Five of the most important mistakes in the casino


A casino is a separate world where specific rules, customs, and even laws apply. The more familiar a player is with the culture of a gambling establishment and the rules of gambling, the fewer mistakes they make. 

Mistake # 1: the main thing is to win

the main thing is to win

The first and most important mistake of newcomers to the casino is the idea that the most important thing in the game is to win. Experienced players know that not only victories, but also the game process itself should bring pleasure. It is the attitude to gambling as an entertainment that is the most correct and helps to accept defeats and react less sharply to them. In addition, no one, even the most skilled player in the world, wins permanently, because in any gambling establishment, fortune rules first of all, and it is characterized by an extremely fickle temper.

This is related to another rule of old-timers of the casino – you must always postpone part of the winnings, and not put everything to the last chip.

Mistake # 2: if you lose, keep increasing your bets

increasing your bets

One of the five biggest mistakes in a casino is raising the stakes in a series of losses.

Very often, when they get into a series of losing rounds, instead of withdrawing from the game, the gambler continues to raise the stakes, thinking that in this way one win will cover all the lost rounds.

It should be taken into account that in absolutely any gambling game presented in the casino, "Dom" has an advantage that increases in parallel with the increase in rates.

In the context of this error, it is also a common misconception that the "black streak" must end sooner or later. Theoretically, this is a correct statement, but in practice, the player may lose a large amount that he can not "win back".

If a player falls into a bad luck streak, there are only two methods: the first is to stop playing, the second is to reduce the amount of bets. The most effective way is to stop the game.

Mistake # 3: Use the Martingale strategy

Martingale strategy

The essence of the martingale strategy is to double the bet after a loss. Thus, losing 5 units, the player puts 10 and winning 10, makes up for the original loss-5 units and another 5 goes "plus".

However, keep in mind that each individual gambling establishment has a maximum bet that can be placed in a particular game. Accordingly, if the casino limit in the game is 500 units, and the player starts with a bet of 5 units, after 8 rounds, he will exceed the limit and will not be able to implement the strategy.

Mistake # 4: Do not take into account the advantages of the casino

the advantages of the casino

For many players, the phrase that a gambling establishment always wins is something out of the realm of philosophical reasoning, but its underlying essence lies in fairly precise mathematical proportions.

Chips are a kind of casino currency, but their peculiarity is that each gambling establishment has its own currency. In other words, you can only use chips in the gambling establishment where they were purchased.

If you imagine that the advantage of a gambling establishment is 5%, then you must understand that 5 units per 100 bets are losers. For example, when playing American roulette, you should expect a loss of 5.26 units per 100 bets.

Therefore, when you sit down at a gaming table or slot machine, you need to clearly understand what kind of gambling game is "worth", so as not to make one of the five biggest mistakes in the casino.

Mistake # 5: Ignore the speed of the game

speed of the game

It should be noted that the speed of the game means the speed of decision-making by the player. Being aware of the mathematical features of the "home" advantage is an important thing, but do not forget that every game of chance has its own pace.

Roulette is considered a slow entertainment: on average, a player makes 40 decisions per hour, while mini-baccarat is a game with a speed of 150-200 decisions per hour. Therefore, the fact that in mini-baccarat "house" has a relatively insignificant advantage does not mean that the game is easier or the victory can get "small blood". Since at such a high rate of play, even the advantage of a gambling establishment of 1% can be dangerous.

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