Technology trends in casinos: a global perspective

Technology trends in casino

The previously popular slogan that advertising is the engine of progress is losing its relevance. Now the ball is ruled by innovation. Read the article from Gambling King about modern technological trends that are being implemented in the global gambling industry.

The challenge of modernity or technological trends of casinos: world practice 

Over the past few years, the requests of Internet users and visitors to gambling establishments have changed their vector qualitatively. Now it is not enough for the client to simply draw beautifully drawn games in the slot room or several types of roulette – they need to be surprised. So, as a combination of the two strongest sides of both segments of the gambling business, games with live dealers appeared. These solutions attract a modern audience, because thanks to them, a player can sit at home and be a participant in a game of poker with a professional dealer, and the deal will be broadcast from a real casino.

In addition to directly improving the quality of the product provided, the industry also seeks to improve the conditions in which the visitor can enjoy gambling with greater comfort. So, they plan to introduce local climate control systems, which, being built into the slot machine, will provide the optimal mode of operation of the hood, and as a result, the client will be able to smoke without interrupting the game process.

Experts note that the success of modern gambling operators directly depends on how ready they are to implement technological innovations in their work. We have prepared an overview of the most advanced ideas for the technologization of the global gambling industry.

Food quality tracking system: Macau

The American company TransAct Technologies Inc, which is a supplier of technological solutions for the gambling industry, recently announced that Macau's casino resorts are planning to implement a food quality monitoring system. This is the first time such an idea has been implemented in the Asia-Pacific region.
The essence of the system called BOHA is that it creates a common information pool about the company's food, control and compliance with the temperature regime in which products are stored, as well as food labeling. In addition, the software stores data on product delivery times and monitors compliance with standards. According to preliminary data, the software can be implemented within four months.

Hologram-coated chips: Italy


The Italian company Abbiati Casino Equipment Srl, which promotes innovative products in the field of currency casinos, has introduced a range of Tie chips with holograms to protect against fraud. The presentation took place at the Gaming Expo 2019 in Macau.

It is believed that the hologram coating on casino chips does not leave a chance for fraudsters, since it is almost impossible to copy.

The holographic effect is created using semi-transparent fractals on the chip sticker. The structure of this effect is extremely difficult to reproduce.
The owners of the solution developer company are the Abbiati family, who live in Turin, Italy. According to the information published on the website, their company has been supplying its technological solutions to gambling establishments around the world for more than 30 years.

Updated standards for electronic kiosks

Electronic kiosks are equipment that can be used both in slot machine halls and in full-fledged gambling establishments. They are designed to provide a range of customer services. For example, using such equipment, you can check the number of points accumulated by a visitor or provide remote interaction with various customer service departments working within the same gambling center.

The American company GLI has developed a new system of standards for such equipment, designed on the basis of practical application of the systems.

GLI is positioned as a leader in testing and certifying gaming slots offered in interactive casinos, as well as mobile gambling applications. The company also does testing for the lottery industry.

It is believed that the standards developed by GLI allow you to competently design and implement innovative technologies for the equipment of gambling establishments, while saving not only financial, but also time resources.

A game that simulates horse racing – Fortune Cup

Fortune Cup

The game's distributor for the horse racing industry is Asia Pioneer Entertainment Holdings Ltd, or APE. Development belongs to Konami. It was first tested in two of the largest casinos in Macau.
Fortune Cup combines the mechanics of traditional arcade racing with sophisticated digital betting technology. The game is equipped with a 274-centimeter wide track with eight horse figures. The mechanism involves the presence of 12 touch terminals, through which players can make bets, view the coefficients of participants in races, and get acquainted with the statistics of the race.

The innovation involves the presence of a huge screen for real-time sports broadcasting. In addition, users can not only enjoy viewing, but also hear qualified comments from professionals during the competition.

Experts say that the game has the potential to become the most popular in the Macao market this year. At the moment, there are no analogues of the game.


The gambling industry is developing at an accelerated pace, but users ' appetites tend to increase exponentially. Therefore, in order to gain leadership positions or attract a new segment of the audience, it is necessary to follow technological trends, and even better-to be their Creator.

Recall that in August 2019, Macau's GGR declined by 9%. Experts believe that one of the main reasons for the fall in economic indicators is the trade war between the US and China.

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