you do not need to count the days on the calendar, just start playing the Wild Rockets slot and the holiday will be closer than you thought.


Each of us sometime, at least once in our life, but launched a rocket launcher into the sky or detonated firecrackers, at worst knew which side to pull the firecrackers from. But it's not a secret for anyone that the launch of a real fireworks begins with studying the instructions, this will ensure safety and facilitate the direct operation of pyrotechnics. So here, the online slot machine Wild Rockets has a control panel, which first also needs to be thoroughly studied in order to understand how to play on the machine. It is necessary to immediately notice one important detail, of course, all this is wonderful that the slot has an impressive, colorful and attractive design, but first of all, pay attention to the playing field, it has an unusual shape, the same rarely seen in an online casino. But about the gameplay a little later.

As for the control panel itself, experienced players have known it for a long time, thanks to the fact that the developers practically do not make any changes to it. So, to start the reels, we need a large round arrow button, it is located right in the middle. In order not to take part in the game process at all, you can use the automatic reel rotation mode. To do this, press the auto play button and select the number of automatic spins, after which you can simply watch the game from the sidelines. For those who are not accustomed to playing on the little things, it is recommended to use the max bet button, which activates the maximum bet and immediately starts the spins at the largest bet.

To set up the rate, use, first of all, the level button, with the help of which you need to set on each line a suitable number of coins from one to four for each. Then you can adjust the rate of the game currency, which ranges from 1 to 50 cents and is regulated by the coin value key. For convenience, information panels are provided, so the current bet is displayed in the bet window, the current balance in the coins window, and in win the amount of winnings for one spin.

No less important is the paytable button, by clicking which you can familiarize yourself with the rules and paytable tables for each symbol at any time. There is an additional control panel on the game screen at the very bottom in the left corner, in it you can turn off the splash screen, change the parameters of the graphic and sound accompaniment, and also activate the accelerated rotation of the reels.

The game features wild and scatter symbols, as well as a free spins mode. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the game lacks a progressive jackpot, bonus game and risk game for doubling the winnings. The maximum winning amount for one spin is 480 thousand coins, and the theoretical income is 96.7%.

As already mentioned, the game software is not quite usual here, the fact is that the reels here have different lengths, maybe five positions, or maybe less. There are no paylines as such in the usual sense of the word either. Here, the winnings are calculated for 720 variants of combinations, which provide five symbols on the two middle reels, four on the second and fourth reels, and three symbols on the outer ones. But the best part is that the winnings are accrued in two directions, i.e. and from left to right and from right to left, which means that the chances of winning are increased at least twice, so that the fireworks of coins are provided

Game symbols

Few emulators from NetEnt have the symbols of the younger categories that are thematic. The online slot machine has the most common playing cards from tens to ace as the most inexpensive symbols. Such cards are present in almost all Net Entertainment machines, the difference is only in payments, specifically in our case, they bring from five to thirty bets per line.

As usual, themed symbols are much more generous in payments, here they are all kinds of pyrotechnic items, such as Rockets, firecrackers, bombs, etc., for them you can get from 15 to 250 bets.

Images with rockets are used as a wild symbol. They have an interesting feature, when they appear on the playing field, depending on the direction of the missiles, they stretch to the entire reel, up or down, leaving wild symbols behind. Wild cannot appear on the first and last reels, only on the 2nd and 3rd and 4th reels. Also, wild can replace almost all symbols in the game, except for the scatter symbol.

Scatter symbol is a picture with a whole box of missiles, as a rule, you need three such symbols to get free spins of the reels, but appearing anywhere on the playing field, scatters are also paid from two to two hundred bets. For three symbols you will get 10 free spins, for 4 - twenty, and for five - 50.


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