5 casino winners: stories about jackpots


Our material contains unusual stories of five lucky people whose entertainment ended with a win.

Casino winning over $30 million with a $27 bet

It was a typical January evening in 2000. A waitress named Cynthia Jay didn't rush home after her shift was over – it was empty and lonely. In order to keep the evening from turning into a complete melancholy, she turned into a nearby gambling establishment. Cynthia took the seat of a one-armed bandit connected to the Megabucks network. There wasn't much money in her pocket – a paltry $27, but the waitress wanted to stay longer. Cynthia wasn't too interested in winning at the casino, but rather in the atmosphere.

She made small bets, and the coins gradually dried up. The waitress wasn't going to spend the remaining cents. The last attempt, after which Cynthia had planned to go home, destroyed all her plans. .

Cynthia was surprised and discouraged. The scoreboard showed an incredible amount with seven zeros - $34.96 million Jackpot accumulated in the system for many months.

stories about jackpots

Las Vegas casino winnings on birthday

Like the previous story, this event took place in Las Vegas. An elderly lady was celebrating another birthday in the casino. Being a realist, not a dreamer, Johana Heindl did not expect a nice gift from the casino.

The machine chosen by the birthday girl gave a familiar grunt after launch, spun and rang for the entire establishment. Yohana broke the super jackpot that had been accumulating in the Megabucks network for two and a half years after Cynthia Jay's win. The lucky girl's purse weighed $22.6 million.

Delivery for $ 360 ml

Croupiers in casinos wear special clothes that don't have any pockets. This is done so that nothing can be hidden or stolen.

American Larry Ross was not a gambling man and never participated in lottery draws.

Larry couldn't pay for lunch. There were large bills in the wallet, and the cashier had no change. To resolve the situation, the guy had to buy a lottery ticket for the weekly Big Game draw in addition to the hot dog.

How did the story end?  Larry got $363 million. the money Won had to be divided equally with another participant.

Playing poker for $2.7 million

Swede Martin De Knip became the winner of the annual poker tournament in Vegas. Participation in the competition was extremely stressful – the hero had to spend dozens of games with hundreds of experienced players. But the effort was not in vain. As a result, Martin had $2.73 million in his hands.


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