Overview of unusual casinos and slot machines


Many amazing stories about jackpots, unthinkable losses, high-profile and inventive robberies, and fraud are associated with the casino. We have prepared for you a list of the most unusual and colorful gambling sites in the world.

People take risks, and the chance to win gives them a sense of happiness. It is because of these bright emotions that gambling establishments are so attractive all over the world. The more unusual the casino, the more visitors tend to get there.

While some people are angry that they can't win, others just relax and enjoy a pleasant time at the unusual slot machines in the casino. Modern gambling establishments are inventing new methods of attracting visitors. The best gambling clubs in Las Vegas offer unique entertainment that attracts thousands of people from all over the world.

The casino on "Treasure Island" is known all over the world for its pirate show with a sunken ship. The Bellagio casino impresses with its Murano glass ceiling, constantly changing decorations and incredibly bright show programs. Wynn Las Vegas Casino shows guests a stunning dancing fountain. Let's look at the top known unusual casinos in the world, each of which has a unique history and is a real attraction for their country.

Unusual casino Venetian Macao-the pride of Macao

Venetian Macao

Venetian is the largest casino in the world and the fifth largest building on the planet. Guests of the gambling club can visit four halls, which are decorated in different styles, play on any of the 3.5 thousand slot machines, and for table games there are 800 tables.

However, the main feature of this casino is the theme – Venice. In the gambling establishment, you can see a real gondola that moves along specially created artificial channels, visit carnivals and admire the unique ZAIA show, which employs about a hundred actors.

Casino di Venezia-the pearl of Venice

Casino di Venezia

The Palazzo Vendramin-Calergi, built in the early 16th century, now hosts gambling. The project was prepared by the famous architect Mauro Coducci. One of his most famous works is the Catholic Church of San Zaccaria. In the same building, you can visit the Museum dedicated to the composer Richard Wagner. It was here that the last days of his life passed.

Another unusual casino – Circus Circus Casino-a bright attraction of Las Vegas

Circus Circus Casino

We can safely say that Circus Circus Casino is one of the most famous gambling establishments in the world. It is well known even to people who have never been to Las Vegas or even gambled. This is all thanks not only to the circus and themed entertainment center located in it, but also to the James bond film "Diamonds are forever".

The casino itself resembles a circus arena. Here you can see acrobats flying overhead, as well as performances of graceful gymnasts, jugglers and strongmen.

Anyone can pay for a few minutes and send greetings or congratulate their loved ones from the giant casino screen.

Surely many people remember the sensational story of how Heather Tolkien stole $3 million from a casino in 1993, and then changed into an old woman, sat in a wheelchair and, disguised in this way, flew away with her boyfriend Roberto Solis from the United States. This legendary Heist took place right here at Circus Circus Casino.

The next casino in the list of the most unusual is Tusk Rio Casino Resort

Tusk Rio Casino Resort

It is geographically located in South Africa. This gambling establishment is considered the largest in the southern hemisphere. Its uniqueness is that when you go inside, players get to the real Brazilian carnival. Luxury, fun and excitement reigns here.

At the same time, the city where the casino is located – Klerksdorp – is a huge resort that can be visited by the whole family. This is why it is one of the most visited entertainment places in the world.

The casino offers its guests more than 300 modern slot machines, as well as many tables for playing, such as poker, blackjack and others.

Baden Baden Casino – the most popular place in the German city

Baden Baden Casino

This gambling establishment has been operating since 1821, and all this time it has been very popular even with the most sophisticated fans of trying their Luck. All this is due to its good location. The resort of Baden-Baden is known all over the world for its hot springs, so it is often visited, including celebrities.

Marina Bay Sands-dignity of Singapore

Marina Bay Sands

This is one of the most expensive and new gambling establishments in the world. It was built in 2011. The cost of the project was $8 billion. the Casino is located on three floors of the building and offers visitors about 2.3 thousand slot machines, as well as 500 gaming tables.

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