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Play Wild Turkey casino slot machine for free

To be honest, the Wild Turkey online slot left a double feeling. To begin with, he has a lot of free spins, honestly, a lot, you get used to them so much that it becomes something ordinary. On the other hand, in theory, this should bring a good profit, because the coins are not spent, and the winnings are still pouring in. But this is only in theory, in fact, the average cycle does not allow the automaton to realize its potential, although it has a high variance, which means that it must reward with decent amounts, unfortunately, this is not observed. Yes, there are a lot of free spins, but they also bring literally a trifle, sometimes it is a whole problem to get a profit. Try to test the slot in free mode and play only on small, even better small rates.

We present to your attention an interesting video slot from Net Entertainment, with which you can go not to lost worlds or into space, but into the thick of the jungle of the North American continent. You will go on a journey instantly as soon as you launch the Wild Turkey online slot . But do not think that the adventure will turn out to be safe and fun, because this is a jungle, where trees are so densely packed with each other that even a small ray of sunlight cannot break through their dense crowns. In these impenetrable wilds at every step the traveler lies in wait for danger, you need to be very careful, because in addition to wild animals, many of which are not at all friendly, the jungle is full of various poisonous insects, here even touching some plants is dangerous to life and health. The Wild Turkey online slot boasts an impressive maximum win of 800,000 coins, and the developers, in turn, claim a 96.6% refund.

Description of the slot

After the opening cutscene The online slot machine Wild Turkey will open its main background in front of you. This is a rather picturesque landscape, there are neat small houses not far from each other, and the village itself is located on the edge of a dense, impenetrable jungle. The landscape invites you to relax and unwind, so everything here is saturated with peace and quiet. You can only hear the rustling of leaves on the trees, and the quiet chirping of birds, the sun is shining brightly, and there is no one on the street, as if everyone is sitting at home and does not want to go out, as if it is worth calling them and the locals will smile at the traveler with a friendly wave, inviting him to come in. But the apparent silence is only an appearance, in fact, in this village, not everything is so simple. The fact is that local aborigines are well-fed turkeys, which, with all their important appearance, show their dissatisfaction with the fact that someone decided to disturb their measured life.

So, now the players will have to not only survive in the wild, but at the same time hunt for these very well-fed turkeys, who have become of great opinion about themselves. Or did you feel sorry for these pompous turkeys? Don't worry, no one is forcing you to kill and spit them, the characters of the Wild Turkey slot machine are not here at all for that. Your task is not to destroy them, but to catch them, because the more turkeys you catch and tie their legs, the larger your winnings will be in the end.

Are you ready to go on an adventure? Then take everything you need and go hunting. When the most important turkey fiercely flaps its wings right at you under the approving cries of his subordinates from the bird tribe, then you will definitely be glad that you are at the moment in an online casino, otherwise in reality such a situation would have caused at least a feeling of fear or even panic. NetEnt developers have tried to create a very colorful and exciting video slot, look at the variety of colors. There are yellow colors of the general background, a green control panel, brown branches of vines, characters of the game in bright warpaints, all this was created for only one purpose, to make the game most attractive for all players.


Slot machine online Wild Turkey is a village of turkeys of five reels, which are firmly connected with strong vines, which, moreover, play the role of their paylines here 20. Regarding the control panel, I would like to note only one thing, it is exactly the same as on other video slots by NetEnt. The company's specialists try not to make major changes to the control panel, and rightly so, a waste of time learning new buttons. However, you still have to familiarize yourself with the control panel and the technical characteristics of the emulator, since the hunt is going to be difficult, not a single turkey dreams of being caught. So if you do not want to be left empty-handed, try to pay more attention to the theoretical part.

The slot machine consists of five standard reels and 20 paylines, the number of which can be chosen by yourself, and not as is usually the case with NetEnt, when the number of paylines cannot be changed. Accordingly, if you use all forty lines at once, then the chances of a big win increase dramatically. All buttons are located on the control panel, which is classic for NetEntertainment, it is simple and understandable even for beginners who first decided to try their luck on a slot machine. Among them there is a level button with which you can put a certain number of coins on each line, from one to five. And you can also choose how much one coin costs, by pressing the coin value button, you can select the appropriate rate in the range from 1 cent to 50.

The slot is launched, as always, using the large round button in the center of the control panel. You can also use the max bet button and start the reels at maximum bets. If, for many spins, you will not change the current rates, then you can use the auto play button function and start the spins in automatic mode, having previously selected the required number of automatic spins. And to adjust the graphic and sound parameters, use the control panel located in the lower left corner of the screen.

Slot machine online Wild Turkey does not have the risk of playing and bonus games, there is no progressive jackpot either. Instead, the developers offer a series of free reel spins.

Game Symbols

Well, it's time to get to know these important turkeys better, so to speak, to know your enemies by sight. As you know, all slot machines from NetEnt are distinguished by their colorfulness and high quality graphics, but perhaps you have never seen such symbols.

As always, it was not without the use of playing cards stylized under the general theme. This time, symbols from ten to ace are carved into stones and can bring a maximum of 200 coins. But the most interesting symbols are, of course, portraits of turkeys, colorful and bright, they rather resemble ancient kings and emperors, they look so solemn and important. If you manage to catch a turkey with a spear or a beautiful turkey in a blue dress, then for such a catch you will get rich by 20, or even 600 bets.

A turkey in green and a turkey in a yellow outfit bring even more winnings, this is at least 30 coins and a maximum of 2000. The most expensive in the game is a portrait of the leader of this bird tribe in a red robe, the maximum payout for five such symbols is 4000 coins.

As for the wild symbol, it is a very important and extraordinary figure here. He is presented in the form of a stone idol, obviously the turkeys worship him. Wild simultaneously performs several functions at once, firstly, this is its main function, namely, replacing any symbols and drawing up a winning combination. And secondly, it functions as a scatter symbol, which is absent in the Wild Turkey slot. For falling out of stone idols, free spins will be credited, so for three wild symbols you will receive 15 free spins, for four 30, and for 5 stone idols 60 !!! But its useful options do not end there either. During the free spins, the appearance of the wild symbol is accompanied by its subsequent expansion, and in addition, this automatically adds two additional spins to the existing ones. So the potential payoff in this scenario is really hard to imagine. Not on the hunt yet? So what are you waiting for?

Jackpot and bonuses

But such additional games as a bonus round or a game for doubling the win are not provided here, there is no progressive jackpot either. Apparently the developers decided that additional games would be superfluous, perhaps they are right. However, it is up to the players to play or not, and the presence and video slot Wild Turkey of a large number of fans suggests that the developers were not mistaken.


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