Biography experts in the field of sports betting

Getter 12 Oct 2022 20:04

Betting on events is primarily entertainment. But some players seem to take it quite seriously-they become sports analysts and cappers. We have collected for you the stories of gamblers who have given a special place to betting in their lives.

John Price

John Price became a celebrity in bookmaker circles because of his mathematical abilities. John is known to have majored in Finance. He got his first six-bet win right away when he was still in college. Thanks to this money, he paid for his education in advance. Thus, before graduating from college, he already had $50 thousand in his bank account. It is noted that for this capper, as he calls himself, it is important not to win with a certain percentage, but to increase profits. Sharing the secret of success, John said that there are only 22 variables that correspond to a successful outcome. It is also known that Price makes several bets per week, the amount of which exceeds $100 thousand.

John himself says that he resorts to hedging, which is necessary not to win inall cases, but rather not to lose in at least one. Some Las Vegas casinos claim that the percentage of successful price bets reaches 70 (56% are considered profitable). John himself says that this data is underestimated.

Capper is an analyst of events in sports, whose final goal is to place bets in bookmakers so that the minimum spent is returned. Capper must know betting strategies, understand different sports, and analyze the wins/losses of different teams and athletes.

Price has appeared in stories in various magazines, on websites, and in numerous interviews for Forbes, the Sports Daily, Huffington Post, and Gambling911. He also created his own website, Sports Information Traders, where users can get information about trading. Capper prefers to bet on one outcome of the game. In several NFL super bowl games, including between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots, he won more than $1 million in winnings That allowed him to purchase a private eight-seat plane. He currently participates as a radio host in weekly talk shows held across the country.

Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder

Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder

Jimmy "the Greek" Snyder is considered one of the leading experts in sports betting. It is known that he first turned to BC services at the age of 13. His first major deal was in 1948. Jimmy bet $ 10,000 on Harry S. Truman, who won the presidential election. At a 17: 1 ratio, he earned $ 170,000. Sharing his impressions, he said that he did not bet on Thomas Dewey because he had a mustache, which American women at the time were suspicious of.

Part of the money Snyder won was invested in a business related to oil and coal production. In Las Vegas, where he moved in 1956, he began writing articles about betting on American football and was eventually hired as an on-air analyst and commentator for CBS's "The NFL Today", from where he left in 1988 due to a racial bias scandal. Jimmy's statement that African-Americans are more promising athletes because of the slavery that existed in the United States from the 17th to the 19th century seemed offensive to the public and his colleagues.

Ben Patz

Parlay Patz

Ben Patz, also known by the alias Parlay Patz, who was lucky to win more than $1 million in less than forty days. He was born in 1996 and by 18 had already started betting on games. He placed his first $90 bet on a fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. After that, the young man went to study in Paris and returned to the United States just a year later. Soon, he won a batch of 12 deals that were supposed to bring in $75,000. However, due to the fact that Ben chose an offshore operator without a license, he received only $12,000.
Ben clarifies that most often bets on University and professional teams in football and basketball. Due to the peculiarities of the us legal system, he chose New Jersey for online betting. After some losses, the young bettor realized that playing teams do not focus on the conversion number of goals scored, but only care about winning. For this reason, Ben focused on money lines and three weeks later won $672,000 in four separate bets. The largest payout reached $333 thousand from a bet on 13 games, the bet size was $7 thousand. This was followed by an eight-game bet with a $183,892 win, and a five-game bet with a $116,260 win.

Tony 'The Lizard' Bloom

Tony 'The Lizard' Bloom

Briton Tony Bloom has established himself as a professional poker player, sports betting specialist and head of Brighton and Hove Albion football club . Bloom also specialized in real estate investments, which earned him the nickname "Lizard". He participated in the final tables of the first two Poker Million tournaments, the World Poker Tour, and the filming of the Late Night Poker series. It is believed that a significant part of the income he received through the development of sites dedicated to gaming topics.

Like many other outstanding personalities, he began to master his professional field early, at the age of ten. That's when he started betting on sports. According to his own statement, even after reaching adulthood, he initially placed bets without following any strategies. It is known that after gaining a little experience, Tony spent some time betting on those teams that had just lost a player to injury.

Working for Victor Chandler (BetVictor), Bloom mastered asian betting styles, which have some differences from the deals common in the United States and Europe. His education in the exact sciences allowed him to make predictions about the likely outcome. After working at BetVictor, Bloom went his own way and created Premier Bet, a betting company focused mainly on the Asian market. Tony also founded Starlizard, the largest gambling resource in the UK, although each participant signs a non-disclosure agreement.