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Play online slot machine Zombies

Well, the developers of the Net Entertainment company have once again proved their indisputable superiority to everyone. The Zombies online slot machine turned out to be a real masterpiece. Look at the RTP, which is 97.2% and this is an excellent percentage, which also indicates that the slot has a lot of fans. This is not surprising, because the zombie theme is very popular, and besides, the video slot is distinguished by original functionality and very good payout coefficients. The game will appeal to all players, even experienced ones, thanks to the interesting gameplay, unique options and colorful design. Although the Zombies slot machine has a long cycle, it can still give out good payouts at any time, and all thanks to a return of 97.2%, which allows you to get a positive mathematical expectation of winning in an online casino.

The theme of the risen dead or the living dead, or more simply, the zombie is summed up to all and sundry. From a huge variety of feature films to numerous computer games, not counting other genres. So the developers of the company Net Entertainment decided to contribute to the piggy bank of zombie themes. This is how the online slot machine Zombies appeared, which can be called a charger only in name, but not in content. All fans of horror with the theme of zombies who cannot watch horror films without flinching from the unexpected appearance of a living dead can be calm, because they are already prepared and the dead in the Zombies slot machine will no longer be able to scare you easily. Although the symbols here are frightening, even bloodthirsty, they are not here at all to scare, but on the contrary, because the clink of coins heading into the player's wallet cannot frighten. The developers boldly announced that their slot is configured to return rates of at least 97.2%, and the maximum winnings per revolution of the reels is 100,000 coins.

Description of the slot machine

What kind of horror movies without a large, most often abandoned house. In our case, the lobby of a large abandoned hotel has become such an invariable attribute of the horror plot; its grandeur can be judged by the high twisted staircases, and the fact that the building has long been abandoned by broken glass and shards of glass. Now look? It's hard to see, isn't it, because the light here is only gloomy, and even eerie sounds are heard from different parts of the hotel. Perhaps, there is simply no more suitable place and atmosphere for meeting bloodthirsty zombies. Plus, the developers did a good job of making the graphics as appropriate as possible. Literally every element is drawn in detail and with high quality. A dark blue color was chosen as the general background, on which crimson blood stains still look frightening. But the appearance of blood stains brings more joy than a feeling of fear, because for the players it means getting a win. Which one, you will find out from the paytable or by reading this article to the end.


Fighting the walking dead is not so easy, in addition to hand or firearms, you may need more and a set of all kinds of spells or talismans. As these tools, players will use the control panel, or rather the buttons located on it.

Typically, the Zombies online slot machine has five reels and 20 paylines. Paylines are always active here, you cannot change their number, however, this is not surprising for NetEnt fans. To start the reels, use the standard round button in the middle with arrows. In order not to play on trifles and if the balance allows, you can launch the slot at maximum rates, just click the max bet button. There is also a traditional launch of reels in automatic mode in the game, by pressing the auto play button, you can select the required number of automatic spins and go about your business, the slot will start independently.

An online slot machine cannot be imagined without bets, because the size of the win will depend on this, so you need to approach this issue competently. There are several buttons for this. The first is level, with which the player can select the number of coins per line, the minimum bet per payline is 1 credit, and the maximum is 10. In addition, you can select the value of each coin, or, more simply, select the rate of the game currency using the button coin value, the face value ranges from 1 cent to 1 dollar.

The minimum bet amount that will be charged for one spin is 20 cents, the maximum is $ 200. By the way, for convenience, players are provided with another control panel, it is located in the lower left corner of the game screen. There you can customize the graphic and sound design, as well as configure the autoplay parameters. The slot machine provides scatter and wild symbols as special symbols, there are free reels and even a bonus round here. There is no progressive jackpot and risk game for doubling the winnings. The maximum payout for one spin can be 100,000 coins, and the theoretical income is 97.2%.

The symbols of the game

As usual, the symbols of the junior category are playing cards stylized to the general theme of the game machine. With their help, you can win from 4 to 200 coins for each of the lines. The attributes of any horror movie, such as a chainsaw, brains, eyes, weapons and a gas mask, although they look more like ominous and bloody pictures, are still desirable for players. For them, you can replenish your wallet from 25 to 1000 bets.

The scatter symbol appears only on the three middle reels, excluding the left and right reels. This is a flask with a certain virus, and when three of these symbols appear, the player gets 5 free spins.

But as for wild symbols, there are really a lot of them. The inscription wild in yellow on a red background is the wild symbol. It can replace any symbol in the game and create a prize sequence with the exception of the scatter symbol. It appears on all reels except the third. Another wild symbol appears on the third reel, this is a stacked wild. It is made in the form of a full-length zombie, while he appears, as a rule, not only one, but also in a group of several wild symbols. If only a part of the stacked wild appears on the third reel, then if a winning combination is made, this symbol will move down or up without any problems, depending on the specific case. When free spins are active, the stacked wild is inactive.

There is another wild symbol in the game, this is a random wild or a random wild symbol. It can appear randomly during any spin and turn up to six symbols on the playing field into wild symbols. This option is not available during free spins.

Bonus and free games

There is no bonus round in the Zombies slot machine by itself. But instead, there is another side game in the form of free spins. By the way, this game differs from other free spins, first of all, by its special gameplay. When three scatter symbols appear on the playing field, a round with free spins will begin. In this case, the game screen with the reels disappears, and instead a crowd of the living dead appears and the player's task is to take up a gun as soon as possible and shoot as many zombies as possible. A separate window will display the number of zombies you killed, the more dead you send to the underworld, the more your final winnings will be. In addition, the more spins there are, the more payouts will be, and all because the additional multiplier will increase from x1 to x20.

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