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Wild Water online slot machine is interesting, first of all, for its uniqueness, where else can you find such unusual symbols that can fill the entire reel. Of course, the slot does not have such a large return percentage, only 96.4%, but it has a medium cycle and high variance, which is a rare combination in itself. High variance rates are achieved primarily due to free games with an increased number of wild symbols, which provide a stable income, the amount of which depends on the stakes. In general, a good slot machine, unusual, interesting and most importantly, not greedy. Therefore, we test in free mode and go ahead, let surfers conquer the waves of the sea, and players conquer the top of the slot, trying to get the maximum win.

We present to your attention another creation of the NetEnt developers, this time an example of an unusual video slot from recognized masters of gaming software development is the Wild Water online slot machine . In this article you will find a detailed description of the capabilities and technical characteristics of this slot machine. As stated by its creators, the Wild Water device implements not only high quality performance, but also new functionalities, supported by completely new principles of building the gameplay. Our task is to verify this not in words, but in deeds. Recall that not so long ago, Net Entertainment was awarded a high award in the category "Innovation of the Year 2016" and the Wild Water online slot confirms that the company deserves this award. The developers also stated that their slot boasts a 96.4% return on bets made, and the maximum winning is 400,000 coins and this is just one spin.

Description of the slot machine

Based on the plot of the game gamers will take a trip to the 60s, 70s of the last century, to one of the beaches, at a time when surfing was so popular that it was almost a philosophy. Brave wave conquerors, who were called surfers, competed with each other, demonstrating the ability to stay on the crest of the wave. Among them were real fans who, in pursuit of adventure, traveled to different countries in search of new sensations, catching waves on all seas and oceans. Both graphic and sound design are of low quality. Gamers will enjoy playing on 20 lines and five reels, and with the right strategy, the game will also bring a good profit. One of the features of this slot is quick addiction, literally in a few spins, players master and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of those years. It is understandable, because behind the apparent external complexity is an intuitive interface and simple rules of the game, and if you look at the paytable, you can see generous payout ratios. At the same time, the developers adhere to the basic concept of their work, so that each video slot is not similar to others, therefore the Wild Water online slot is unique, this is a Net Entertainment slot, which means that it is not devoid of its zest ...

The emulator has several distinctive features at once. The very first thing that catches your eye is the unusual symbols that can occupy all three cells of the reels. The second feature is the presence of two bonus games, and this is not counting the traditional for Net Entertainment free spins. In the first game, a win of 20 bets per line will be available, and the luckiest ones will be able to win 200 bets per line in the second bonus game. The third important difference is the gameplay itself. There are only five main symbols in the game, occupying, as already mentioned, the entire reel, and a set of special symbols such as wild and scatter, as well as the "fire surfer" symbol. You will not find any other symbols here.

But these are not all the features of the machine. For example, a player can place bets from one coin to 200 coins. Although if you look at the possibility of choosing the rate of the game currency, then it is quite classic for NetEnt, from the minimum cost of a loan of 1 cent to a maximum of 50 cents. According to official figures, the Wild Water online slot machine is configured for a 96.4 percent refund and a maximum win of 400,000 play coins.


Don't be scared off by the lack of Russification of the Wild Water slot, in order to study the control panel you do not need to know English at all, everything is so simple and clear, and if you are a fan of the creativity of NetEnt developers, then you will not have to study anything at all, since the control panel is exactly the same as in most emulators from NetEnt.

The round button with two arrows located in the middle is traditionally used to start the reels. Next to it is the autoplay button, with its help the player can select the number of automatic reels starts according to predefined parameters. On the other side of the start button, there is a max bet button, with which you can immediately start spins at maximum bets.

Right there on the control panel, you can configure the bet parameters. For example, you can select the number of coins for each payline, the minimum is 1 coin, and the maximum is 10. In addition, you can adjust the nominal value of one credit in the game, from one cent to 50.

You can get acquainted with the rules of the game, as well as with the pay tables after opening a special window called by the "I" button. The autorun mode is also in the lower left corner, by clicking on the auto icon, a pop-up window will appear, which displays the remainder of the automatic spins and the possibility of stopping them at any time.

The game features 5 reels and 20 paylines that are always active by default. There is no progressive jackpot here, and there is no risk of doubling your winnings. But there are special symbols, free reel spins and several bonus games at once for the player's choice

Free spins

Three symbols with the image of a surfer and the scatter inscription give the right to receive free reel spins. They can appear anywhere on the playing field, regardless of the prize combinations. The maximum number of free spins is 60, such a huge amount is available for 5 scatter symbols, if you catch three or four scatter symbols, you will receive 15 and 30 free spins, respectively.

It looks quite normal, but it is not, because the wild symbol in this online mode can stretch, which means that the chances of winning are multiplied. It is during free games that the slot's high variance appears, due to the large number of wild symbols for each spin.

Surf Up bonus round

As you already know, Wild Water slot machine is not quite ordinary symbols. They take up a whole drum, and it is considered a great success to catch all surfers in their full height. Therefore, the developers decided to make an additional bonus out of this. Therefore, when five full-length surfers appear on the playing field, the player receives an additional 20 bets to win. The most important condition is that only ordinary symbols are played, no scatter and wild symbols, and even more so cut off symbols. In the second bonus game, which symbols you catch will have a big influence on the winnings.

Surf Team bonus round

Perhaps this game is for the luckiest ones, if the first game is wild the symbol could be used, then only full-length portraits of surfers should appear here. For this, the player receives 200 bets.

Game symbols

As already mentioned, there are only five main symbols in the game, the rest are scatter, wild and the "fire surfer" symbol. The minimum number of symbols gives more chances of making a winning combination, well, let's take a closer look at these symbols.

The girl on a blue background brings the least of all, only 75 coins. The hippies on the green background are also 75, but the athlete on the yellow one is a little more, already 100 coins. The girl on the orange background will replenish the wallet for 250 coins, but the surfer on the red background brings the most of all, for which you can get a maximum of 500 coins.

But a surfer on a red background can never be compared to a fiery surfer, because he will invariably bring a win when he appears anywhere on the playing field. So, if you catch five fire surfers, you get 2000 bets.

But the shark brings the most in the free spins mode, by the way, this is the wild symbol. The most ideal layout for a player is the appearance of sharks on the three middle reels and the subsequent expansion by three positions, in this case the player is guaranteed the maximum winnings.


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