Gambling – what innovative technologies have been implemented


The sphere of gambling is actively developing, and innovative technologies do not bypass it. Gambling operators keep up with the times and regularly offer their customers something new, which makes the game process even more exciting and exciting.

Club cards

Club cards

Initially, casinos were places where customers were offered table gambling services. It was possible to spend time playing roulette, blackjack and other card games, while fans of slot machines were left without a prize. In the 70-80s of the last century, slot machines were improved – video slots appeared. Later, the first slot machine clubs were founded in Atlantic city. They awarded the best players with special cards. You could insert it into the machine and view the betting history. Today, this simple innovation is used everywhere. In addition, a reward system has now been created, thanks to which the player knows exactly what and what prize they will receive.

Cashless play

Many slot machines are associated with the ringing of coins, which players put in a special receiver and which then fall into the tray for issuing prizes. However, there are no such models of slot machines in modern casinos for a long time. Gambling establishments that operate today use a more convenient and secure system – tickets with a barcode. They can be used in any slot machine, and then exchanged at the cashier for money. This solution was first proposed by International Game Technology and Casino Data Systems. The development saved players from having to carry a lot of coins and made the process of issuing cash prizes much easier.

The creation of video slots

In the 90's, slot machines became popular as "one-armed bandits", which displayed bright cherries, lemons, plums, bells and sevens. But now all this is a bygone era. Only rarely do slot developers choose this theme in order to meet the demand of a certain category of gambling enthusiasts. However, their mechanics are quite different. All the variety of themes, bonuses, unusual combinations and solutions in the mechanics of the slot machine are embodied in video slots.

The first of them was the Fortune Coin model. It was released in 1975, after which it was acquired by International Gaming Technology (IGT) and began creating its own video slots.

This allowed not only to increase the total number of spinning reels in the game, but also to offer gamers several active lines at once.

Later, the developers added animation effects and various sound effects to the games to make the gameplay even more interesting and unique.


In 1986, IGT made a real breakthrough in the gambling industry. It released a Megabucks slot with a progressive jackpot. Thus, with each new game, its amount increased, giving the gamer the opportunity to win a huge cash prize.

Today, jackpot slots are extremely popular in both land-based and interactive casinos.
Online casino

In 1994, the first online casino license was issued. It was obtained in Antigua and Barbuda.

In our time, the player does not even have to leave their home to quench their thirst for excitement. This opportunity was provided by modern online casinos. Interactive gambling clubs do not differ from land-based ones in almost anything: a huge selection of games, support service, and bonuses.

Live games

Almost all online casino sites offer their users games with live dealers. This gives the gamer the opportunity to feel like a real land-based casino, as the atmosphere predisposes to this.

Games with live dealers appeared along with users ' access to high-speed Internet. In addition, live games have a chat function where players can interact with each other and feel themselves at the game table.

Mobile gambling

This decision came to us only a few years ago. Mobile online casinos give gamers the opportunity to enjoy the game at any time. Online casino sites were first adapted for mobile platforms in the early 2000s.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality

This is a completely new technology that is becoming available to users and is gaining popularity. Developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming are actively exploring this area and developing a virtual casino.

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