Information for casino representatives

As our project develops we get a lot of enquiries from casino representatives who usually ask the same questions. We will try to answer the most common ones here.

And so - we are often asked:

How do you put a casino on your website?

Two scenarios are possible. The first is that your casino is not yet in our database. In that case you just need to add it. You have to do three simple steps.

After the publication of your project on our website in the interface for casino representative, you can update casino information and publish the current bonuses, if necessary.

The second scenario is when your casino is already published on our sites, but you need to update your casino information. To do this, do the following:

  • Register an account in any language version of our project
  • Apply for an extension of your rights to a casino affiliate. You can find the application form here.

After submitting the application, we will make sure that you are indeed able to represent the given casino on our sites and will extend your acanthus rights up to the level requested.

What rights does a casino representative account have? Why do I need one?

A representative account gives the holder the following rights:

  • Edit casino information
  • Add new casinos
  • Add bonuses
  • Publish updates to our websites
  • Officially blog and communicate with potential audience on our sites
  • Comment on player reviews at your casino
  • Participate in arbitrage complaints

In addition to the above, having a representative account tells us that the casino is open to dialogue with market participants, ready to respond to criticism and solve players' problems. Having a representative account is a criterion that the system takes into account when calculating the global ranking of your project!

Is it possible to get a higher ranking position?

The models for calculating all the rankings on our projects are mathematical and based on a number of criteria, not many of which have a subjective component. These criteria we include:

  • The ratings of our local casino testers.
  • The relevance of the data obtained from third-party analytical systems (artificial fake traffic on the site, false information provided by the original source, etc.).
  • Feedback from players

But the weights of these criteria in the calculation model are very low compared to the non-subjective ones, so their impact on the global ranking is insignificant.

We value our reputation above all else. Our main goal is to help players determine their choice of casino and provide them with the most independent expert gambling assessment possible.

Therefore, the answer to this question - no! You can not buy or in any other way affect the proposed rating.

And we advise not to try to manipulate the rating by providing invalid information casino representatives (fake license, buying reviews) and other ways to inflate the rating. All reviews on the site are moderated, all the information provided about the casino is carefully checked for validity before being published.

For more information on how our ratings are calculated, click here.

What payment model do you work with for the casinos?

We work with casinos primarily on a revenue share basis. The terms and conditions of the deal and the agreements we make with the casino representatives do not affect the position of the casino in our rankings.

What kind of traffic does the project have and how is it distributed by country?

We do not provide information about visitors to our projects from our internal analytical systems. If you are interested in hosting your casino on our site, the easiest way to know the volume and percentage of our traffic is to use third-party analytical systems such as similarWeb, Ahrefs and the like.

Why did our casino get such a low rating?

All of our ratings are calculated for all the casinos in our database using the same mathematical model. If you feel that your ranking is biased and that your casino is better than the ones that rank higher than you, you can send us your arguments and reasons via email or a form on our contact page. We will review them and possibly make some adjustments to our mathematical model that should correct the situation.


If you have any further questions, please use the form on the contact page.