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Wonky Wabbits slot machine

It should be noted that the online slot machine Wonky Wabbits is quite interesting from the point of view of the gameplay, you can say this is not found anywhere else. But there are also disadvantages, namely the pronounced long cycle of money back. If you get to the end of the cycle, then the slot really pleases with good payouts. And here is a really very interesting function for wild symbols, after several large payments you are already looking forward to the wild symbol appearing and giving another rabbit. Naturally, in this situation, not every spin brings not only a win, but generally a wild symbol. It is not recommended to play at Wonky Wabbits for real money without testing it in advance in a free demo mode, especially since the slot lends itself well to this. When playing for money, the optimal solution is to play at small stakes, since the slot has a high variance, and the winnings can reach 390,000 coins, which allows you to get large amounts of payments even when using small stakes. Of course, a theoretical income of 96.5% does not allow you to get a positive mathematical expectation of a win in an online casino, but this does not interfere with the game at all. It is possible to play on Wonky Wabbits slot machine for real money, but you need to understand that if the slot does not give good payouts for more than 50 spins, then the game is best finished for today, otherwise it will lead to unjustified expenses without return.

In 2014, Net Entertainment released a lot of interesting and unusual video slots. So, in February 2014, fans of NetEnt developers could try the new online slot machine Wonky Wabbits . Its highlight is the wild symbol, which, when it appears, is immediately divided by one more wild. Otherwise, despite the standard five reels and 15 paylines, the slot looked very fresh and innovative. You will definitely love the crazy rabbit for the fact that his appearance is sure to bring a win. According to the developers, a hungry rabbit will be able to return 96.5% of the bets made, and the size of the maximum win for one spin is 390,000 coins.

Description of the slot machine

You love vegetables the way you like their crazy rabbit? Broccoli, cabbage, carrots and beets are his favorite foods. And the cartoon "Plasticine Crow"? The graphics of this cartoon are very reminiscent of online slot machine Wonky Wabbits , only here, instead of plasticine, characters sewn with thread are used. One way or another, the slot was created primarily for lovers of good wins, and it is very easy to get them here. The video slot belongs to the category of slots where the wild symbol is not used according to standard principles and has many additional functions. What can you say, the developers of the NetEnt company never had a meager imagination.

At first glance at the device and one thing is to understand that this is not an ordinary slot at all, but something new, or, as it is fashionable to say now, innovative. So why has the Wonky Wabbits online slot machine deserved so much attention? Of course, first of all, this is a graphic design, all the symbols in the game seem to be sewn from threads or even tied with threads, patches and stitches can be seen on each symbol. When a prize sequence of symbols appears, all the pictures that made it up are clearly indicated by the increased quality of drawing, and for convenience, the winning amount lights up on this line, it is quite convenient, because everything is in front of your eyes and it is immediately clear which line has played.

The second reason is the wild symbol, or rather its implementation, because such a principle has not been found anywhere else before. In fact, everything is arranged very interestingly, for example, when a wild symbol appears on the playing field, it creates another wild symbol, but a second wild symbol appears where its appearance will create the most beneficial combination for the player. Such wild symbols in one instance can appear anywhere, they are considered single. But there is another type of wild symbols in the game, this is a stacked wild, or, more simply, two wild symbols tied together. They can also create additional wilds, but such wild symbols appear only on the second and fourth reels. There are a total of 15 cells for symbols on the playing field, wild symbols can occupy 13 of them at the same time, just imagine the size of the win in this case.


As for the control panel, this The developers traditionally do not change anything, however, this is even better, because in this case you do not have to spend time studying the buttons and their functions. Fans of NetEnt know very well how to operate the slot, but beginners will still have to learn them.

As always, the largest round button, in the middle, launches the reels, next to it is the max bet button, which launches the reels at maximum stakes, and the auto play button, with which it is convenient to start the reels in automatic mode, simply by selecting the required number of automatic spins and you can play your own deeds, not taking part in the game process.

There are 5 reels for the game, and there are 15 paylines on them, which are always active. Actually, the action of the level and coin value buttons extends to these very lines. The first one adjusts the number of coins per line, minimum 1 coin and maximum 10. The second button adjusts the appropriate rate of the game currency, the denomination of one credit is in the range from 1 cent to 50. In addition, the "I" button is considered to be no less important. at any time can familiarize themselves with the rules and tables of payments.

Like many slots from NetEntertainment , Wonky Wabbits Online Slot does not have a risk game or a special bonus game. There is not even a free spins reel mode and a standard set of special symbols, such as scatter, there is only wild. There are no such prizes as a progressive jackpot, and the theoretical income of the player is 96.5%.

Symbols of the game

As for the symbols, as already mentioned, these are different vegetables. At the same time, the developers did not make several categories of symbols, so you will not find such common icons as playing cards here. There are not many symbols here at all. Let's start with the most inexpensive, apparently rabbits don't really like eggplants, since this symbol gives the smallest multiplier, so for five symbols on one line, the player gets 400 bets on each of the lines.

Broccoli is in great demand, since five pieces will bring 500 coins, and corn is even more expensive for it, the wallet will be replenished with 600 coins and corn is the same welcome guest on the field as a tomato. For a juicy, red tomato, the player receives a maximum multiplier of 750 bets. Well, and of course, the most favorite delicacy of eared rabbits is a ripe carrot, for five such carrots a rabbit can fork out at once for 1500 bets.

But the main highlight of this video slot is, of course, the wild symbol that can be played with each other. The most successful combination with the participation of wild symbols is when three wild symbols appear on the playing field, and each of them, in turn, adds another wild symbol in the place where its appearance will bring the greatest amount of winning. This feature replaces not only the bonus game, but also the traditional Net Entertainment free spins.


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